OUT NOW (Jan 27, 2017):
ANNA 058/MR-063   MONOPOL   Weltweit   LP (in co-operation with Medical Records)

OUT NEXT (Summer 2017):

ANNA 039 EPIC DREAMS In The Cold Light Of Day (different to CD version) 2LP
ANNA 055   DELAYSCAPE   Have A Safe Journey Home  2LP
ANNA 057   QUIETER THAN SPIDERS   Signs Of Life   2LP or 3LP / 2CD
NADA 6   TECHNIQUES BERLIN   Breathing (Remixes & cover versions)   2CD


OUT Summer 2017

ELEGANT DIVIDE are Peter Oldroyd and Samantha Gare, based in London UK.

Formed in 2014 
ELEGANT DIVIDE combines the talents of classically trained vocalist Samantha Gare and electronic pop music pioneer Peter Oldroyd. Peter is a well-known mix engineer and record producer, and best known for his 1980’s experimental synth pop band CAMERA OBSCURA. Samantha, trained at The Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts, has experienced chart success before and lends her distinctive voice to the project.

ELEGANT DIVIDE expresses the dichotomy of dark and light in electronic music with songs that explore lyrically the emotions of urban living. With the use of vintage synthesisers (Moog Prodidy / Source, Novation Bass Station, Nord Lead 2, Paia Fatman, Polyfusion Modular, Yamaha DX7) and drum machines (Roland TR-909 / TR-808 / TR-707 / TR-505, Yamaha RX17) their sound is rich and analogue, and Samantha’s cool vocal delivery creates a mood that is simultaneously accessible pop and dark and haunting.

LP features: limited edition of approx. 300 copies, 140 grams black vinyl, soft touch matte laminate outer sleeve, printed inner sleeve, DIN A4 lyrics sheet, mastered by Peter Oldroyd.

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Price LP: € t.b.a.


ANNA 058/MR-063  MONOPOL   Weltweit   LP
OUT January 27, 2017

Anna Logue Records collaborates with their good friends Medical Records across the pond in the US to present the long out of print Neue Deutsche Welle cult classic album Weltweit by MONOPOL. Released in 1982, Weltweit was the sole output of the band. It has appropriately become quite rare and difficult to find with the resulting high prices to obtain an original copy. Inspired by the greats such as Kraftwerk, YMO and Klaus Schulze, the three members crafted an exquisite collection of pop songs played on a very impressive collection of analog synthesizers, self-builds and drum machines that were considered cutting edge at the time. The band would have recorded a second album but split up before that was possible. Members of the band continued to be involved in the music industry at least peripherally but didn’t participate in further collaborations or bands. Also interestingly, MONOPOL was basically a studio-only project and actually never played live (despite some TV appearances). The album has been remastered by Martin Bowes at the Cage, UK. Contains a special bonus insert with lyrics and photos. Definitely a must-have for fans of NDW such as Grauzone, Rheingold and the like.

LP features: limited edition of 650 copies, 180 grams black vinyl, recreated original LP artwork, remixed printed insert with lyrics and previously unseen photos, remastered by Martin Bowes.

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Price LP: € 18.00


NADA 5   ULTRA ARCANUM   The Silence Inside   LP / CD / LP+CD combo

NADANNA proudly presents its 4th release, ULTRA ARCANUM “The Silence Inside” LP/CD. 
ULTRA ARCANUM was formed in November 2013 by Konstandinos Dorlis (keyboards) and Mark Thirkell (vocals). Proof that music transcends physical boundaries - Mark is from the UK and Konstandinos being from Greece, their debut LP “The Silence Inside” is a testament to their passion for stylish synth driven music underscored by shades of melancholia as well as moments of euphoria. Heavily influenced by Duran Duran, Joy Division, John Foxx and Visage, ULTRA ARCANUM takes you back on a stroll down memory lane to revisit the golden era of the New Romantic Movement. Gems such as the title track “The Silence Inside”, Twilight Shades”, “Strange Kinda Love”, “Daydreamer” or “A Final Loss” will make you yearn for 80s music! The CD edition features a bonus track, “Dreamscape”, and 4 breathtaking remixes by 23rd Underpass, Techniques Berlin, Epic Dreams and The Silicon Scientist.

LP features: limited edition of 320 copies, 140 grams black vinyl, download code with additional four remixes and three bonus tracks, soft touch matte laminate outer sleeve, printed inner sleeve including lyrics, DIN A3 poster, mastered by Martin Bowes.
CD features: limited edition of 200 copies, 6pp Ekopack incl. lyrics, featuring remixes by 23rd Underpass, Epic Dreams, Techniques Berlin, The Silicon Scientist, and bonus track.

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Price LP: € 15.00
Price CD: € 11.00
Price LP+CD combo: € 21.00
Worldwide Digital Distribution: t.b.a.


ANNA 054  THE SHINING PATH   Basic Training Manual   LP

A Complex Web - The Story of THE SHINING PATH 

... began in 1982 when Peter Miller (aka Dr. William S Ray - vocals, tapes, guitar) met Andrew Millar (aka Maurice Spectograph the Nose-y Pieman - program execution) in Gold Coast, Australia. While sharing a similar taste in music, they decided to form a band, so DIVE POSITION was born. Equipped with a Korg synthesiser and Tascam 4-track recorder, they "wanted to have the 'sound' of Kraftwerk, the groove of Can, and the 'menace' of Throbbing Gristle", ending up with "a cross of Suicide and the Residents", as Peter recalls. In a local record shop they met Stig Andre Leonardson (aka Vincent Blackshadow), who joined the duo on percussion and drum machine programming. Their motto was "Now is Then". DIVE POSITION then became THE FATAL CHARM around 1984, and THE FATAL CHARM became THE SHINING PATH who eventually released their only album "Basic Training Manual" in an edition of only 250 copies, most probably in 1986. The band then started to drift apart, and shortly after Andrew sadly passed away - this re-issue of "Basic Training Manual" and the upcoming compilation "Now is Then" comprised of previously unreleased DIVE POSITION and THE SHINING PATH material is dedicated to his memory. 

LP features: limited edition of 320 copies, 180 grams black vinyl, inside out Hansaboard outer sleeve, printed inner sleeve, DIN A3 poster, double-sided postcard, mastered by Martin Bowes.

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Price LP: € 16.00


ANNA 052   PROXIES   Groovin' Over Beirut   2LP/CD

Groovin' over Thessaloniki...

As part of the emerging alternative rock/post-punk movement, Proxies was formed around 1978-79 in Thessaloniki, Greece, by Dimitrios Bitzenis (guitar), Jiannis Nastas (bass), George Pavlidis (lead singer), Manolis Trihakis (keyboards), and Lazaros Pliampas (drums). This formation got very well known locally by playing covers of Roxy Music, Talking Heads, Magazine, Devo, Television, Stranglers and other New wave bands. When Pavlidis left Greece, Nastas also left Proxies to form his own band, thus leaving Bitzenis behind as the new lead singer, guitarist and synth player, Trihakis on synth and bass, and with Pliampas still on acoustic drums. That formation almost got an contract with EMI but Xristos Vatseris (RIP), owner of the independent Thessaloniki based record company CVR, took Proxies under his wings so that they could keep control over their work. Eventually - in 1983 - their debut album “Groovin’ over Beirut“ was released, recorded at the CVR studio together with engineer Kostas Kosmatopoulos (RIP). Bitzenis and Trihakis then went to the UK to study and almost got signed to Virgin Records who loved their music. Unfortunately they had to return to Greece to do their military service and the dream was over. In 1984, Pliampas left the band and the second album “Eastern Side of Love“ was released. It featured a cover of the traditional Greek song “Fishing Boat“ which became a huge hit and made Proxies a well-known name all over Greece. Trihakis eventually left the group due to not agreeing to the musical direction Proxies was about to pursue. In 1991, Bitzenis released a new album together with his cousin Nikos Bitzenis (who later formed the band Mikro and co-founder of Undo Records), and a final album together with Marina Jele in 1994 before Proxies went quiet.

2LP features: limited edition of 315 copies, 140 grams black vinyl, UV laminated outer sleeve, mastered by Martin Bowes.
CD features: limited edition of 300 copies, cardboard slipcase, mastered by Martin Bowes.

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Price 2LP: € 20.00
Price CD: €10.00
Worldwide Digital Distribution: t.b.a.


ANNA 016   CAR CRASH SET    Join The Car Crash Set   CD

"Join the Car Crash Set" - as in: "Warm Leatherette" (The Normal / Daniel Miller, 1978)

CAR CRASH SET were one of the very few electropop acts coming out of New Zealand and have released several vinyls nationally between 1983 and 1986. Basically, the CAR CRASH SET consisted of synthesists/composers David Bulog and Nigel Russell and guitarist/producer Trevor Reekie, and was formed in late 1981. They created such outstanding electropop songs with a Roland TR-606/808 and such lovely sequencing, - e.g. “Fall from Grace” is definitely a song that Anna will take with her into her grave – that it is indeed a shame that they didn’t receive more attention. Anyway, their 1983 12” ‘Two Songs’ (including “Outsider” and “Fall from Grace”) and the V/A ‘We’ll do our best’ LP (including CAR CRASH SET’s “Toys”) are at least highly collectible items amongst electropop connoisseurs and many people will be happy to see these tracks being available again as well as four previously unavailable demos from both their earliest and later daysand seven more songs added to this CD version. CAR CRASH SET are currently recording again together though not only with the original Roland gear (“nothing else will do” as Dave once said): TR-606, Jupiter-4, MC-4, System 100m modular and System 104 sequencer as well as Nigel’s Korg MS20, Poly-61, Polysix and way more!

CD features: limited edition of 200 copies, 6pp Digipak, 7 bonus tracks.
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Price: € 12.00


ATCO 12   POEME ELECTRONIQUE   Don't Run/Let There Be Neon   7"EP / Digital

POEME ELECTRONIQUE are back with a brand new single featuring the previously unreleased 1981 track "Don't Run", originally written by Paul Greene-Taylor and Andrew Bowden, a pupil of Dave Hewson's at the time but produced and performed by Dave on Yamaha CS-80, Korg MS-20 and EMU Drumulator, with new vocals by Sharon, Julie and Dave. This version has been extended by Dave for maximum 7"EP pleasure clocking in at 6 mins 12 secs. The flip-side brings us a re-worked and extended version of "Let There Be Neon", a track already known from the 1982 album "Casualtease" by THE TECHNO ORCHESTRA (aka TECHNO TWINS, THE TECHNOS), produced by Dave back then, and now clicking in at 5 mins 25 secs.

7"EP features: limited edition of 200 copies, insert, extended versions on 33 1/3 rpm EP.

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Price: € 8.50


ATCO 13   THE PHONE   Blue Ice Cream Melting EP   7"EP / Digital

"Psychotronics. This is weird - This is strange!"

Brand new 4-track EP from Jonni Mogul's alter ego THE PHONE, so far exclusively releasing on the Attractive Co-ordinates label in the UK
. Weird as ever or strange as fuck, think Transparent Illusion meets Kraftwerk, yet simply THE PHONE!
7"EP features: limited edition of 250 copies, cyan coloured vinyl, hand folded sleeves.

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Price: € 8.50


ANNA 007   CULTURAL AMNESIA   Enormous Savages   LP

Click for Soundsamples
The English band CULTURAL AMNESIA were first active 1979 to 1983, making a kind of post-industrial electropop. With her listeners' tastes in mind, Anna has selected nine tracks to introduce this original and interesting postpunk electro band. None of the music has been available for more than 20 years, and three of the songs are released for the very first time on the LP „Enormous Savages“. Coil fans will be interested to know that the lyrics to three of the songs were written by Geoff Rushton/John Balance, who was a big supporter of the band. In the last few years CA have been making music again.

LP features: limited edition of 400 copies. These are unearthed stock copies of the original and now collectible pressing from 2007 but without the insert!

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 NADA 3   NAO KATAFUCHI   Émergence   LP / Digital

NAO KATAFUCHI says about himself that he's "a Japanese artist who makes electronic music with a guitar & a semi vintage synth box, creating his own world of cold romantic wave." Originally from Tokyo, Japan, he relocated to New York in the early 90's where he worked as an audio engineer for recording production companies, and where he found musically kindred spirits at the Brooklyn based Wierd Records' parties (Epée Du Bois, Led Er Est, Martial Canterel, Sleep Museum, Xeno & Oaklander, etc.). His highly acclaimed debut EP was released on WT Records in 2012 and now Nadanna is proud to release NAO KATAFUCHI's debut full time album "Émergence". If features contributions from Liz Wendelbo (Xeno and Oaklander), and the shiny stars of Japanese electropop and minimal synth/wave Tomo Akikawabaya, Tona Ohama and Kevin Komoda (Rational Youth).

LP features: limited edition of approx. 360 copies, audiophile 180g black vinyl, download code with additional bonus track, soft touch matte varnish outer sleeve, printed inner sleeve including lyrics, contributions from Liz Wendelbo (Xeno and Oaklander), Tomo Akikawabaya, Tona Ohama and Kevin Komoda (Rational Youth).

Listen here
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Price LP: € 15.00
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ANNA 053    THE SILICON SCIENTIST     Outside The Night   2LP / 2CD

Highly anticipated by fans and other musicians alike, THE SILICON SCIENTIST's third full-length studio vocal album 'Outside The Night' was five years in the making. Complex melancholic synth pop at its very best, so worth the long wait!

2LP features: limited edition of 373 copies, audiophile 180g black vinyl, download code with lots of bonus material (instrumental versions, outtakes, demos, etc.), gatefold sleeve, UV varnish on outer sleeve.
2CD features: limited edition of 200 copies, lots of bonus material as data tracks (instrumental versions, outtakes, demos, etc.).

Listen: here + here 
Price 2LP: € 23.00
Price 2CD: € 18.00


NADA 2    23rd UNDERPASS     Faces   LP / Digital

After last year's well-received comprehensive double album 'Real Life', 23rd UNDERPASS are restlessly recording new material without sacrificing on quality. The new album 'Faces' contains Italo disco smash hits 'Tonight' and 'I Will Make You Believe', as well as more darker minimal synth/wave hits 'Faces' and 'Neo Self' and epic synth pop on'Faces', lovingly housed between the 'Intro' and 'Outro' as used in live and DJ sets. A must-have for aficionados of the aforementioned musical genres, and not the last we have heard from 23rd Underpass!

LP features: limited edition of 350 copies, double-sided DIN A3 poster with lyrics and credits, mastered by Martin Bowes (AttritionThe Cage Studios), artwork by Steve Lippert.
Worldwide Digital Distribution: AmazonBandcampiTunesKlicktrackSpotifyWiMP/Tidal, ...


ANNA 015    MONUMENTS     XXVII   CD (repress)

In 1984 MONUMENTS consisting of Andrea Costa and Mauro Tavella from Torino, Italy, released their only official record, the mini LP “Age” comprising six incredibly fantastic tracks. Anna always thought of this mini LP as being the best electropop/synth-wave record ever coming out of Italy. MONUMENTS were already formed in 1981 and a couple of demos were recorded which never saw the light of day, but were only given to a few friends. Their nature is a bit more rough and never drift towards the more commercial Italo synth pop. Even to this very day they follow their careers as composers, studio owners and explorers of electronic music (recently also again under the MONUMENTS moniker). So what you get on this CD, original first edition of 500 copies released in 2008) is indeed an essential retrospective 17 tracks compilation album of one of Italy’s pioneering underground electronic music acts.

CD features: limited repress of 200 copies, 12pp booklet with track info.
Price : € 12.00
Worldwide Digital Distribution: AmazonBandcampiTunesKlicktrackSpotifyWiMP/Tidal, ...


ANNA 039-CD    EPIC DREAMS     In The Cold Light Of Day   CD (different to upcoming 2LP version)

Inspired by the early 80's Cold Wave and New Wave, a German trio consisting of Andreas "Andi" Koch (synthesisers, backing vocals), Joachim "Joa" Saleina (synthesisers, drum machines) and Götz Langenbruch (vocals) already started recording together in 1986, disbanded in 1989 and reformed in 2008 as EPIC DREAMS with the aim "to revive the flair and sound of the early 80s - Electronic New Wave Music". Since then they've re-recorded many of the original recordings and recorded new material which found its way already onto various compilations and two 7" single releases. Using wonderful analogue synths and drum machines such as the Boss Dr. Rhythm DR-110, Casio VL-Tone, Korg KR-55 / M-500 SP Micro-Preset / MS-10, Roland CR-68 / Jupiter-4 / SH-101, Yamaha CS-01 II, they've found their very own melancholic and romantic style.
This CD contains material compiled by the band members themselves and differs from the upcoming 2LP version in both track selection and song versions.

CD features: limited edition, 6pp DigiPac, 8pp booklet with lyrics, mastered by Martin Bowes (AttritionThe Cage Studios), artwork by Steve Lippert.
Price : € 12.00
Digital Distribution: AmazonBandcamp, iTunesKlicktrackSpotifyWiMP/Tidal, ...


NADA 1    23rd UNDERPASS    Real Life   2LP / 2CD (Extended versions and remixes)

Here's to our new label Nadanna - a joint venture between Anna Logue Records and Electro Aggression Records - dedicated to blurring the lines between minimal synth, Italo disco and electropop and now bringing you the debut album of the mega-talented Italo disco/dark synthpop Greek act 23rd UNDERPASS:
23rd UNDERPASS was founded in 2009 in Athens by Costa Andriopoulo (composition, songwriting). The same year saw the release of the 12" maxi single "You'll Never Know / Sometimes" in collaboration with Taxiarhis Zolotas (lyrics, vocals) and John Papagiannis (arrangements) on the Dutch/Italian record label Iventi Records. The single became a smash hit and sold out within two weeks time! The first video clip was aired in 2010 following up on the success of the single. The music contains influences from Italo disco, synthpop and new wave.
Since 2013, 23rd UNDERPASS consists of Costa Andriopoulo (composition, songwriting) and Nadia Vassilopoulou (lyrics, vocals) with them collaborating with various artists on vocals, amongst them Giannis Dimoulas (September Code) and Leo Skiadas (Cinemascope).

2LP features: limited edition of 320 copies on 140 grams black vinyl or 170 copies on coloured (black+yellow mixed) vinyl,  UV varnished gatefold sleeve, shrinkwrap, mastered by Martin Bowes (AttritionThe Cage Studios), artwork by Steve Lippert.

2CD features: limited edition, PocketPac, mastered by Martin Bowes (AttritionThe Cage Studios), artwork by Steve Lippert. Exclusive extended versions on CD1, and fantastic remixes by Selofan,  The Sweeps, Tony Marinello, AxodrySwedIT (x3), Techniques Berlin, Codazzi, Flemming Dalum, Tobias Bernstrup (x2) on CD2.

Listen here (2LP)
Listen here (2CD)
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Discogs here (2CD)

Price 2LP (black vinyl): € 20.00
Price coloured 2LP (black+yellow mixed vinyl): € SOLD OUT!
Price 2CD (Extended versions and remixes): € 16.00
Price 2LP (black vinyl)+2CD bundle: € 30.00

Price 2LP Digital (Bandcamp only): € 8.00
Price 2CD Digital (Bandcamp only): € 8.00

ANNA 047   FINAL PROGRAM    Robots, Rockets, Radiation   LP

"Out to the stars in my rocket to Mars"

FINAL PROGRAM was a pioneering Scottish minimal synth band, formed in Stirling in 1978. The first version of the band consisted of Richie Program and Anne Droid who went fully electronic when EDP launched their first affordable synth, the Wasp, and guitars were ditched. In 1981 they released the instrumental 7"EP "Protect and survive" which was also played by John Peel causing it to sell out rather quickly. When Anne left the band, Kennie J. Young was added as a vocalist and Al Robertson joined for a while but went on to form 100% MAN MADE FIBRE. Richie and Kennie toured around Scotland and recorded a 12 track vocal demo album which as other efforts did not lead to signing a deal with a record company. Richie joined forces with Sean Kelly and John Sharp from THOSE FRENCH GIRLS and they formed SEAN NOVAK who released one 12" in 1984 when FINAL PROGRAM eventually disbanded. Richie still records today under the HELM OF AWE moniker and runs Voltage Control (manufacturer of t-shirts, hoodies, record bags, wallets and mugs featuring graphic images of vintage synthesisers and original designs). This LP entitled "Robots, Rockets, Radiation" is comprised of all 12 demo tracks and the original 7"EP tracks, making this a rather comprehensive work. Pure and raw, yet playful analogue synth bliss including the hits "Phase One", "Automaton", "Mechanic Dancing", finally a vocal version of "Protect and survive", as well as a cover version of The Stranglers' "Hanging Around" and an interpretation of Burt Bacharach's "Raindrops (keep falling on my head)".
LP features: limited edition, 140 grams black vinyl,  printed on the grey reversed side of the board (Hansaboard), digitized and mastered by Stefan Bornhorst, artwork by Steve Lippert.
Extra limited LP features: limited edition of 50 copies incl. black AnvilSustainable T-shirt with three prints (shirt sizes: Men M, L, XL)  and exclusive long card
Listen here
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Price LP: € 15.00
Price extra limited LP: €25.00


ANNA 051   VOGUE    Sahara   12"

VOGUE was formed by American musician and multi-instrumentalist Aret Madilian, back then equipping himself with Moog and Roland synthesisers, plus a Boss DR-55 and a piano, and recording two of those ultimate dark minimal synth hits, "Sahara" and "Shattered Peace", think of Das Kabinette, Those Attractive Magnets, Inertia, Ceramic Hello, just to name a few. Aret added Julie Kubat (vocals and lyrics) and Teresa Kubat (vocals) to the line-up and self-released both tracks on their sole release, the "Sahara" 12" in 1983 (Aret Records, Ar 42266). Ultra rare and very expensive in its original form (if you got the money, then you can still buy resurrected original copies from TTO Records here), Anna Logue Records now offers this gem for small money, with a beautifully remixed artwork, and carefully remastered. Dark analogue synth bliss, not to be missed!
Since 2000, Aret records and performs under the name Delayaman, a highly acclaimed multi-instrumentalist group often compared with Dead Can Dance, Cocteau Twins. They have just released their sixth album, check them out!

12" features: limited edition of 325 copies, 140 grams black vinyl,  printed on the brown reversed side of the board (SUS), 
remastered by Martin Bowes (AttritionThe Cage Studios), artwork remixed by Steve Lippert.
Listen here
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Price: € 9.99


ANNA 016   CAR CRASH SET    Join The Car Crash Set   LP

CAR CRASH SET were one of the very few electropop acts coming out of New Zealand and have released several vinyls nationally between 1983 and 1986. Basically, the CAR CRASH SET consisted of synthesists/composers David Bulog and Nigel Russell and guitarist/producer Trevor Reekie, and was formed in late 1981. They created such outstanding electropop songs with a Roland TR-606/808 and such lovely sequencing, - e.g. “Fall from Grace” is definitely a song that Anna will take with her into her grave – that it is indeed a shame that they didn’t receive more attention. Anyway, their 1983 12” ‘Two Songs’ (including “Outsider” and “Fall from Grace”) and the V/A ‘We’ll do our best’ LP (including CAR CRASH SET’s “Toys”) are at least highly collectible items amongst electropop connoisseurs and many people will be happy to see these tracks being available again as well as four previously unavailable demos from both their earliest and later days. David and Nigel were said to be recording again together with only the original Roland gear (“nothing else will do” as David says): TR-606, Jupiter-4, MC-4, System 100m modular and System 104 sequencer as well as Nigel’s Korg MS20… oh well, Anna is prepared!

LP features: 2nd edition vinyl, limited edition of 210 copies, 180 grams clear vinyl, insert, postcard.
CD features: limited edition of 500 copies, bonus tracks.
Listen here
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Price LP: € 15.00


ANNA 050.2014   THE GAMES    Circus Minimus   LP

"The Future of Pop Music"

THE GAMES were a pioneering three-piece synth-pop outfit, formed in 1980 and consisting of Brendan Coyle (synthesisers, percussion, vocals), Colin Hughes (synthesisers, percussion, organ, vocals) and Steve Knott (synthesisers, guitar, vocals), from Wirral, UK. 
The same year, they self-released their first 7" single "First Law Of Games" followed by a contribution of the two tracks "Unrest In The Real World" and "The Song" to the "Street To Street Volume Two" LP compilation on Liverpool's Open Eye Records in 1981. Then the band fell apart with Steve moving on under the GAMES moniker including new band members. Their 7" single "Dance This Way/Love Canal" still saw its release in 1981. Brendan and Colin moved on as Zephyr In The Swamp, Brendan also played in Some Detergents, and Colin in Sense Of Vision.

Dr Paul Skillen (himself of This Final Frame fame) says:
"The Games were truly ahead of their time and quite unique in that they played credible well-crafted pop songs in a purely electronic style. They did not ride the wave of synth-pop, they were the early creators. The stories of the band waiting outside Hessy’s famous music store in Liverpool waiting for their orders of the Roland SH-09 to be delivered, emphasised that they were the zealots of the synthesiser phenomenon which was to change pop music forever." 
Looking back their commitment enthusiasm and industry was truly remarkable. Ironically the songs were not dry and mechanical. The crude monophonic synths and very early Dr. Rhythm drum machine were used creatively to produce memorable, dramatic and emotional pop songs. The Games truly were visionaries and pioneers. They never got the credit they deserved because they were not in the right place at the right time and lacked the contacts good management could have provided. 
This album is a must for all synth-pop enthusiasts and lovers of quality pop anthems. It earns its place as an historical masterpiece when you consider the dates when these songs were released and the timeless relevance of the songs to the world today."

"I think I've wet my diapers."

LP features: limited edition of 400 copies, 140 grams black vinyl, DIN A3 poster and double-sided DIN A6 postcard, carefully remastered by Martin Bowes (Attrition, The Cage Studios)

Listen to the full album and download digital version here (non-Anna Logue Records audio master!):

Price: € 15.00

ANNA 049.2014   AZURE BLUE    Beyond The Dreams There's Infinite Doubt / Rule Of Thirds   2*LP

" Not overtly retro … analog but modern. ”

Anna was offering AZURE BLUE's debut album "Rule Of Thirds" in her mail order section when it came out which was special because it differed from the usual early 80's or contemporary 'minimal synth' or 'cold wave' related releases sold there. But what was even more special was that Anna declared the album as "Best album of 2011" which she never did before, or after. Why? Because this album was simply so special, so utterly beautiful, soft, sublime, emotional and touching. A warm melange of electro pop, new wave, shoegaze, or maybe simply termed dream pop as some like to call it, with incredibly strong, catchy yet deep pop songs throughout the album with no drop outs at all ... when suddenly the follow-up album "Beyonds The Dreams There's Infinite Doubt" was announced, with its first single "The Road I Know", and Anna was blown away again, what a masterpiece of melancholic synth/dream pop so Anna couldn't do otherwise than officially expressing her wish to release this on quality vinyl via Anna Logue Records, adding the debut album for a vinyl premiere, somehow like said and done, now.

So, AZURE BLUE is the retro-modern synthpop project from Tobias Isaksson (Irene, Laurel Music and Hybris record label), from Stockholm, Sweden, co-produced by studio wizard and multi-instrumentalist Claes Björklund (playing with Travis and who's recorded everyone from A-ha to Ron Sexsmith). On the 'anna/logue' side of things they used a beautiful list of gear on the new album, namely Korg MS-10, Moogerfooger, Oberheim DX, Roland Jupiter-4, Jupiter-8, RE-301 Chorus Echo, SH-101, RS-101 as well as Fender Jazzmaster, Telecaster and Vox Neumann U67, only parts of making that special sound. Releasing this music is a dream come true, and Anna thinks there is hardly a person with a beating heart that would not love AZURE BLUE, so do yourself a favour and get this high quality double vinyl package with beautiful high quality music.

Press bits:
“Nostalgia fuelled pop harking back to the heyday of Factory Records, Isaksson’s material is deeply romantic with a deft production slight of hand that can single-handedly break your heart and indeed heal it in one fell swoop.” The Line Of Best Fit (UK)
“The best electro-pop record in recent memory.” Blurt Magazine (USA)
“His touch is tender and light, and the album’s best songs always swing to the sky, riding up on decades of learning from drum machines and tangled relationships” The Fader (USA)

2*LP features: limited edition of 500 copies, 180 grams black vinyl with full-colour gatefold sleeve, 
black and white lyrics inner sleeves, graphic design by Viktor Blomstergren,
mastered for vinyl by Stefan Bornhorst (The Silicon Scientist)

Listen to the full albums:
Beyond The Dreams There's Infinite Doubt:
Rule Of Thirds:
Price: € 19.00

Please note: Anna Logue Records do also carry the single LP version of "Beyond The Dreams There's Infinite Doubt" on UK label Fika Recordings, ltd. ed. of 500 copies on maroon vinyl
Price: € 13.00

ANNA 048.2014   TWINS NATALIA    The Destiny Room   LP / CD / Box set / Demos 12" Picture Disc

"The vision and the dream”

It 'only' took TWINS NATALIA 
five years to complete their debut album, but to them it just had to be perfect in every aspect, from each sound, note and word to each and every pixel, and quality needs time, trying to create the perfect electro pop record. In 2008, TWINS NATALIA was formed when Marc Schaffer (Shibuya Station, Solitairen Effekten, solitude fx and Anna Logue Records) played some demo recordings to Dave Hewson (of early 80's New Wave/Electro Pop icons Poeme Electronique and since long a professional composer for EMI including library music series, commercials, jingles, etc.) who wanted to work on those tracks while graphic designer Steve Lippert (Treeline and Attractive Co-ordinates label boss) spent hours of inventing fictional "new wave" or "minimal synth" band names, song titles and artworks, too, and amongst them was the TWINS NATALIA moniker, hence the project was born. Sharon Abbott and Julie Ruler (both also of Poeme Electronique fame) were recruited on vocal duties and a first 7" was released, followed by two sampler contributions and an extended 12" - coupled with the revived Poeme Electronique in 2012 - paving the way to their debut album "The Destiny Room". The title "The Destiny Room" was coined by Dave and described Marc's little home recording studio where all tracks were demoed on almost purely analogue gear (e.g. Roland CSQ-100, SH-2, TR-808 and Crumar Performer) and according to his vision of melancholic yet melodic electro pop, slightly inspired by Experimental Products, Kraftwerk, OMD, Rational Youth and the likes. Dave co-composed, arranged and performed all tracks in his Hewsonics studio using latest technology and adding his incredible playing skills (listen to those solos!), expertise and imagination, always in close co-operation with Marc so that the analogue spirit remained while being transformed into the 21st century. Sharon and Julie added superbly professional and versatile vocal performances based upon wonderful and substantial lyrics written by Sharon or Steve, the latter making the whole package complete by adding a stunning and perfectly fitting artwork.
All in all, a high-class melodic 10 track electro pop album (14 tracks on CD including the cover of Marsheaux's "Radial Emotion", the extended 12" version of "I Avoid Strangers" plus the debut 7") - never 'cheesy' or too commercial, always still melancholic with lots of attention to detail, complexity and versatility, from the minds of creative people for the active listener, and the dancers, too.

Special thanks to Dave Hewson for understanding the vision, and making dreams come true.

Listen to the album here:

LP features: limited edition of 400 copies (293 sold as single items), 180 grams black vinyl, UV varnished full-colour outer sleeve, UV varnished lyrics inner sleeve, DIN A3 poster and double-sided DIN A6 postcard 
Price: € 15.00

CD features: limited edition of 500 copies (393 sold as single items), 6-pages glossy Digipak with alternative artwork, 4 bonus tracks
Listen to the bonus tracks here:
Price: € 12.00

The Original Demo Recordings Picture LP features: limited edition of 300 copies (193 sold as single items),
includes all LP's tracks in their original rough demo glory, recorded in the actual Destiny Room home recording studio, mastered by Martin Bowes (Attrition, The Cage Studios)
Listen to the bonus tracks here:
Price: € 13.00

Box set features: limited edition of 107 copies including silk-screened hardcover box (special thanks to Frank Maier/Vinyl-on-Demand), LP as above, CD as above, Picture Disc as above, exclusive T-shirt (FairWear, Bio), exclusive full colour slipmat, exclusive badge.
Please do specify gender and size for the T-shirts.
Price: € 59.00

Digital versions: iTunes, bandcamp


ANNA 042.2013   SLEEP MUSEUM    White Like Summer Sutures   LP

"The Museum is at that curve in the street that you have always known but never visited…”

After the renowned and out-of-print 2006 album „Dream Of Waking“, this Autumn brings us SLEEP MUSEUM‘s second vinyl album on Anna Logue Records, ‘White Like Summer Sutures‘. While SLEEP MUSEUM/Robert Anthony‘s output has been quite genre-breaking over the last years ‘White Like Summer Sutures‘ combines some of their more rhythmic, sequencer-driven dark minimal electro tracks, recorded between 2009 and 2012. Musical references range from early Front 242 to Portion Control and Skinny Puppy, yet it is always clearly just SLEEP MUSEUM. The album‘s artwork was exclusively drawn and designed by Paul Takahashi, who in his own words describes Robert Anthony/SLEEP MUSEUM‘s work as follows:

“Sleep Museum is, as I see it, outsider art. It is raw, unapologetic, driven by obsession, sometimes lit by sparkles of surrealist poetry, sometimes downright deviant and cruel. While the music itself belongs to a specific genre that ranges from Fad Gadget to Martial Canterel, it is constantly under the grip of a darker vision that pours through the lyrics. They reveal an automatic process of exploration, of revelation, of self-vivisection. The beast within becomes self-aware and rebels just as the spine depicted on the cover, unbalancing the body and the object up to the point of breaking the fourth wall – the inner gatefold then reveals its own template, the paper cuts, the smeared carbon. Robert Anthony uses his synths to pry open himself, his words becoming the little voice to be heard from the Museum concealed within each one of us. Each song from White Like Summer Sutures is a fleeting fantasy around which sound coagulated, creating malicious seeds ready to find a new soil – the listener's mind.” - Paul Takahashi, Helsinki, September 15, 2013.

LP features: limited edition of 400 copies, 180 grams black vinyl with full-colour gatefold sleeve, 
DIN A2 poster and double-sided DIN A6 postcard with further drawings, handwriting and layout by Paul Takahashi.
Price: € 14.00


ATCOLP2   VARIOUS ARTISTS    Tunes That R... Attractive!   LP

“It all started at Portobello Market”

First 12" compilation on the Attractive Co-ordinates label, carefully selected by label boss Steve Lippert. "Tunes That R... Attractive!" features a wider range of electronic underground music styles yet having a focus on minimal synth tunes. Synth veteran PAUL CHAMBERS (uk) kicks off the album with some sharp-edged electronic instrumental, followed by stomping dance beats from LE CHOCOLAT NOIR (cro), then more electronic madness by the infamous RED FETISH (uk), superb minimal electropop by duo HALF A TWIN (de), electronic sound design by the mysterious FUTURE COMMUTER (uk), another marvelous new electro pop pearl by the well-known POEME ELECTRONIQUE (uk), an exclusive remix by THE PHONE (uk), a scarce 90's synthpop tape recording by BELIEF (uk), pure and raw early analogue minimal synth by SHIBUYA STATION (de), an original 80's minimal synth tune by THIS PERFECT DAY (uk), rather experimental andn very entertaining electronica by BETHELL & HOUNDS, deep electropop by THE SOULLESS PARTY (uk), heavenly dreampop by CERATI & DI ANGELO (us/it), an ultimate minimal electropop hit by NINE CIRCLES (be/de), at lastly ZEIT ECHO (se/be) which also features Lidia Fiala of NINE CIRCLES on vocals again. Definitely very... Attractive!

"Hope you enjoy this compilation as much as I have enjoyed it putting it together.
This LP is dedicated to the musicians, all fans of synth music and those wanting to keep vinyl alive" Steve

A3  RED FETISH Partly Fear Two
A4  HALF A TWIN Rubbeldiekatz
A5   FUTURE COMMUTER Sound & Fission
A6  POEME ELECTRONIQUE Radioactive (buy digital track on bandcamp)
A7  THE PHONE Zero Ahead
A8  BELIEF Heaven Ending
B1  SHIBUYA STATION Always Waiting
B3  BETHELL & HOUNDS The Black Prince
B5  CERATI & DI ANGELO Season Steals
B7  ZEIT ECHO Secretary

LP features: limited edition of 500 copies (of which 400 are for sale), 140 grams black vinyl with full-colour UV varnished sleeve,  and double-sided A4 info sheet
Price: € 14.00


ATCO8   THE TOY SHOP    4PlayEP   7"EP

After playing in punk/new wave combo Psykik Volts, THE TOY SHOP was formed by Paul Klein in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, UK, to pursue his interests in electronic pop music. In 1981, Paul released his first 7" "The Maze/Live Wires Kill", with the latter being an absolute cult hit in the minimal electronics/synth scene for its reference to Daniel Miller/The Normal's "TVOD/Warm Leatherette" 7" (Paul used an EDP Wasp synth, Spider sequencer, Boss DR-55 bass drum, Wasp white noise snare). Only Paul didn't make it that big with the single, even if he was very close to stardom that time: "... even got me an audition for Depeche Mode way back when Vince Clarke left to form Yazoo – almost got the job too (ended up being between me and the guy they took on who ‘could also play piano’)". Paul moved to Sheffield where Phil Walsh was added to project while showcase gigs and record company meetings came and went (big names like Chrysalis and EMI at one time).  Eventually they released another single "Attack Decade/Never Trust A Stranger" in 1983 on a smaller label which went down right after. THE TOY SHOP was put to a rest in 1984 then, while Paul kept on making music ever since. Paul also mentioned he had "a couple more songs along ‘Live Wires Kill’ lines", so let's see what the past still has to offer and what the future brings.

7"EP features: limited edition of 250 copies, black vinyl with full-colour sleeve and info sheet
Price: € 6.66


ATCO7   MICK MILK    Wait For Go   7"EP

MICK MILK was the early 80's musical outlet of DIY-synth master and guitarist Mick M., back then hailing from New York City, USA. Basically equipped with a Korg MS-20 & MS-10, Casiotone 202, Boss DR-55, Roland TR-606 and other recording gear and effect units, Mick recorded a few dozen of incredibly amazing tracks which cannot be described other than superbly creative in terms of using analogue synthesisers for sound design and song arrangement in electronic pop music while adding brilliant and unique vocal moments to the whole. Even though his music was almost abnormally rich in ideas and both technical and playing skills, proper comparisons are other representatives of the weirder kind of electronic pop music and ahead-of-their-times projects such like Richard Bone, Our Daughter's Wedding, John Bender or Der Plan and Devo. In 1982, Mick recorded his one and only vinyl release, "Half Life" for Cyclops Records (CY-903), a 12" single which also featured famous names Man Parrish and Raul A. Rodriguez as producers. In 2012, Anna Logue Records has carefully selected and compiled the 14 obscure, electronic and label-fitting tracks from his demo tape "Songs for Citizens (1982)" and a batch of previously unreleased tracks from 1982-83. This new 7"EP compiles another three tracks from that era, yet even more obscure and perfectly fitting the Attractive Co-ordinates label. Mastered by Mick himself.

7"EP features: limited edition of 250 copies, black vinyl with hand-folded sleeve and postcard
Price: € 6.66


ANNA 040.2013   DAVID SINFIELD / LEAGUE OF NATIONS   Oblique Strategy / Music For The New Depression   LP+7"EP / CD

Sometimes, things just happen, rather unexpectedly, as...  who has not tried to track down a copy of the two records "For a Moment" (12"EP, Taursus, 1982) and, of course, the "Music for the New Depression" (MLP, Glaze, 1984), from LEAGUE OF NATIONS - two of those "holy grails" of minimal synth music, so highly sought-after, much money paid for, and eventually bootlegged. And who has not tried to track down this one DAVID SINFIELD from somewhere around Los Angeles, USA, the main person behind this one band, the LEAGUE OF NATIONS?
Well, neither you found David, nor did we!
So what actually happened was... that David found Anna, ya, it's as simple as that, sometimes!
So, almost exactly two years after first contact, Anna Logue Records is over the moon to release the complete works of DAVID SINFIELD and the early incarnation of LEAGUE OF NATIONS. The artwork was designed upon David's remarks on the original design: "The cover of "Music for the New Depression" was originally to be done on light grey parchment with azure blue letters and thin white shadowing all about. Glass Records thought it would look too much like a "factory" (read Joy Divison product) and changed the colour! Imagine that. The Sinfield album came with a jacket showing a silhouette of New York Harbour (NY Two) with the now destroyed World Trade Center at forefront.", painstakingly assembled from the original promotional 12"'s booklet and other bits by no-one else than Steve Lippert. The audio material was equally painstakingly and delicately restored and mastered by Stefan Bornhorst and sounds nothing but awesome.
This is a dream come true, for Anna, and for you!

LP+7"EP features: limited edition, 180 grams vinyl with printed Hansaboard outer sleeve, printed inner sleeves with lyrics, double-sided DIN A3 poster, double-sided maxicard and double-sided DIN A6 postcard with credits.
CD features: limited edition, one bonus track.


ANNA 046.2013   ISINGLASS   One 3 Four  12"EP

ISINGLASS was Jérémie Arrobas and Michael Gabriel, from Montréal, Canada. Both were members of MEN WITHOUT HATS in the early 80's (with Jérémie being a longer member and composer - watch video of his composition "Nationale 7 (Freeways)" with him performing on Pearl Syncussion SY-1 here), before going on to form ISINGLASS in 1982. Unfortunately they never got any records out, but fame sometimes comes late and now with Anna Logue Records, hehe. Equipped with a nice small setup of Roland SH-2/TR-808, Sequential Circuits Prophet-5, Korg Lambda ES-50/Poly-61 and guests on drums and guitars (Pierre Lacoste, Marc Perusse, Hendrica Verheyden, Mike Lynes) they recorded  a couple of songs from which four tracks have been chosen for inclusion to this 12"EP. 

12"EP features: limited edition, printed Hansaboard outer sleeve and double-sided DIN A6 postcard with lyrics and credits.

Listen here:


ANNA 044.2012   THE SILICON SCIENTIST   Inselwinter   CD

Right on time for winter solstice on Dec. 21, Anna releases THE SILICON SCIENTIST's very first six track album recorded back in 2002/03 and given the title "Inselwinter" ("Island's winter"). "Inselwinter" is a 60 mins fully electronic instrumental concept album, a rather quiet and non-pompous album, inviting you to journey with your friend Old Man Winter. It's combining analog and digital synths and rhythm machine sounds (Korg Minipops, Roland TR-808 toms, etc), lots of strings (Solina String-Ensemble and others) and hauntingly beautiful lead synth melodies. Two tracks, namely "Inselwinter I" and "Inselwinter II", had already made it to the "Bookmarks II" bonus CDr which was accompanying the "Poly" album in 2009. And so the story goes as far as this release is concerned: on November 9, Stefan approached Anna by kindly offering to make the complete album exclusively available as a 'winter special' in the period of Dec. 21 to March 21. Said and done, of course! But after a hard day's (and night's) work, Anna had a glass of red wine (or maybe one too much...) and "Inselwinter" playing again, when she, on Nov 23 at 3 a.m., approached Stefan in return asking to please release the album at least also in a rather minimalistic CD version. Well, who would not succumb to the ma'moiselle's charms, hehe?! So Stefan checked his archive and found additional demo recordings for each of the album tracks no. #1-#5 and a similar recording from around that time, "Elektrum", thus making the CD version a 78,5 mins journey, while the digital bandcamp version features the original six track album plus an exclusive bonus track entitled "Voices On The Wind", another instrumental track featuring field recordings, synthesised wind noises and a Mellotron 400 choir that's sounding like coming right off Popul Vuh's 'Nosferatu' soundtrack or Lucio Fulci's 'The Beyond'. The track was unearthed and added in like last minute and can be downloaded as an individual track on bandcamp. It so happened that the CD was actually said to be delivered exactly on Dec. 21, oh well, the signs are there, the signs! So here we go and here we are now, on Dec. 21, but as the world is probably not about to end, please accompany good Old Man Winter and play "Inselwinter" while you can.

CD features: limited edition, in full colour cardboard slipcase.
Price: € 8.00

Listen here:
Price: € t.b.a.


ANNA 045.2012   THE SILICON SCIENTIST   Sinister Street   7"

Stefan Bornhorst a.k.a. THE SILICON SCIENTIST is finally back and gives us a first peek into what is to become the third THE SILICON SCIENTIST album "Outside The Night" which, as Stefan told Anna kinda sub rosa, shall be a bit more minimal and pop oriented (but dare Anna say she doubts that Stefan can leave the multilayering and darkness be, lol). "Sinister Street" is actually taken from the album but presented as an exclusive single mix while "Sights" on the flip-side is absolutely exclusive to this 7" vinyl. Being a limited edition, please grab your copy while you can!

Features: limited edition, double sided postcard with thank you to some special fans.
Price: € 5.55

Price: € t.b.a.


ANNA 043.2012   PA TRONIC   Ute på vift   LP

PA TRONIC were childhood friends Patric Dimander and Anders Wågberg from Skyttorp near Uppsala, in Sweden. They were active between 1983 and 1985 while in their youngest teenage years, influenced by the electronic pop heroes of the time Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, The Twins, Heaven 17, or Sweden's own Page or Noise. Originally equipped with a Roland TR-606, a SCI Pro-One, a Yamaha CS-01 and an Elka string machine (later to be followed by a TR-909, Korg Mono/Poly, Poly-61, Poly-800, Roland Juno-60), they went off to record their own electro pop hits in their parents' basements, full of awesome manual bass synth 'sequencing', synthetic percussion, meldodies and vocals in English or Swedish. In Anna's humble opinion, they had quite a bit of hits, just listen to "Sol", "The Future", "Ute på vift" as well as their epic theme "PA1" or "Söker" which reminds of good'ole F242 times. This album "Ute på vift" compiles all rescued recordings from 1983/84 plus adding two new recordings of "Ute på vift" and "Sol" from 2011 to the track list. In 2010, the year when Anna had a first contact to the boys, PA TRONIC also reformed in order to finally fulfill their dream of recording a proper album. Just on Nov 30, they played their first live show in 28 years in Uppsala, from which a recording does exist. Nothing more to say then but "Fill your head with PA Tronic!".

Features: limited edition, UV varnished outer sleeve, printed inner sleeve with lyrics,
double sided hand numbered postcard with some bio and background info.
Price: Sold out!



ANNA 041.2012   TWINS NATALIA / POEME ELECTRONIQUE   I Avoid Strangers / I Wouldn't Change Me For Anyone   12"

While TWINS NATALIA are giving their debut album "The Destiny Room" the final touch they here present their powerful upbeat dance floor killer "I Avoid Strangers" on this 12"s A side in an almost epic 8,5 mins 'special extended night version' which should appeal to all into electro pop, minimal electronics, cold wave and electro-industrial, future pop as well. If this won't become a major hit on the dark dance floors across the planet, then we really cannot help it... And on the AA side, POEME ELECTRONIQUE, after like 25 years of dormancy, are back! With "I Wouldn't Change Me For Anyone" they present like a sister track to their 1982 classic "The Echoes Fade" and we are so happy they didn't try to tie in with modern trends and rather just be themselves just transforming their very own sound into the modern age by a superb production and high level of professionalism. Beautiful synth sounds, emulations (TR-808), Sharon and Julie's vocals sound better than ever before and Dave's unique and ever present solos that are making this an electronic pop masterpiece that will surely make you wanna long for more. Last but not least, we present one of the - if not thee - most beautiful artwork so far with additional posters and postcards and POEME ELECTRONIQUE's artwork being based on original paintings by German artist Peter K. Endres. All in all really a nice piece of passionate work this is.

Features: limited edition, UV varnished outer sleeve, two double sided DIN A3 posters, two double sided postcards, PE artwork based on works by German artist Peter K. Endres.
Price: € 9.99

Digital Version of "I Avoid Strangers (Special Extended Night Version)" now available on iTunes, bandcamp
Digital Version of "I Wouldn't Change Me For Anyone (Extended Version)" now available on iTunes, bandcamp
Price: £ 0.79 each
Listen here:


ANNA 037.2012   TREK WITH QUINTRONIC   Landing Plus   CD

TREK WITH QUINTRONIC were US American boys Paul Wilcox (Trek) and David Kane (Quintronic) and they should have been ... heroes, ... at least for one day! Equipped with the characteristic programmable Roland CompuRhythm CR-78 drum machine, along with lots of analogue synthesisers, electronic percussion, Moog Taurus pedals, guitar and a little bit of David Bowie in the back of their heads, they recorded two pioneering albums of their own kind, true masterpieces of electronic rock (fortunately with an emphasis on electronic), those being the “Landing LP from 1980, and the self-titled follow-up Trek w/ Quintronic LP in 1981. Both albums basically contain hits only with a powerful sound, myriads of compositional ideas, synthetic noises, lovely melodies and Paul's rather unique vocals (at least for the synth scene). Paul recalls: 
Recording for us was all very new. The engineers were very new to recording synths. Lots of things were overdone or underdone or simply overlooked. I also recall mixing really loud for hours through these huge monitors. Everyone was deaf. I just remember someone always saying - Add more high end. And then. Add more low end. Raise the guitar. Now raise the Mini. Now raise something else. Every meter was buried in the red. Ten hours later we'd just say - Cool, go home. Unable to hear anything for the next ten hours. lol. We were making a record.
Those two albums were eventually and primarily remembered and kept alive by the minimal synth/cold wave scene, being highly collectible and sought-after vinyls - now, after only more than 30 years, Anna Logue Records has compiled both albums, remastered from the original vinyls by Stefan Bornhorst (aka The Silicon Scientist) and adding two previously unreleased versions of Twin Forces and “When We Were Young, worked on by no other than Tejo Bolten of MECANO fame. Paul and Tejo are currently working on a common project (listen to Paul's beautiful Stranger Than Today” here) while David has been active ever since as a solo artist as well as in a couple of bands (The Celibates, Nullstadt, Electroman, Decay Of Western Civilization, Them Jezzbeards).

To cut a long story short:
Attention! Here comes some - for way too long overlooked - cult from electronic rock music history!

Features: limited edition of 500 copies, 6 panel digipak, beautiful new artwork by Steve Lippert,
two previously unreleased bonus tracks, mastered by Stefan Bornhorst.
Price: € 13.00

Listen here:


ANNA 026-CD.2012   LISFRANK   Mask Rewind   CD

LISFRANK was an obscure one-man project from Savona area, Italy, active from 1980 onwards but not releasing much music ever since apart from a few tracks via the own Mask Productions label in 1982 and 1983. The first and only LISFRANK stand-alone release was the 12”EP “Man Mask” (Mask Productions, MKX 01, 1982), definitely one of the best and rarest early 80’s minimal electro 12”s ever and on top of most want lists ever since, including the super hit “It’s Life”, as well as “Violence in my Mind”. “Man without Limits” appeared on the label’s equally rare and sought-after vinyl LP sampler “First Relation” (Mask Productions, MKLP 02, 1983). Another very experimental track called “Ombre” was released on the cassette compilation “The Voice/La Voce” (Area Condizionata AC2, 1983). That was the official story so far, even though LISFRANK was truly a pioneering project with a live appearance at the so-called “New Wave Party” in Savona, already in November 1980! So they were almost as early as Florentine stars Neon. Anyway, it took Anna almost a lifetime to track down LISFRANK - yeah, that was like before easy chat on facebook and stuff... -, but with the key hint by Fulvio Delprato (thank you so much again!), he was finally found and convinced to release an album which has been entitled “Mask Rewind”, of which the LP+7" vinyl version had sold out quickly why we now offer an extended CD version. It captures the majority of recordings from 1980 onwards including "Ombre" and three previously unreleased tracks from the early days. LISFRANK’s early music is completely analogue electronics with drum machine (or real drums on two tracks), very unique and each a track a classic of its own kind. The early tracks until 1983 are rough and dark creating an overall and coherent dark atmosphere throughout the whole album. The 1984/85 tracks “Stay with me” and “My Toy” were a bit more pop-oriented and introducing the digital possibilities of the time. LISFRANK’s lyrics are very dark and full of despair, dealing with personal fears, self-perception and the problems arising from this and other human interactions (“My mind is like a stormy sea – violent”, “Here is all my bitterness”, “Man without limits – Sees hope die - Man without limits – Sees darkness fall within”, “Imprisoned in a nightmare - My terror becomes desperation” or “Your true identity upsets me”), or other topics like ecological pollution (e.g. “I don’t want to breathe your smog - I don’t want to breathe your poison”). All in all, this album is maybe one of the most important and interesting ones ever coming out of Italy, made by an intelligent person and great composer who has just finished his new album “Elevator”, to be released in due time. FYI: An alternative mix of “Identity” is also going to be released these days on the LP sampler “Danza Meccanica – Italian Synth Wave 1982-1987” (Mannequin/In The Nighttime, MNQ 005/NT012, 2009).

Features: limited edition of 300 copies only, four bonus tracks, revised artwork,
mastered by Ton Willekes, standard CD jewel case.
Price: € 12.50

Listen here:


ANNA 005-CD.2012/VOX 9CD   THE SILICON SCIENTIST   Windows On The World   CD

THE SILICON SCIENTIST is Stefan Bornhorst from Northern Germany, and you will hear that he definitely has a deep fascination for analogue synthesisers and multi-layered melancholic and melodic electro-pop. In the early 90's, he started composing and recording many tracks under the name of Dreams Encoded. Also, Stefan was performing in The Convent in which he played synths and occasionally bass and guitar both live and in the studio. In 2003, Stefan co-founded the well-known German electro-pop-NDW group Sonnenbrandt together with The Convent's guitar player Jojo Brandt and Jojo's wife Frau Sonne. Their debut album 'Gestern' was released in 2008 with great response and praise. His solo efforts as THE SILICON SCIENTIST sees Stefan continue on a more melancholic path of electro-pop, recorded solely with analogue synthesisers and drum machines (and occasional sparse real bass and guitars). 'Windows on the World' was originally released as a vinyl LP+7" on Anna Logue Records in 2006, followed by THE SILICON SCIENTIST  second album 'Poly' in 2009. 'Windows on the World' now sees its CD re-issue, digitally remastered by Stefan himself in 2011/12 and including an exclusive remix of 'Home' and the ending track 'Good-bye to Frog-eyes' from the 'Bookmarks' CDr that accompanied the first 200 copies of the original vinyl release. Stefan is currently working on the third The Silicon Scientist album which is hopefully due early 2013.

Features: limited edition of 500 copies, shrinkwrapped 4 panel laminated digipak.
Price: € 12,50


ATCO LP1   THE PHONE   Songs For This Nuclear Age   LP

THE PHONE release their debut long player 'Songs For This Nuclear Age' on the Attractive Co (Attractive Coordinates, whichever ya prefer!) label. It is almost four years since the debut single 'Discreet Affair', which was the first release on Attractive (atco1). Since then THE PHONE have appeared on the 'Attractive Too' 7" compilation ep (atco2) and subsequent 7" 'Cabaret Noir' (atco3) which featured Sharon Abbott from Poeme Electronique on backing vocals. So yeah the LP has been a long time coming! THE PHONE’s mainman is Jonni Mogul. As Mogul he released various lo-fi synth pop records between '98-'06 (see on some pretty cool UK indie labels - Leicester's 'Sorted' label (run from a pub in the town centre), Fortuna Pop! and the Spanish indie label Elefant. Jonni sold the Mogul name in 2006 and started recording as Jonni Mogul, but nothing was released. Attractive talked him into doing what he does best so he formed a band called THE PHONE, specifically with the 'AttractiveCo' sound in mind, which is all about synth stuff, especially modern bands who sound like they are living in 1981 - hence the 'cold war' theme of the PHONE lp. So imagine it being 1981, and the very young Depeche Mode team up with Soft Cell to record this album, while John Foxx, The Human League and Vice Versa stop by and throw in bits from all their analogue synthesisers and rhythm boxes, Casio toy instruments, vocoders and EFX units.
File under: analogue, DIY, minimal synth, purely synthetic.

Features: limited edition of 500 copies, 160 grams black vinyl, full colour glossy laminated outer sleeve designed by Steve Lippert, lyric sheet, mastered by Dave Hewson.
Price: Sold out!


ANNA 033/7UN33   TWINS NATALIA / MARSHEAUX   Radial Emotion / When We Were Young   7"

Once that Greece's Synthpop heroines MARSHEAUX had spoken out loudly that "When We Were Young" by Anglo-German electro-pop perfectionists TWINS NATALIA was their favourite song in 2008, both bands have teamed up for a special double cover version 7 inch disc - TWINS NATALIA have covered MARSHEAUX's wonderful "Radial Emotion" (originally released on the "Lumineux Noir" album in 2009) and MARSHEAUX have done a stunning version of TWINS NATALIA's "When We Were Young" (originally released on the 7" of the same name in 2008). Prepare yourself for some wonderful melancholic and melodic electronic pop music.

Features: limited edition of 500 copies (of which Anna Logue Records have and distribute 250 copies only,
full colour outer sleeve designed by Steve Lippert and layerlove, comes housed in an additional cardboard 
slipcase embossed with the record labels' logos and track details.
Price: € 8,88


ANNA 038   MICK MILK   Half Lives   LP+7"EP  &  digital

MICK MILK was the early 80's musical outlet of DIY-synth master and guitarist Mick M., back then hailing from New York City, USA. Basically equipped with a Korg MS-20 & MS-10, Casiotone 202, Boss DR-55, Roland TR-606 and other recording gear and effect units, Mick recorded a few dozen of incredibly amazing tracks which cannot be described other than superbly creative in terms of using analogue synthesisers for sound design and song arrangement in electronic pop music while adding brilliant and unique vocal moments to the whole. Even though his music was almost abnormally rich in ideas and both technical and playing skills, proper comparisons are other representatives of the weirder kind of electronic pop music and ahead-of-their-times projects such like Richard Bone, Our Daughter's Wedding, John Bender or Der Plan and Devo. In 1982, Mick recorded his one and only vinyl release, "Half Life" for Cyclops Records (CY-903), a 12" single which also featured famous names Man Parrish and Raul A. Rodriguez as producers. For the album "Half Lives", Anna Logue Records has carefully selected and compiled the 14 most obscure, electronic and label-fitting tracks from his demo tape "Songs for Citizens (1982)" and a batch of previously unreleased tracks from 1982-83. Mastered by Mick himself (with a final touch by A.P) and another brilliant artwork by Steve Lippert, this release marks another true highlight in the Anna Logue Records catalogue. 

Features: limited  edition, 180 grams (soy) milk-white 12" vinyl with Hansaboard outer sleeve and printed inner sleeve (with photos, lyrics, infos), black vinyl 7" with generic protective sleeve,  DIN A3 colour poster and DIN A6 colour postcard, additional protective outer sleeves for the LP sleeve.
Price: € 18,88

Also coming with this release, Anna Logue Records and Mick offer 
digital versions for the first time ever and here even in two versions:

Listen to and buy digital version of "Half Lives" here (Anna Logue Records version/master):
Price: € t.b.a.

Listen to and buy digital version of "Condensed" here (Alternative Mick Milk version/master):
Price: $ 9,99


ANNA 036   BEOGRAD   T.V.   7"EP

BEOGRAD was an electronic pop outfit founded by Dejan Stanisavljevic along with Aleksandar Rodic and Lubodrag Bubalo in Belgrade, Serbia, in the former Yugoslavia. In 1982 they released their one and only 7" single, the classic and highly sought-after minimal electro smasher 'T.V'/'Sanjas li u boji?', with its wonderful Roland CR-78 drum machine, manually played bass synth and high note sequences, lovely harmonies and Serbian vocals. Then, in 1983, their only LP 'Remek depo' was released. Anna Logue Records has now put together a nice 7"EP including both the original 7" tracks plus the superior track from the album, 'Mrak', as well as two very rough and pretty horrible sounding short instrumental demo recordings of 'T.V.' and 'Mrak', included here for the sakes of obscurity, rareness and fun. Definitely a must-have for all into minimal electro, synth wave, cold wave or whatever you wanna call it.

Features: limited edition, black vinyl, b&w UV varnished sleeve, b&w labels and double-sided 
postcard with lyrics (both Serbian and English), mastered by A.P., Sleeve : Steve. 
Price: € 6,66


ANNA 035   PASSION POLKA   Obsessions EP   12"EP

PASSION POLKA was an electronic pop outfit founded by Steve Cottier (also in Scope, Xionics, Kinetics, Peep Show) and Keith Leary (also in Peep Show) in Liverpool, UK, presenting here four classic analogue electropop tracks from 1982/1983 in the vein of Camera Obscura, OMD or Oppenheimer Analysis, featuring the Roland TR-808 drum machine and a little armada of the usual synthesiser suspects made by ARP, Korg, Roland and Yamaha. They only released the impossible-to-find 'Obsession'/'Juliet' 7" single back in 1982 on their own Kinetic Rekords label. These tracks are now available again on Anna Logue Records' first 12" ever, remastered by Marc Senasac and with an addition of two beautiful and and previously unreleased 1983 tracks 'Lying next to You' and 'Fighting Alone' which feature Siobhan Maher (River City People, Kindred Spirit) on backing vocals. A must-have for all the aficionados of early 80's romantic electropop.

Features: limited edition, 180 grams black vinyl, b&w UV varnished sleeve with lyrics, 
b&w labels and DIN A2 poster, mastered by Marc Senasac, Sleeve : Steve. 
Price: € 9,99


ANNA 034   RED FETISH   The Future Is Now In Your Hands   7"EP 

The RED FETISH was a minimal electronic pop outfit founded by Neale Potts and Mike Richardson from Stoke-On-Trent, UK (both of ALL THE MADMEN fame) presenting here four classic minimal electronic synth pop hits recorded back in 1982/1983 using a rather minimalistic set-up comprising a Korg KR-55, Korg 770, Korg SD-900 and Yamaha CS-10. This one little beauty is especially for those into a more raw and unpolished analogue synth sound in the vein of early Neon Judgement, Neural Circus, Spotch Forcey and Transparent Illusion.

Features: limited edition, solid red vinyl, full colour UV varnished sleeve, full colour labels 
and double-sided postcard with lyrics and additional infos, mastered by A.P., Sleeve : Steve. 
Price: € 6,66


ANNA 014   POEME ELECTRONIQUE   The Echoes Fade/Voice   7"

POEME ELECTRONIQUE … oh didn’t we all dream of finding their only original 80's vinyl release, ‘The Echoes Fade/VOICE’ 7” single (Carrere Records, 1982) some day? Well, most of us didn’t and probably won’t, and finding the members was equally hard, but thanks to J. Lange’s investigative nature (hey, you’re great!), Dave Hewson, the composer in the group was finally tracked down. Dave is nowadays a highly respected professional composer working for such institutions like the EMI and BBC - probaby not the common career of an early 80’s New Wave/Electropop underground artist. Dave’s kindness and enthusiasm on reworking old POEME ELECTRONIQUE material and reviving the group was extraordinary, and so is his level of production quality. Now one might think that remixes are uninteresting or useless, but when you will hear the work that Dave did on the 7” tracks, you will surely get the impression that some improvement has occurred. The tracks just sound incredible, and now more versatile. For example, in ‘VOICE’, a chorus, though already written in 1982 but never used, has eventually been added and also the vocals have been completely rerecorded this summer. Truly, Sharon and Julie’s voices sound as fresh as 25 years ago! Anna is incredibly proud of releasing this record, and you know that this was not the end of the story!

Features: limited second edition of 127 copies, black vinyl, 2 colour sleeve, 2 colour labels 
and double-sided sheet with lyrics and additional infos, wo exclusive DIN A6 postcards (one 
hand numbered, one not numbered) protective outer and inner sleeve. 
Price: € 6,66


ANNA 013   ADN' CKRYSTALL   Minilab   LP+7"

ADN’ CKRYSTALL is Érick Moncollin (aka Dr. Strange), an artist from France and truly a pioneer in electronic music since the mid-70’s. Already in 1976, he was jamming with Vangelis and Tim Blake in Paris, and he was also testing the KORG MS20 in its flat prototype version (and is still owning and using a MS10 prototype today!). In 1982, he released his first album “Jazz’mad” which definitely is in Anna’s Top-5-electronic-music-albums list. The unique weirdness and brilliance of this album is unequalled and a class of its own. Érick never stopped playing and recording electronic music, but, of course, styles changed over the years. In late 2006, “Jazz’mad” was nearing its 25 years anniversary, and thus Anna asked Érick if he wasn’t interested in recording a sister album to it - in “Jazz’mad” style, of course! Érick enthusiastically agreed and armed himself with his two Kawai Synthesizer-100Fs, Korg KR-33, CRB’1969 Diamond 742, Roland Juno-60, Roland JX-3P, MXR phaser 100, Boss Flanger BF-2 and SDE200 Delay. Paired with his weird performing skills, “Minilab” is a worthy companion to “Jazz’mad” and no-one into minimal electronics shall miss out on it.

Features: limited second edition of 108 copies, 160 grams black vinyl, full colour LP sleeve, 
b&w 7" sleeve, b&w labels, LP insert and 7" insert, two exclusive DIN A3 poster (one hand 
numbered, one not numbered), protective outer and inner sleeves for both LP and 7".
 Price: € 16,66


ANNA 039 EPIC DREAMS In The Cold Light Of Day 2*LP
ANNA 052 PROXIES Groovin' Over Beirut 2*LP
ANNA 054 THE SHINING PATH Basic Training Manual LP
ANNA 055 DELAYSCAPE Have A Safe Journey Home 2*LP
ANNA 0xx POEME ELECTRONIQUE Fashion For All Sexes LP (co-op with Attractive Co)

NADA 1  23rd UNDERPASS Real Life 2*LP
NADA 1  23rd UNDERPASS Real Life 2*LP (moss green vinyl) SOLD OUT!
NADA 1  23rd UNDERPASS Real Life Extended versions and remixes 2*CD 
ANNA 051 VOGUE Sahara 12"
ANNA 050 THE GAMES Circus Minimus LP
ANNA 049 AZURE BLUE Beyond The Dreams There's Infinite Doubt / Rule Of Thirds 2*LP
ANNA 048 TWINS NATALIA The Destiny Room CD
ANNA 048 TWINS NATALIA The Destiny Room LP
ANNA 048 TWINS NATALIA The Destiny Room Box set (CD, LP, Pic-LP, Slipmat, T-Shirt)
ANNA 048P TWINS NATALIA The Destiny Room - Original Demo Recordings 12" Picture LP
ANNA 047 FINAL PROGRAM Robots, Rockets, Radiation LP
ANNA 042 SLEEP MUSEUM White Like Summer Sutures LP
ANNA 041 TWINS NATALIA / POEME ELECTRONIQUE I Avoid Strangers / I Wouldn't Change Me For Anyone 12"
ANNA 040 DAVID SINFIELD / LEAGUE OF NATIONS Oblique Strategy / Music For The New Depression LP+7"EP SOLD OUT!
ANNA 040 DAVID SINFIELD / LEAGUE OF NATIONS Oblique Strategy / Music For The New Depression CD ONLY FEW COPIES LEFT!
ANNA 039 EPIC DREAMS In The Cold Light Of Day CD
ANNA 038 MICK MILK Half Lives LP+7"
ANNA 035 PASSION POLKA Obsessions ep 12"EP
ANNA 034 RED FETISH The Future is now in your Hands 7"EP
ANNA 033 TWINS NATALIA/MARSHEAUX Radial Emotion/When We Were Young 7" 
                (co-operation with Undo Records, Greece)
ANNA 032 TRANSPARENT ILLUSION Still Human LP (second edition)
ANNA 032 TRANSPARENT ILLUSION Still Human LP (first editionSOLD OUT!
ANNA 031 VARIOUS ARTISTS The Anna Logue Years - Fifth Anniversary Compilation 2CD
ANNA 030 PAUL CHAMBERS Stations/Absorptions LP+CD set
ANNA 029 INTELLIGENCE DEPT. Sleeping City CD (co-operation with Mannequin, Italy)
ANNA 029 INTELLIGENCE DEPT. Sleeping City LP (co-operation with Mannequin, ItalySOLD OUT!
ANNA 028 CHROMAGAIN Any Colour We Liked CD (co-operation with Mannequin, ItalyONLY FEW COPIES LEFT!
ANNA 028 CHROMAGAIN Any Colour We Liked LP (co-operation with Mannequin, ItalySOLD OUT!
ANNA 026 LISFRANK Mask Rewind (+ 4 bonus tracks) CD
ANNA 023 CARMODY A Better Spider CD
ANNA 022 STRANGER STATION Echoes in Infinity LP
ANNA 020 DILEMMA Invisible Noise Hunters LP+live 7"EP
ANNA 019 SONNENBRANDT Gestern CD (co-operation with Hertzschrittmacher and NLW) SOLD OUT!
ANNA 019 SONNENBRANDT Gestern LP (co-operation with Hertzschrittmacher and NLW) SOLD OUT!
ANNA 017 TWINS NATALIA When We Were Young 7” SOLD OUT!
ANNA 016 CAR CRASH SET Join the Car Crash Set LP SOLD OUT!
ANNA 015 MONUMENTS XXVII CD (repress) OUT JUNE 12, 2015!
ANNA 014 POEME ELECTRONIQUE The Echoes Fade/VOICE (2007 Remixes) 7”  (ltd. 
                    re-issueOUT NOW!
ANNA 014 POEME ELECTRONIQUE The Echoes Fade/VOICE (2007 Remixes) 7” SOLD OUT!
ANNA 013 ADN’ CKRYSTALL Minilab LP+7” (ltd. re-issue)
ANNA 011 NEW SHINY THINGS Changing Colors 7”EP 
ANNA 008 DESIGN Fashion and Seduction 7” (ltd. red vinyl re-issueSOLD OUT!
ANNA 008 DESIGN Fashion and Seduction 7” SOLD OUT!
ANNA 007 CULTURAL AMNESIA Enormous Savages/Little Savages LP+3”CD SOLD OUT! 
ANNA 006 CAMERA OBSCURA Strange Faces (2006)/Live in Hannover 8-10-2005  7”+LP
ANNA 005 THE SILICON SCIENTIST Windows on the World/Colourblind (+ 2 bonus tracks) CD
ANNA 005 THE SILICON SCIENTIST Windows on the World/Colourblind LP+7" SOLD OUT! 
ANNA 005 THE SILICON SCIENTIST Windows on the World/Colourblind/Bookmarks LP+7"+CD-R                   set SOLD OUT!
ANNA 004 SLEEP MUSEUM Mysterium Organum 7”EP
ANNA 002 CAMERA OBSCURA Strange Faces 7"
ANNA 001 CAMERA OBSCURA Horizons of Suburbia (extended) CD 
ANNA 001 CAMERA OBSCURA Horizons of Suburbia LP (ltd. re-issueSOLD OUT!
ANNA 001 CAMERA OBSCURA Horizons of Suburbia LP SOLD OUT!
ATCOLP2 VARIOUS ARTISTS Tunes That R... Attractive! LP
ATCOLP1 THE PHONE Songs For This Nuclear Age LP
ATCO6 STRANGER STATION Cynthia-Casey/Magic Carpet 7“ 
ATCO5 POEME ELECTRONIQUE She’s an Image (Remix)/Rubber Dollies 7“ 
ATCO4 TREELINE Too Hollow 7"
ATCO1 THE PHONE Discreet Affair 7" SOLD OUT!


DIGITAL RELEASE OUT NOW (as per February 6, 2016):

SUBCULTURE 205/ANNA 015   ISINGLASS One 3 Four 4-Track EP
AmazonBandcampiTunesKlicktrackSpotifyWiMP/Tidal, ...
SUBCULTURE 203/ANNA 003   SLEEP MUSEUM Dream Of Waking 10-Track Album
AmazonBandcamp, iTunesKlicktrackSpotifyWiMP/Tidal, ...
SUBCULTURE 204/ANNA 004   SLEEP MUSEUM Mysterium Organum 4-Track EP
AmazonBandcampiTunesKlicktrackSpotifyWiMP/Tidal, ...
SUBCULTURE 197/NADA3   NAO KATAFUCHI Émergence 11-Track Album
AmazonBandcampiTunesKlicktrackSpotifyWiMP/Tidal, ...
SUBCULTURE 199/ANNA 047   FINAL PROGRAM Robots, Rockets, Radiation 16-Track Album
AmazonBandcampiTunesKlicktrackSpotifyWiMP/Tidal, ...
SUBCULTURE 201/ANNA 023   CARMODY A Better Spider (1981 - 1985) 14-Track Album
AmazonBandcampiTunesKlicktrackSpotifyWiMP/Tidal, ...
AmazonBandcampiTunesKlicktrackSpotifyWiMP/Tidal, ...
SUBCULTURE 191/ANNA 005   THE SILICON SCIENTIST Windows On The World 10-Track Album
AmazonBandcampiTunesKlicktrackSpotifyWiMP/Tidal, ...
AmazonBandcampiTunesKlicktrackSpotifyWiMP/Tidal, ...
AmazonBandcampiTunesKlicktrackSpotifyWiMP/Tidal, ...
AmazonBandcampiTunesKlicktrack, SpotifyWiMP/Tidal, ...
SUBCULTURE 182/ANNA 042   SLEEP MUSEUM White Like Summer Sutures   Digital 12-Track Album
SUBCULTURE 181/ANNA 048B   TWINS NATALIA The Destiny Room (The Original Demo Recordings) 12-Track Album
SUBCULTURE 180/ANNA 043   PA TRONIC Ute På Vift   Digital 12-Track Album
SUBCULTURE 179/ANNA 036   BEOGRAD TV   Digital 5-Track EP
SUBCULTURE 178/NADA 2    23rd UNDERPASS Faces     Digital 8-Track Album
SUBCULTURE 176/ANNA 034   RED FETISH    The Future Is Now In Your Hands   Digital 4-Track EP   AmazonBandcampiTunesKlicktrackSpotifyWiMP/Tidal, ...

SUBCULTURE 175/ANNA 039   EPIC DREAMS   In The Cold Light Of Day   Digital 19-Track Album (CD version)
AmazonBandcamp, iTunesKlicktrackSpotifyWiMP/Tidal, ...