August 18, 2021:

FREE DOWNLOADS from Bandcamp:
TOBIAS BERNSTRUP Challenger (SanFrankDisko re-rub) from Petrichor CD
CDs out August 20, 2021


October 28, 2018:

Finally out next Friday, November 2, 2018:
Techniques Berlin Breathing 2CD / Digital 
Nadanna NADA 6


August 18, 2018:

Album preview:

February 2, 2018:

TECHNIQUES BERLIN Breathing Digital Album (exclusive on Bandcamp)   LINK
TECHNIQUES BERLIN Breathing 2LP (ltd. 361x)   €20.00   LISTEN!


CLEARANCE SALES from 2018-02-02 to 2018-02-11:
15% on all Full Mail Order Catalogue items 

(not Latest entries)
30% on all Anna Logue Records, Attractive Co and Nadanna releases 

(not TECHNIQUES BERLIN Breathing 2LP and Few copies back in)

You can now Buy Full Nadanna - indie label for minimal synth, Italo disco, and electropop - 7 items with 109 Tracks - for €46,50 EUR or more (25% OFF) at Nadanna's bandcamp:


January 20, 2018:

In anticipitation of the release date on Feb 2, 2018 pre-orders are now open:
TECHNIQUES BERLIN Breathing 2LP (ltd. 361x)   €20.00   LISTEN! 
TECHNIQUES BERLIN Breathing Digital Album (exclusive on Bandcamp)   LINK


October 28, 2017:

You can now *Buy Full Nadanna - indie label for minimal synth, Italo disco, and electropop* - 6 items with 89 Tracks - for €36 EUR or more (25% OFF) at Nadanna's bandcamp:

Includes 23rd Underpass, Elegant Divide, Nao Katafuchi, Ultra Arcanumand all the great remixes/contributions from your beloved Selofan​, The Sweeps, Tony Marinello​, Axodry​, SwedIT, Techniques Berlin, Codazzi,Flemming Dalum, Tobias Bernstrup "Official", Liz Wendelbo (Xeno & Oaklander), Tomo Akikawabaya, Tona Ohama, Kevin Komoda (ex- Rational Youth), 23rd Underpass​, Epic Dreams​, The Silicon Scientist, and Spatial Relation​.

October 26, 2017:

Out November 1 2017:
NADA 4   ELEGANT DIVIDE   Life on TV   Digital
(including 3 bonus remixes from Kevin Komoda, Spatial Relation and Techniques Berlin)
and back catalogue:
NADA 5   ULTRA ARCANUM   The Silence Inside   Digital 
NADA 3   NAO KATAFUCHI   Émergence   Digital 
NADA 2   23rd UNDERPASS   Faces   Digital 
NADA 1   23rd UNDERPASS   Real Life   Digital 
NADA 1   23rd UNDERPASS   Real Life (Extended versions and remixes)   Digital


August 21, 2017:

This is how
Preview clips: Soundcloud - Bandcamp 
Preview clips: Soundcloud - Bandcamp 

and looks like:


August 20, 2017:

This is how
Preview clips: Soundcloud - Bandcamp
and looks like:


August 19, 2017:

Test pressings of


are in and the band says: "The test pressings sound amazing!"

And this is what it sounds like, TB stronger than ever!

BTW, we are looking for someone to make a video or two for the Techniques Berlin and Elegant Divide albums, any volunteers?


July 30, 2017:

Here are preview clips from the forthcoming releases scheduled for September 22, 2017:

Preview clips: Soundcloud - Bandcamp

Preview clips: Soundcloud - Bandcamp


December 5, 2016:

The new batch of Join The Car Crash CD (ANNA 016) CDs has reached me today and all seems fine, so I am starting to process all orders now. Thanks for your patience.


November 13, 2016:

CAR CRASH SET CD pressing problem announcement

I am speechless about the fact that the Join The Car Crash CD (ANNA 016) has reached us with multiple errors. For some unknown reason yet, tracks are missing, some are included twice, track order is wrong, making the CD unsellable at this point. We are now clearing the issue and will need to press new CDs as soon as possible. I hope for your understanding and little more patience.

The Proxies and Ultra Arcanum CDs are perfectly fine.


October 28, 2016:

ANNA 058/MR-063   MONOPOL   Weltwelt (1982)   LP re-issue

Oh Yeah! We are REALLY excited to finally announce we are teaming up with our lovely friends Medical Records LLC to co-release another essential piece of the Minimal Synth-NDW puzzle with the reissue of 1982's Monopol "Weltweit", in Anna's humble opinion THE best Minimal Synth-NDW LP ever - highly crafted analog synth-driven dark electronic pop songs using the classic Roland TR-808 drum machine, and brilliant lyrics. This will come out in February (along with our Elegant Divide release on Nadanna - indie label for minimal synth, Italo disco, and electropop).


September 26, 2016:

We have shifted the release date for the upcoming batch of releases from November 1 to
Friday, November 11, 2016.


September 26, 2016:

Anna Logue Records will be distributing the current releases from Attractive Co-ordinates:

ATCO12   POEME ELECTRONIQUE   Don't Run/Let There Be Neon   7"EP   Listen here
ATCO13   THE PHONE   Blue Ice Cream Melting   7"EP   Listen here


September 21, 2016:

Audio clips added to the Soundcloud pages:

ANNA 052   PROXIES   Groovin' Over Beirut  2LP   Listen here
ANNA 016   CAR CRASH SET   Join The Car Crash Set   CD   Listen here


September 16, 2016:

Audio clips added to the Soundcloud pages:

ANNA 054   THE SHINING PATH  Basic Training Manual   LP   Listen here
NADA 5   ULTRA ARCANUM   The Silence Inside   LP/CD   Listen here


July 17, 2016:

NEXT RELEASES (2016 - in production):
ANNA 016   CAR CRASH SET   Join The Car Crash Set   CD (with 7 bonus tracks)
ANNA 052   PROXIES   Groovin' Over Beirut   2LP (Bonus LP featuring 6 unreleased tracks) / Digital
ANNA 054   THE SHINING PATH   Basic Training Manual   LP
NADA 5   ULTRA ARCANUM   The Silence Inside   LP/CD/LP+CD combo/Digital

February 06, 2016:

ANNA LOGUE goes DIGITAL - latest uploads:

AmazonBandcampiTunesKlicktrackSpotifyWiMP/Tidal, ...
SUBCULTURE 203/ANNA 003 SLEEP MUSEUM Dream Of Waking 10-Track Album
AmazonBandcamp, iTunesKlicktrackSpotifyWiMP/Tidal, ...
SUBCULTURE 204/ANNA 004 SLEEP MUSEUM Mysterium Organum 4-Track EP
AmazonBandcampiTunesKlicktrackSpotifyWiMP/Tidal, ...

To come on February 25, 2016:
CAMERA OBSCURA Horizons Of Suburbia (16-track album)
DELAYSCAPE Morse Disco (32-track album)
SPOON FAZER Bam-Boo EP (4-track EP)

Listen and buy at iTunes, Bandcamp, Spotify, Klicktrack, Amazon
and many more!


December 04, 2015:

NADA 3   NAO KATAFUCHI Émergence LP / Digital


SUBCULTURE 1xx/NADA3 NAO KATAFUCHI Émergence 11-Track Album
AmazonBandcampiTunesKlicktrackSpotifyWiMP/Tidal, ...
SUBCULTURE 1xx/ANNA 047 FINAL PROGRAM Robots, Rockets, Radiation 16-Track Album
AmazonBandcampiTunesKlicktrackSpotifyWiMP/Tidal, ...
SUBCULTURE 1xx/ANNA 023 CARMODY A Better Spider (1981 - 1985) 14-Track Album
AmazonBandcampiTunesKlicktrackSpotifyWiMP/Tidal, ...
AmazonBandcampiTunesKlicktrackSpotifyWiMP/Tidal, ...


November 16, 2015:

Watch video clip for "Émergence":

Nao Katafuchi - Émergence (feat. Liz Wendelbo) from Espen Friberg on Vimeo.
and "Silhouette":

NADA 3   NAO KATAFUCHI Émergence LP / Digital



November 14, 2015:

NADA 3   NAO KATAFUCHI Émergence LP / Digital

NAO KATAFUCHI says about himself that he's "a Japanese artist who makes electronic music with a guitar & a semi vintage synth box, creating his own world of cold romantic wave." Originally from Tokyo, Japan, he relocated to New York in the early 90's where he worked as an audio engineer for recording production companies, and where he found musically kindred spirits at the Brooklyn based Wierd Records' parties (Epée Du Bois, Led Er Est, Martial Canterel, Sleep Museum, Xeno & Oaklander, etc.). His highly acclaimed debut EP was released on WT Records in 2012 and now Nadanna is proud to release NAO KATAFUCHI's debut full time album "Émergence". If features contributions from Liz Wendelbo (Xeno and Oaklander), and the shiny stars of Japanese electropop and minimal synth/wave Tomo Akikawabaya, Tona Ohama and Kevin Komoda (Rational Youth).

LP features: limited edition of approx. 350 copies, audiophile 180g black vinyl, download code with additional bonus track, soft touch matte varnish outer sleeve, printed inner sleeve including lyrics, contributions from Liz Wendelbo (Xeno and Oaklander), Tomo Akikawabaya, Tona Ohama and Kevin Komoda (Rational Youth).

Listen here !
Price LP (pre orders are now open): € 15.00
Worldwide Digital Distribution (to come): Amazon, Bandcamp, iTunes, Klicktrack, Spotify, WiMP/Tidal, ...


October 30, 2015:

ANNA 053    THE SILICON SCIENTIST Outside The Night   2LP / 2CD

The vinyl version is a limited edition of 373 copies on 180 grams black vinyl. Comes in gatefold sleeve with UV varnished outer sleeve and download code for high quality MP3 full album immediate download + bonus tracks including full 18 tracks instrumental version of 'Outside The Night', and 'Timeline 2009 - 2015', a compilation of 24 demos, early/rough mixes and outtakes recorded 2009 to 2015.

The CD version is a limited edition of 200 copies. Comes in a gloss foil gatefold ecopack with additional data tracks including full 18 tracks instrumental version of 'Outside The Night', and 'Timeline 2009 - 2015', a compilation of 24 demos, early/rough mixes and outtakes recorded 2009 to 2015.

Here's 45 seconds excerpts of each OTN track:

And here's "Systems" off the bonus album "Timeline 2009 - 2015":


October 19, 2015:

(and upcoming releases on Anna Logue Records and Nadanna)

- Reviewers for Online magazines get a dl code for the complete material (5.5 hours)
- Reviewers for Print magazines get a 2CD if wanted with the complete material (5.5 hours)

Please get in touch, tell your friends, etc. if interested and please add link to web sites with your previous reviews. Thanks!


September 19, 2015:


AmazonBandcampiTunesKlicktrack, SpotifyWiMP/Tidal, ...
AmazonBandcampiTunesKlicktrackSpotifyWiMP/Tidal, ...
AmazonBandcampiTunesKlicktrackSpotifyWiMP/Tidal, ...
SUBCULTURE 191/ANNA 005 THE SILICON SCIENTIST Windows On The World 10-Track Album
AmazonBandcampiTunesKlicktrackSpotifyWiMP/Tidal, ...


August 28, 2015:


SUBCULTURE 181/ANNA 048B TWINS NATALIA The Destiny Room (The Original Demo Recordings) 12-Track Album


August 21, 2015:

Released today:
NADA 2   23rd UNDERPASS   Faces   LP


SUBCULTURE 178/NADA 2    23rd UNDERPASS Faces     Digital 8-Track Album
AmazonBandcampiTunesKlicktrackSpotifyWiMP/Tidal, ...
SUBCULTURE 179/ANNA 036   BEOGRAD TV   Digital 5-Track EP
Amazon, BandcampiTunesKlicktrackSpotifyWiMP/Tidal, ...
SUBCULTURE 180/ANNA 043   PA TRONIC Ute På Vift   Digital 12-Track Album
AmazonBandcampiTunes, KlicktrackSpotifyWiMP/Tidal, ...
SUBCULTURE 182/ANNA 042   SLEEP MUSEUM White Like Summer Sutures   Digital 12-Track Album
AmazonBandcampiTunesKlicktrackSpotifyWiMP/Tidal, ...


August 14, 2015:


Today is the day, finally! Together in co-operation with Sub Culture Records the first two releases 
SUBCULTURE 176/ANNA 034 RED FETISH The Future Is Now In Your Hands 4-Track EP
AmazonBandcampiTunesKlicktrackSpotifyWiMP/Tidal, ...
SUBCULTURE 175/ANNA 039 EPIC DREAMS In The Cold Light Of Day 19-Track Album (CD version)
AmazonBandcamp, iTunesKlicktrackSpotifyWiMP/Tidal, ...

are up and running on iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, Amazon, Klicktrack, WiMP/Tidal. More current, upcoming and back catalogue releases from Anna Logue Records and Nadanna will follow over the next weeks. So, tune in, stay tuned, and go shopping, too. :)


August 08, 2015:

The shipping of our latest release
NADA 2   23rd UNDERPASS  Faces LP
is delayed slightly due to an error at the printer's.
Quality is always priority with Anna Logue Records and Nadanna.
We believe to ship out first copies from August 19th onwards.
Thanks to our pressing plant Record Industry who always do a more than awesome job with superb customer service and understanding!


June 20, 2015:

The repress of 
is now available!

It is 200 copies, identical to the first edition from 2008,
only that are numbered.


June 6, 2015:

Relased TODAY:
ANNA 039 EPIC DREAMS In The Cold Light Of Day CD version and digital

EPIC DREAMS In The Cold Light Of Day CD (ltd. 500x, 6pp digipak)   €12.00   LISTEN
EPIC DREAMS In The Cold Light Of Day 19x File (CD Version)   €7.99   BUY DIGITAL


May 16, 2015:

News from Nadanna:

Album teaser:
23rd Underpass - Faces - 12"LP (NADA 2)

Mastered by Martin Bowes at The cage - audio production and mastering studios
Artwork by Steve Lippert

Out Spring/Summer 2015!


April 29, 2015:

A letter of appreciation, and gratitude.

I have always run the label with a (maybe too) personal note, with both artists and customers, and I  have been working with a lot of artists over the past 15 years or so. I have made made great friendships, and I have become, very much unfortunately, enemies with a few people, too. I have always tried my best, but I have oftenly failed to achieve the best (e.g. in terms of economic success, for the bands). In a very particular case now, I (and no one else) have – due to various reasons – ’delayed’ a release for like more than three years. It was never intended, but behind the scenes, there was often other obligations, personal issues, great despair, depression, just to name a few.... But over all those long lasting days, the band has never expressed the slightest grudge, neither insults nor turning their back on me... So, all that I am saying is that I’ve learned a lesson from those three gentle souls, Andi, Götz, and Joa (and I need to add Flemming from another project who’s been waiting long again now, too). Kindness, patience and trust are virtues to/I do belief in and they showed it to me in real life with all honesty (while I shall believe it was hard for them, within the band itself, and ’defending’ themselves before third parties).

Andi - Götz - Joa

I do thank you for his, now and forever. 

Warmest best wishes, 


April 25, 2015:

Release news:

ANNA 039 EPIC DREAMS In The Cold Light Of Day CD version 
is now slated for release on June 6, 2015.

Also news from Nadanna:

Now signed to the label is NAO KATAFUCHI who's working hard on his full-length album "Émergences" which will include contributions from no others than Kevin Komoda (Rational Youth), Miss Liz Wendelbo (Xeno & Oaklander) and Tona Ohama, and most probably another great surprise, WOW!


April 3, 2015:

News from Nadanna:

The wonderful UK new romantic/new wave/synth pop band Ultra Arcanum has been added to the roster. Full time longplayer is in the works.


February 15, 2015:

Watch soundmirror66's jaw-dropping new official fan video for 23rd Underpass "Faces", taken off the new 12"EP Faces / Fire (NADA 2), due Spring 2015. Thank you soundmirror66!


February 4, 2015:

Anna Logue Records will stay closed until at least April 1, 2015.

All stuff has been shifted to the new place (it was a nightmare), but the new place ain't ready for set-up yet due to some delay. Then I have to work up so much stuff, so please bear with me, thanks!


January 18, 2015:

Anna Logue Records is currently moving houses,
so we're closed and unresponsive
to some day around mid-February 2015.


October 1, 2014:

All new ANNA and NADANNA releases are now available from the Mail order section, and already now or soon from distributors (Morr Music Distribution/ANOST, Clear Spot) and mail orders/shops such as Kernkrach, Poponaut, Domestica Records, Onderstoom Records, magic80ssound, Seja Records, SP Records, etc. etc.

Also we are happy to announce the digital release of
NADA 1 23rd UNDERPASS Real Life 2LP and 2CD
on Bandcamp - go here to listen and buy.


September 10, 2014:

Due to high demand we have decided to scale up the pressing quantity for
NADA 1 23rd UNDERPASS Real Life 2LP
by issuing another edition, coloured vinyl, that is black and yellow mixed to hopefully achieve a moss green effect to perfectly match the gatefold's inner artwork, shall look like this then:


August 21, 2014:

Due to a delay at the pressing plant, the release date for the upcoming releases

ANNA 051 VOGUE Sahara 12"

ANNA 047 FINAL PROGRAM Robots, Rockets, Radiation LP

ANNA 016 CAR CRASH SET Join The Car Crash Set LP+CD

NADA 1 23rd UNDERPASS Real Life 2LP

NADA 1 23rd UNDERPASS Real Life (Extended Versions & Remixes) 2CD

has been shifted to October 1, 2014.

The test pressings have been approved by now and sound just great!
Sound samples to follow soon.


June 21, 2014:

We've just set up a SoundCloud page for Nadanna and are happy to offer the superb and previously unpublished track "Planet 21", as well as "Because Of Me - Another Version" from the upcoming 23rd UNDERPASS Real Life 2LP/2CD, the latter also as an exclusive digital download (this version will only appear on the double vinyl version, but not on the CD). Enjoy!


June 14, 2014:

new label for minimal synth, Italo disco & electropop

Dear valued customers of Anna Logue Records & Electro Aggression Records (& now NADANNA),

the debut album of the mega-talented Italo Disco/Dark Synthpop Greek act 23rd Underpass is slated for an early September 2014 release on NADANNA (NADA 1). It will mark the first collaboration between two very passionate indie label owners, Mr. EAR (Nader, EAR) & Mr. ANNA (Marc, Anna Logue Records). Nader and I are fully committed to eliminating boundaries between minimal synth, italo disco & electropop. We don't FOLLOW trends - we MAKE them!

Feel free to join/"like" us on Facebook page.

Discover the magic sound of 23rd Underpass: all the 23rd Underpass youtube videos here.
Many thanks,
Marc & Nader


February 6, 2014:

Please find a label introducing mix on Igloo Magazine,
retrospective, up-to-date and outlook on the future:
(Sorry to all the bands which were not featured, but would have equally deserved it!)


January 28, 2014:

Hi everyone, I'm sorry for the following message, the

mail order/shop is temporarily closed

I learned there is too much on my plate and I just cannot follow up no more while additional orders just pile up and cause me a lot of more stress, at both the mind and the body. Actually, I do feel I'm close to collapsing if I don't make a cut at some end. I understand I do not have to justify myself, but I also do understand some people's frustration, and also concerns. Here's an excerpt of basic work I do: full time day job, having a family and 21 dogs that I've hardly seen lately, trying to run and push forward a record label (incl. all its bureaucratic paper works) and own band projects, too. Apart from that we were in need of a total restoration of a complete house incl. electricity which uses up the complete weekend with hard physical work which is again stressing my health condition..., so when to rest and relax? Or even think of enjoying myself with family or music?

So, I will work down all orders and other piled up work (there is plenty), until this is completely done, I will not accept any new orders, apart from pre-orders on the Twins Natalia box set (name gender and shirt size!).

Also, please note: in the future I will not be willing/able to respond to the question if I will get this or that certain record into the mail order/shop, please do only order what's available. Do not be offended, please, when I just will not reply on this one.

Writing this message was like a pain, but also a huge relief, one huge burden off my shoulders for the time being - I do hope you understand, and hope to talk again after me seeing clear and having recouped some energy.

Best wishes



January 19, 2014:

Anna has updated the Releases section with info and sound files for the upcoming releases,
currently scheduled for March 1, 2014:

ANNA 048 TWINS NATALIA The Destiny Room LP/CD/Box set
ANNA 048P TWINS NATALIA The Destiny Room - Original Demo Recordings Picture LP
ANNA 050 THE GAMES Circus Minimus LP

Anna strongly advices to pre-order the TWINS NATALIA box set now while copies last.
Please do also order specify gender and size for the T-shirts.


December 24, 2013:

Anna wishes all bands, customers, friends, supporters and animal well-wishers some wonderful happy holidays and a marvelous new year 2014! Anna will be very busy, take a looksy, darlings:

ANNA 039 EPIC DREAMS In The Cold Light Of Day 2*LP/CD
ANNA 048 TWINS NATALIA The Destiny Room LP/CD/Box set
incl. Demos picture disc that might be available separately as well
ANNA 050 THE GAMES Circus Minimus LP
23rd UNDERPASS t.b.a. 2*LP + Extended versions and remixes 2*CD (co-op)
DELAYSCAPE Have A Safe Journey Home 2*LP
POEME ELECTRONIQUE Fashion For All Sexes LP (co-op with Attractive Co)
PROXIES Groovin' Over Beirut LP
QUIETER THAN SPIDERS t.b.a. LP + 12" remix EP + CD
THE SHINING PATH Basic Training Manual LP (+ bonus?)


November 30, 2013:

The four new releases are being released Dec 6, 2013.
Check out the Releases & Shop sections for further details and price, and stream the audio here:


October 16, 2013:

PAUL TAKAHASHI salutes you to his second solo exhibition 'Summer Sutures'
Exhibition opening: Thursday, October 31 at 6:00pm in UTC+02
Tiedostamo in Helsinki, Finland
... featuring SLEEP MUSEUM's next artwork (and title!)

See also:


August 17, 2013:

The latest addition to the Anna Logue Records roster is retro-modern synthpop master AZURE BLUE the new project from Tobias Isaksson (Irene, Laurel Music), from Stockholm, Sweden. Anna is proudly bringing you AZURE BLUE's sophomore album "Beyond The Dreams There’s Infinite Doubt" together with the debut album "Rule Of Thirds" as a deluxe vinyl bundle (mastered for vinyl by Stefan Bornhorst, audiophile 180g black vinyl, gatefold sleeve with exclusive artwork from Stockholm based award winner Viktor Blomstergren & partner, etc.) Other formats of the new album will be available from Hybris, Sweden, (CD, digital) and Fika Recordings, UK, (coloured vinyl LP).

Listen to the singles from "Beyond The Dreams There’s Infinite Doubt" here:

Listen to the complete "Rule Of Thirds" album here:

Press bits:
“Nostalgia fuelled pop harking back to the heyday of Factory Records, Isaksson’s material is deeply romantic with a deft production slight of hand that can single-handedly break your heart and indeed heal it in one fell swoop.” The Line Of Best Fit (UK)
“The best electro-pop record in recent memory.” Blurt Magazine (USA)
“His touch is tender and light, and the album’s best songs always swing to the sky, riding up on decades of learning from drum machines and tangled relationships” The Fader (USA)


December 21, 2012:

ANNA 044 THE SILICON SCIENTIST Inselwinter CD/Digital (bandcamp)
is released. See Releases section for details.

Thank you and again wishing you a wonderful time around Christmas and New Year.


December 20, 2012:

ANNA 041 TWINS NATALIA / POEME ELECTRONIQUE I Avoid Strangers / I Wouldn't Change Me For Anyone 12"

Digital Versions
TWINS NATALIA "I Avoid Strangers (Special Extended Night Version)" 
now available on iTunes
POEME ELECTRONIQUE "I Wouldn't Change Me For Anyone (Extended Version)"
now available on iTunes


December 19, 2012:

has arrived a bit earlier so the official release date has been brought forward and scheduled
for Dec. 21 which makes us happy as now it is matching the winter solstice date as planned.

Last shipments for this year are on Saturday, Dec. 22 though, so maybe we can slip in a copy to one or two parcels, but don't be shy and listen (and/or buy) the album already on Bandcamp then.


December 17, 2012:

Released today:
ANNA 041 TWINS NATALIA / POEME ELECTRONIQUE I Avoid Strangers / I Wouldn't Change Me For Anyone 12"
ANNA 043/DDR009 PA TRONIC Ute på vift LP
(co-op with Dödsdans Rekords, Sweden)
Please go to the Releases section for details.

Anna would like to express her gratitude to the guys from Dödsdans Rekords, e.g. Mattias, for the absolutely flawless, productive and very entertaining/funny co-operation on the PA TRONIC record. Without Mattias it would not see the light of day today. So, it was a tremendous pleasure to work with you and Anna is ready for the next project whenever you call for her.

The digital versions of
are scheduled as follows:
 Dec. 21 on bandcamp (one exclusive bonus track)
- the release has been specifically scheduled for the winter solstice 2012 
and should be played especially when dear Old Man Winter is around -
The CD version - with seven exclusive bonus tracks - is scheduled for Jan. 1st, 2013, so that the new year gets off to a good start!

Then Anna also wants to express her gratitude to all Anna Logue Records team members, the bands, the customers - some in particular but you know who you are -, colleagues and business partners and any other well-wishers and supporters who made this year another success and fun but also a lot of work. It has been really hard at times and the body or physiology don't obey the mind no more at any time, but there is still a fire of life flaring in Anna's body, so a Merry Christmas to all of you - make it a egan holidays if you can, and we all know that you can - and off to a new year 2013!

November 23, 2012:

While ANNA 041, 043 and 045 are being pressed in this very moment, Anna and Stefan/THE SILICON SCIENTIST have just agreed on sweetening your this year's Christmas with his previously unreleased album "Inselwinter" from 2002/03, a beautiful melancholic instrumental album to dream to. "Inselwinter I & II" were already featured on the "Bookmarks II" CD, but now you will get the full set comprising a total of seven songs and running 60 minutes (as the downloadable bandcamp option). The minimalistic, yet beautiful CD version will feature some bonus material from around the album's recording sessions.


September 18, 2012:

Three new releases from Anna Logue Records are now scheduled for once and all for October 15, 2012 with no turning back:

First, the long-awaited and so terribly delayed CD version (a BIG sorry to everyone, especially to David and Paul!) of two true cult albums and including two previously unheard versions of "Twin Forces" and "When We Were Young":

ANNA 037   TREK WITH QUINTRONIC   Landing Plus (1980/81)   CD

Second, the CD re-issue of one of Anna Logue Records' best selling releases ever, and now adding three previously unreleased tracks and one ultra rare tape sampler contribution to

ANNA 026   LISFRANK   Mask Rewind   CD

And last but not least, finally real physical copies are in our very hands, so we are all very happy and you should get your hands soon on the

ANNA 005   THE SILICON SCIENTIST   Windows On The World (Remaster 2012)   CD


August 20, 2012:

Oh well, vacations are a thing of the past, and Anna did not manage at all to achieve what she had planned or scheduled, so sorry and apologies to the bands and fans out there for keeping you waiting for so long! At least, the mail order catalogue has been stockpiled and updated and finally two lovely new vinyls from Anna Logue Records and Attractive Coordinates are being released today:

ANNA 033 TWINS NATALIA/MARSHEAUX Radial Emotion/When We Were Young 7"
ATCO LP1 THE PHONE Songs For This Nuclear Age LP

Please refer to the Releases section for further details, audio links and prices.

About the
ANNA 005 THE SILICON SCIENTIST Windows on the World/Colourblind (+2)  CD
Well, it should be with us, but ... the band and Anna are really puzzled about the fact that it has been available from the other label since May 25 while neither the band nor Anna have seen or held a single copy of it in our hands yet. So after almost exactly three months post production we are told that a few copies shall be with us by next week while the second major batch is somewhere in Europe, with the third batch probably still in Russia... so let's see and so much for co-operations and stuff, but let me tell that Swedish people are cool and there is still a glimpse of hope!

June 27, 2012:

THE KLINGONS tape on Crispy Nuggets blog - that's alright!

The amazing Crispy Nuggets blog has - with the band's and Anna's blessing - uploaded the (second edition version) the THE KLINGONS Analog - Digital tape from '82 which is subject to vinyl re-issue later this year on Anna Logue Records (Anna 044). THE KLINGONS were Al Robertson (aka 100% MAN MADE FIBRE) and Mario D'Agostino (aka DICK TRACY), from Glasgow, Scotland. Tape originally released on Synthetic Tapes, then re-issued on YHR, both scarce as hell. Please take your chance on this amazing minimal synth electronica album, and please buy the vinyl product then, remastered by Mario himself with amazing artwork bits from the first edition tape. Many thanks to Crispy Nuggets for informing and asking for approval and supporting the contemporary labels.
P.S. Yes, Anna is planning 100% MAN MADE FIBRE and DICK TRACY releases as well! :)


March 27, 2012:

Belated back from vacation update and Release news

Unfortunately, it took Anna a few days more to get back to work, but who can blame her when Spring is knocking on her door asking me to play with the outdoors' sunbeams while gardening is her greatest pleasure these days. Nonetheless, the mail order section has now been updated and a few invoices and parcels have been sent, so please be a little bit more patient in case it wasn't your turn yet.

Anna is happy to announce that Stefan / THE SILICON SCIENTIST has just finalized the master and last artwork bits for the remastered digipak CD version of the 2006 album "Windows on the World" which is to be released in association with Other Voices Records. Also THE SILICON SCIENTIST is supposed to appear with the new track "Pictures" on an upcoming US compilation along with a track from DELAYSCAPE.

Anna has still no news of arrival regarding the TWINS NATALIA/MARSHEAUX split single at the Greek co-operation label. In the meantime we are still working hard on the TWINS NATALIA/POEME ELECTRONIQUE split 12" and TN album.

As for next week, Anna has made the ANNA 037 TREK WITH QUINTRONIC CD a priority and hopes to have it a the manufacturer the week after - please rememeber that now every months' first week is label work only, no mail order.


March 9, 2012:

New ordering and shipping policy

Due to some developments at Anna Logue Records and its related musical genres, as of now, every month's first week will be completely reserved for Anna working on her own upcoming releases. Due to the massive amount of releases in the relevant genres lately, Anna has been busy only by doing mail order related stuff since months, but Anna's time (and energy) on working on the label and mail order is rather limited (the working days' leisure time to be exact), and to be frank, she actually never wanted to be a worker at a mail order but a creative mind at a record label. In other words, this means that orders will not be worked on at all in that one week. Anna hopes for your understanding, but being frustrated, exhausted and putting her bands off is not what a label's work should look like.

Regarding shipments, as of now, Hermes parcels can still be sent on a daily basis, while Deutsche Post/DHL and GLS letters and parcels will be sent only once per week on Saturdays. Also here, Anna asks for your understanding, but shipping every here and there is way too time-consuming and also cost-intensive.


March 1, 2012:

MICK MILK "Half Lives" LP+7", digital versions incl. SOLITUDE FX

Anna is happy to tell you that the MICK MILK release is now available as per schedule. Both physical and digital versions can now be obtained from the respective sources (see Release section). A few mail orders and shop have already received a batch of copies and the other usual suspects will get their copies soon).
In the US, you may obtain copies directly from Mick, and soon from Dark Entries Records
The platform Bandcamp now also offers the following Anna Logue Records releases for download:

ANNA 035 PASSION POLKA Obsessions ep 12"EP
ANNA 034 RED FETISH The Future is now in your Hands 7"EP


Also, concerning my own musical project, SOLITUDE FX is now also present at Bandcamp. Currently some 88 tracks (mostly demos) are up there with four complete albums available for download. 
More tracks and complete albums to follow as soon as possible:


February 24, 2012:

MICK MILK "Half Lives" LP+7" (& digital versions) out March 1, 2012 &
the tale of Anna exploring the digital realm: "Anna at Bandcamp"

Due to various reasons Anna decided not to wait any longer for the other two upcoming releases
(Anna 033 and 037), but to finally release

ANNA 038   MICK MILK   Half Lives (1982/83)   LP+7"EP

next week, on March 1. It has not only become a tremendously beautiful overall package (check detailed info and release features here) including ace sound quality, but also marks the start of Anna experiencing the world of digital download possibilities. Yes, Anna always pointed out that she was never against this, but only time was her enemy. In the end, Anna believes that the music shall be made officially available to everyone and at any time, Anna is not a dictator when it comes to format (but indeed her heart will ever belong to the wonderful physical formats which challenge her creativity and satisfy her passion, so vinyl lovers do not worry!). Anyway, Anna has decided to start small scale while still keeping things under her control, therefore a site at bandcamp was created:

with a few first bands from the roster joining Anna at camping with the latest releases:
Mick Milk, Beograd, Passion Polka, Red Fetish, Paul Chambers, Delayscape, The Silicon Scientist. Most of the uploads will be there for pre-view and sales purposes while some others will only have a pre-view function (e.g. if other download possibilities exist like with Poeme Electronique, or whatever). Anna will talk to the other bands as soon as possible and try to provide you with more digital releases from the back catalogue then. Nice imagination seeing you walking through the spring-time fields with our beloved music entertaining you from your preferred mobile devices, hehehe....
so, onwards to new (ad)ventures!


February 7, 2012:

Mail Order section

All mail order items have now been added to this blog's Shop / Mail Order section. I'm trying to add short descriptions as soon as possible, but due to lack of time and energy extensive reviews like written in the earlier days are unfortunately not possible anymore. As for reviews and more detailed descriptions of older titles, please refer to the old site at


January 31, 2012:

OVIFORMIA SCI: case closed

Luis Prosper kindly clarified on 30.01.12, 11.20 pm on his facebook site:
"Marc Shaffer de Anna Logue Records me asegura que nunca ha tenido ningún tipo de vinculación
con el NPD. Me congratulo de que así sea y pido disculpas públicamente por haber hecho caso a rumores sin contrastar la información."

That translates to: Marc Shaffer of Anna Logue Records assures me he has never had any connection with the NPD. I am delighted that so and publicly apologize for making unsubstantiated rumors in this case without having verified the information.

Gracias, Luis/Thank you very much, Luis.


January 17, 2012: 

I am back from hospital and have resumed work at my daytime job and for Anna Logue Records already yesterday. I am trying to work up all orders and requests as soon as possible. The promptness of responsiveness and the next release schedules might be slightly delayed though within the next days, maybe weeks. I nonetheless hope for a little patience, understanding and your continued support. Thanks!


January 9, 2012:

I am sorry to tell you that Anna Logue Records is again out of order due to an unexpected stationary hospital visit that started last Saturday. Unfortunately, I cannot yet tell you when I will be released.


January 4, 2012:

Anna Logue Records will be back in working order from next Monday on (January 9).
All orders and emails will be worked on then so, talk soon!

And here's already a preview of the next releases:

ANNA 037   TREK WITH QUINTRONIC   Landing Plus (1980/81)   CD

ANNA 038   MICK MILK   Half Lives (1982/83)   LP+7"EP


December 22, 2011:

Hello my dear ones,

Anna Logue Records is out of order at present time for X-mas and family priorities. Sorry to those who expected another quick parcel to be prepared and sent or an invoice to be sent, but please understand the situation of pre-X-mas madness and let's talk soon next year with all our energy tanks hopefully being filled up.

So many heartfelt thanks to those who supported Anna in 2011 and those will do so in a hopefully marvelous 2012 with no less than Marsheaux, Trek With Quintronic, Mick Milk, Epic Dreams, David Sinfield/League of Nations, Final Program, The Klingons, and PA Tronic being added to the infamous Anna Logue Records roster and new releases by Twins Natalia, Delayscape, The Silicon Scientist, Sleep Museum, Poeme Electronique ...

A merry X-mas and a Happy New Year,
Marc & Anna 
& all animals YOU can save by your behaviour and attitude 
Go - go vegan - you can do it.


December 13, 2011:

CULTURAL AMNESIA - New Album, Video, Lyrics Booklet
The new CULTURAL AMNESIA album "This Is Not Your Shape", is now out from Austria's Bleak netlabel. The album is a free download and the first full album of new material from CA since 1983.


November 27, 2011:

The new releases
RED FETISH - The Future is now in your Hands 7"EP (Anna 034)
PASSION POLKA - Obsessions 12"EP (Anna 035)
BEOGRAD - TV 7"EP (Anna 036)
as well as re-issues of
ADN' CKRYSTALL - Minilab LP+7" (Anna 013)
POEME ELECTRONIQUE - The Echoes Fade 7" (Anna 014)
are available now!!! 

Please look here for details and prices!


November 24, 2011:

Hopefully my last comment on OVIFORMIA SCI album

Here is to present this very 'fine' man with whom I was dealing who is now passionately starting to spread wonderful lies about Anna Logue Records and me on his facebook site: 

First, please note, I did not see that "Teletipo" video before I read that, and I never used or thought of the words "Entartete Kunst" in any way. Second, he links me and my label to a march of the German Neo-Nazi right-wing party NPD saying music by Ultima Thule, "a group on vegan record label Anna Logue Records". HAHAHA, he makes me laugh, he is very 'creative'... please read our last conversation we had below and make up your own mind.... Indeed though, I wish those dealing with him in the future a good lack of honour, grace, empathy, honesty and stuff as otherwise I assume you will not be able to bear with him.

M.S.: (23.11.11 00.35)
hello Clara and German,
with some sadness i need to inform you that today i decided not to proceed with releasing an Oviformia SCI lp/cd album on my record label. in a public discussion on facebook, where Luis has confirmed that he is supportive of and thus obviously liking and enjoying bullfighting (corrida de toros). for me as being supportive of 'animal rights', this is an unacceptable cruel attitude. therefore i cannot and do not want to work and support anyone with this attitude.

L.P.: (23.11.11 00.51)
I'm really sorry. I respect your religion.

M.S.: (23.11.11 01.17)
there is no need to say sorry to ME. with your attitude and actions
you are responsible for totally unnecessary pain, torture and cruel
death of fellow beings of our earth. you could only ask them for
forgiveness. i do not have any respect left for you. i only wished you
would think about this, re-consider your attitude and change yourself
to good with empathy for other beings, and as you say, apart from
nature and animals, this also includes humans, of course.

L.P.: (23.11.11 01.33)
I didnt know you were a fundamentalist. Just one question, are all of the artists at Anna Logue vegans? I have the feeling that some of them wear leather. You should take care of that too. 

M.S.: (23.11.11 01.51)
of course, not all are vegans. you can do the maths yourself how the percentage of vegans in a western society looks like, so it'd be tricky to run a label with vegan co-workers, artists and customers only. please note that after discussions with me, three of the early 80's artists, thus they are exactly your age, changed their eating behaviour from decreasing meat consumption to going almost vegetarian to going vegan. this is a great success for me.and all artists so far supported my aims and support the label's connection to animal protection/animal rights projects. please understand that while i refuse to accept any animal torture, there is certainly a varying degree of cruelty, and abusing, torturing and killing an animal (or human) just for fun and entertainment is for sure the worst of all! i would love love to ask you if you agree to that, but already you confirmed that for you it is okay and that you even support this. people even cheering to that is beyond my imagination and acceptance. therefore, i think i do not project a sort of fundamentalism on others but only upon myself, but in this very aspect (fun and entertainment), yes, there is no room for discussion.

L.P.: (23.11.11 09.43)
Fun and entertainment is pop music. Including electronic music. Bullfighting is ART.

M.S.: (23.11.11 10.16)
i cannot believe how ignorant you are, you did not understand anything i said.
all i said would also apply for any sort of art, and i cannot go on "discussing" with you when coming up with such idiotic nonsense.

November 23, 2011:

OVIFORMIA SCI album release cancelled

With some sadness I need to inform you that today I decided not to proceed with releasing an Oviformia SCI lp/cd album on Anna Logue Records. In a today's public discussion around midnight on facebook, one member has explicitly confirmed towards me that he is supportive of and thus obviously liking and enjoying bullfighting (corrida de toros), in other words the cruel killing of an innocent being that cannot stand a chance for the stupid cheering masses for entertainment and false glorification under the mask of cultural tradition. For me as being supportive of animal rights, this is an unacceptable cruel attitude. Therefore I cannot and do not want to work and support anyone with this attitude. Now, there will surely be other labels preying on them and maybe not caring about this, not having any sort of empathy. I will also boycott them once they have the blood of innocent beings on their own hands.

November 5, 2011:

ADN' CKRYSTALL (Anna 013) and POEME ELECTRONIQUE (Anna 014) - 
2nd edition vinyls to come

ANNA 013   ADN' CKRYSTALL   Minilab   LP+7"

ADN’ CKRYSTALL is Érick Moncollin (aka Dr. Strange), an artist from France and truly a pioneer in electronic music since the mid-70’s. Already in 1976, he was jamming with Vangelis and Tim Blake in Paris, and he was also testing the KORG MS20 in its flat prototype version (and is still owning and using a MS10 prototype today!). In 1982, he released his first album “Jazz’mad” which definitely is in Anna’s Top-5-electronic-music-albums list. The unique weirdness and brilliance of this album is unequalled and a class of its own. Érick never stopped playing and recording electronic music, but, of course, styles changed over the years. In late 2006, “Jazz’mad” was nearing its 25 years anniversary, and thus Anna asked Érick if he wasn’t interested in recording a sister album to it - in “Jazz’mad” style, of course! Érick enthusiastically agreed and armed himself with his two Kawai Synthesizer-100Fs, Korg KR-33, CRB’1969 Diamond 742, Roland Juno-60, Roland JX-3P, MXR phaser 100, Boss Flanger BF-2 and SDE200 Delay. Paired with his weird performing skills, “Minilab” is a worthy companion to “Jazz’mad” and no-one into minimal electronics shall miss out on it.

Features: limited second edition of 108 copies, 160 grams black vinyl, full colour LP sleeve, 
b&w 7" sleeve, b&w labels, LP insert and 7" insert, two exclusive DIN A3 poster (one hand 
numbered, one not numbered), protective outer and inner sleeves for both LP and 7".
 Price: € t.b.a.


ANNA 014   POEME ELECTRONIQUE   The Echoes Fade/Voice   7"

POEME ELECTRONIQUE … oh didn’t we all dream of finding their only original 80's vinyl release, ‘The Echoes Fade/VOICE’ 7” single (Carrere Records, 1982) some day? Well, most of us didn’t and probably won’t, and finding the members was equally hard, but thanks to J. Lange’s investigative nature (hey, you’re great!), Dave Hewson, the composer in the group was finally tracked down. Dave is nowadays a highly respected professional composer working for such institutions like the EMI and BBC - probaby not the common career of an early 80’s New Wave/Electropop underground artist. Dave’s kindness and enthusiasm on reworking old POEME ELECTRONIQUE material and reviving the group was extraordinary, and so is his level of production quality. Now one might think that remixes are uninteresting or useless, but when you will hear the work that Dave did on the 7” tracks, you will surely get the impression that some improvement has occurred. The tracks just sound incredible, and now more versatile. For example, in ‘VOICE’, a chorus, though already written in 1982 but never used, has eventually been added and also the vocals have been completely rerecorded this summer. Truly, Sharon and Julie’s voices sound as fresh as 25 years ago! Anna is incredibly proud of releasing this record, and you know that this was not the end of the story!

Features: limited second edition of 127 copies, black vinyl, 2 colour sleeve, 2 colour labels 
and double-sided sheet with lyrics and additional infos, wo exclusive DIN A6 postcards (one 
hand numbered, one not numbered) protective outer and inner sleeve. 
Price: € t.b.a.

October 29, 2011:

ANNA 033/7UN33 split 7" is also taking shape now

ANNA 033/7UN33   TWINS NATALIA/MARSHEAUX   Radial Emotion/When We Were Young 7"

Once that Greece's Synthpop heroines MARSHEAUX had spoken out loudly that "When We Were Young" by Anglo-German Electropop perfectionists TWINS NATALIA was the best song in 2008, they both have teamed up for a special double cover version 7 inch disc - TWINS NATALIA have covered MARSHEAUX's wonderful "Radial Emotion" (originally released on the "Lumineux Noir" album in 2009) and MARSHEAUX have done a stunning version of TWINS NATALIA's "When We Were Young" (originally released on the 7" of the same name in 2008). Prepare yourself for some wonderful melancholic and melodic electronic pop music.


October 21, 2011:


ANNA 034   RED FETISH   The Future Is Now In Your Hands   7"EP

The RED FETISH was a minimal electronic pop outfit founded by Neale Potts and Mike Richardson from Stoke-On-Trent, UK (both of ALL THE MADMEN fame) presenting here four classic minimal electronic synth pop hits recorded back in 1982/1983 using a rather minimalistic set-up comprising a Korg KR-55, Korg 770, Korg SD-900 and Yamaha CS-10. This one little beauty is especially for those into a more raw and unpolished analogue synth sound in the vein of early Neon Judgement, Neural Circus, Spotch Forcey and Transparent Illusion.

Features: limited edition, solid red vinyl, full colour UV varnished sleeve, full colour labels 
and double-sided postcard with lyrics and additional infos, mastered by A.P., Sleeve : Steve. 
Price: € t.b.a.


ANNA 035   PASSION POLKA   Obsessions EP   12"EP

PASSION POLKA was an electronic pop outfit founded by Steve Cottier (also in Scope, Xionics, Kinetics, Peep Show) and Keith Leary (also in Peep Show) in Liverpool, UK, presenting here four classic analogue electropop tracks from 1982/1983 in the vein of Camera Obscura, OMD or Oppenheimer Analysis, featuring the Roland TR-808 drum machine and a little armada of the usual synthesiser suspects made by ARP, Korg, Roland and Yamaha. They only released the impossible-to-find 'Obsession'/'Juliet' 7" single back in 1982 on their own Kinetic Rekords label. These tracks are now available again on Anna Logue Records' first 12" ever, remastered by Marc Senasac and with an addition of two beautiful and and previously unreleased 1983 tracks 'Lying next to You' and 'Fighting Alone' which feature Siobhan Maher (River City People, Kindred Spirit) on backing vocals. A must-have for all the aficionados of early 80's romantic electropop.

Features: limited edition, 180 grams black vinyl, b&w UV varnished sleeve with lyrics, 
b&w labels and DIN A2 poster, mastered by Marc Senasac, Sleeve : Steve. 
Price: € t.b.a.


ANNA 036   BEOGRAD   T.V.   7"EP

BEOGRAD was a electronic pop outfit founded by Dejan Stanisavljevic along with Aleksandar Rodic and Lubodrag Bubalo in Belgrade, Serbia, in the former Yugoslavia. In 1982 they released their one and only 7" single, the classic and highly sought-after minimal electro smasher 'T.V'/'Sanjas li u boji?', with its wonderful Roland CR-78 drum machine, manually played bass synth and high note sequences, lovely harmonies and Serbian vocals. Then, in 1983, their only LP 'Remek depo' was released. Anna Logue Records has now put together a nice 7"EP including both the original 7" tracks plus the superior track from the album, 'Mrak', as well as two very rough and pretty horrible sounding short instrumental demo recordings of 'T.V.' and 'Mrak', included here for the sakes of obscurity, rareness and fun. Definitely a must-have for all into minimal electro, synth wave, cold wave or whatever you wanna call it.

Features: limited edition, black vinyl, b&w UV varnished sleeve, b&w labels and double-sided 
postcard with lyrics (both Serbian and English), mastered by A.P., Sleeve : Steve. 
Price: € t.b.a.