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Last update: 2017/09/22

Pre-Order now - Cassette Store Day 2017 release:

TWINS NATALIA The Destiny Room MC (ltd. 62x, download code, 12-track CSD 2017 release)   €8.00   LISTEN!   (Attention: Track list differs!) - Release date: 2017/10/14

Latest entries: 

DIVE POSITION / THE SHINING PATH Now Is Then LP+7" (ltd. 319x, printed inner sleeve, inside out sleeve)   €17.50   LISTEN!
ELEGANT DIVIDE Life On TV LP  (ltd. 314x, printed inner sleeve, hand-numbered lyrics sheet, soft matte touch sleeve)   €15.00   LISTEN!

ADAM USI Faces MC (ltd. 66x, dl code)   €8.00   LISTEN!
ADAM USI Vakuum Mirage LP (ltd. 450x)   €18.00   LISTEN!
ANYTHING BOX Hope LP (ltd. 200x, black vinyl, printed inner sleeve)   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
ARBEID ADELT! Jonge Helden LP (ltd. 500x, 180g green vinyl)   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
BERANEK Sound Of Danger LP (lyrics sheet, autographed photo)   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
BETA EVERS / SPATIAL RELATION Split 12"EP (ltd. 300)   €14.50   LISTEN!
BILL AND MURRAY A New Kind Of High LP (ltd. 150x, black vinyl)   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
BLACK POND Deepest Chasms 12"EP (ltd. 300x)   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
DAS DING Missing Tapes MLP (180 g)   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
DER PLAN Gefährliche Clowns 7"(ltd. 500x, red vinyl)   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
DEVIL SHY Lifeline MC (ltd. 100x, dl card)   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
DEUX Decadence LP (3rd ed.)   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
DIE FLY DIE Standing On Mermaids EP MLP   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
E The Levitation Syndrome LP   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
ENDLOSE EMOTION Zeit die nie vergeht MC (ltd. 100x, dl code with 2 bonus tracks)   8.00
HIGH MARKS Steel Grieves MC (ltd. 100x, dl card)   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
INVISIBLE SKY ep CD-EP (ltd. 200x)   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
KOFE (Кофе) Balance (Баланс) CD (ltd. 500x)   €12.50   LISTEN!   Back in!
KORD Horisont / Vision 7"   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
LE CLICHÉ Consumer Manoeuvres LP+CD (LP tracks are not on the CD)   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
(Remakes by Moss Garten, Mark Lane, Mick Milk, Kline Coma Xero, ADN' Ckrystall, Kremlyn, Spatial Relation, Delayscape, KuBo, Gay Cat Park (2x), Effetto Joule, John Costello, This Is The Bridge, Red Fetish, Jonteknik, Wladyslaw)
LINEAR MOVEMENT The Linear Way LP (ltd. 500x, 180g pink vinyl)   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!   Only 2 copies left!
LOLA KUMTUS The Leftovers MC (ltd. 46x, dl code)   8.00   LISTEN!
M-FAST Videoband MC (ltd. 50x)   €6.60   LISTEN!
MERZBOW Escape Mask CD (ltd. 300x, 1983 cassette re-issue)   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
MODERN ART Underwater Kites LP (ltd. 500x, poster insert)   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
MYSTERY PLANE Still Life CD (ltd. 500x, 2 bonus tracks)   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
MYSTERY PLANE Still Life LP (ltd. 500x, poster insert)   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
NIGHT MOVES Transdance 12"EP (lyrics sheet, booklet)   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
NOUVELLE PHENOMENE Glory Of Romance CD (ltd. 500x)   €13.00   LISTEN!   Back in!
ONLY EDGES Permanent Heart 10" (ltd. 300x, insert)   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
PARADE GROUND Cut Up CD (ltd. 500x)   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
PARADE GROUND Sanctuary (ltd. 50x)   €6.60   LISTEN!
PARADOX OBSCUR Ατραπός MC (ltd. 100x, 2 bonus tracks)   8.00   LISTEN!
PHILIPPE LAURENT Phoenix 12"EP (ltd. 300x, white vinyl)   €13.50   LISTEN!
QUERELLE Pas De Pitié / Suicidal Acrobat 7" (:Codes and Jeunesse Fantôme members)   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
SHREDDER s/t MLP   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
SILVIA s/t LP (lyrics sheet, postcard)   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
THE ARMS OF SOMEONE NEW Susan Sleepwalking LP (lyrics sheet)   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
THE FORCE DIMENSION Machinesex CD   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
THE NEON JUDGEMENT Cockerill-Sombre 12"EP (lyrics sheet)   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
TOBIAS BERNSTRUP Sing My Body Electric CD (ltd. 500x, 1 bonus track)    €12.50   LISTEN!   Back in!
TRANSFIGURE Translation LP   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
TSTI Endings MC (ltd. 50x)   €6.60   LISTEN!
VISONIA Amethyst Eclipse EP 12"EP (ltd. 500x)   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
WEIRD DUST The Chase / These Things 7"   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
WERNER KARLOFF Tanz der Automaten CD   €10.00   LISTEN!
€12.00   LISTEN!
WHISPERING SONS Endless Party CD   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
WHISPERING SONS Endless Party MLP (printed inner sleeve, dl code)   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
VARIOUS ARTISTS An Introduction Into The Insane World Of Alain Neffe LP   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
(Bene Gesserit (5x), Subject, Human Flesh (3x), Pseudo Code (2x), Cortex)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Cold Waves Of Color Volume 4 LP (ltd. 500x, poster insert, fanzine)   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
(Beatmixer (2x), Silicon Valley (2x), Berserk In A Hayfield (2x), Disintegrators, WeR7, Mystery Plane, Echophase, Lives Of Angels)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Young and Cold Festival Sampler IV CD  (ltd. 222x)   €12.00
(Alles, Kinder Aus Asbest, Second Planet, Mängelexemplar, Nao Katafuchi, Vita Noctis, Soft Riot, Low factor, Ben Bloodygrave, XTR Human, Dividing Lines, Totenwald, Zwarte Poezie, Paradox Sequenz, Werner Karloff, Endlose Emotion, Adam Usi, Nacht Analyse, G.B.S., Tränen Der Sehnsucht)

Full Mail Order Catalogue:
...AND WE WERE SHADOWS Beyond The Light CD   €13.50   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
·Y· ‎The Muse 7" (ltd. 300x)   €8.00   LISTEN!   Only 2 copies left!
((PRESSURES)) s/t LP (ltd. 500x, insert , sticker, dl code)   €17.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out
((PRESSURES))/ROLADEX split 7"(ltd. 500x, transparent yellow)   €10.00   LISTEN!   Only 3 copies left!
//ZOO + PETRA SCHELM split LP (ltd. 250x, insert)   €15.00   LISTEN! + LISTEN! + LISTEN!
2+2=5 Into The Future CD   €10.00
18:e OKTOBER Diskomaskin 2LP (ltd. 500x)   €19.00   LISTEN!
23rd UNDERPASS Real Life 2LP (321x, black vinyl)   €20.00   LISTEN!
23rd UNDERPASS Real Life DIGITAL (2LP version)   €8.00   BUY HERE!
23rd UNDERPASS Real Life (Extended Versions & Remixes) 2CD (500x, DigiPac)   €16.00   LISTEN!
23rd UNDERPASS Real Life (Extended Versions & Remixes) DIGITAL (2CD version)  €8.00   BUY HERE!
23rd UNDERPASS Real Life 2LP (black)+2CD bundle   €30.00   LISTEN! LISTEN!
77TM P.I.G. MLP (ltd. 300x, clear vinyl)   €14.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
77TM Spam MLP (ltd. 250x, A2 poster)   €14.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
(Remixes by Millimetric, The Horrorist, Das Kombinat)
A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS The Best Of CD   €14.00
A KIND OF GHOST Diseased LP (ltd. 300x, translucent red, insert)   €15.50   LISTEN
A NEW LIFE Heart To Heart (A Collection And More) CD   €11.00   LISTEN!
A NEW LIFE Fright Treasures MC (ltd. 50x)   €8.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
A TERRIBLE SPLENDOUR Poseurs CD (ltd. 500x)   €10.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
A TERRIBLE SPLENDOUR Poseurs LP (ltd. 300x, white vinyl, mp3 download card)   €16.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
A.T.R.O.X. Falls Of Time 2CD   €17.90
A.T.R.O.X. The Night's Remains LP   €14.50  LISTEN!
A.T.R.O.X. Water Tales LP   €14.50  LISTEN!
ABSENT MINDED Endless Pain CD   €10.00   LISTEN!
ABSENT MINDED Killer CDEP (ltd. 1000x, ELECTRIC THEATRE cover version!)   €8.00   LISTEN!
ABSENT MUSIC Absent EP 7" (ltd. 250x)   €9.00
ABSOLUTE BODY CONTROL Forbidden Games CD   €12.00   LISTEN!
ABSOLUTE BODY CONTROL Forbidden Games Pic-LP (ltd. 500x)   €22.50   LISTEN!
ABSOLUTE BODY CONTROL Wind[Re]Wind 2LP (ltd. 520x, 2nd ed. black vinyl)   €21.00
ADAM BERCES Jönökip / Death:Automatic 7"(ltd. 150x, insert)   8.00   LISTEN!
ADAM BERCES Posztapokaliptikus Almanach LP (ltd. 210x, red vinyl, printed inner sleeve, download code)   €16.50   LISTEN!
ADN' CKRYSTALL - COD-ADN' 7"+3"CDS+Poster (ltd. 450x)   €14.00
ADN' CKRYSTALL Forbidden: A Collection Of Works MC (ltd. 200x)   €7.80 
ADN' CKRYSTALL Jazz' Mad CD (ltd. 300x, six bonus tracks)   €14.00   LISTEN!
ADN' CKRYSTALL Méta-Bag LP (ltd. 300x, poster, last in the all-analogue synth trilogy Jazz'mad- Minilab-Méta-Bag)   €18.00
ADN' CKRYSTALL Minilab LP+7" (ltd. 108x, 2nd edition, now with A3 poster)   €16.66
ADN' CKRYSTALL Musique Atomique Sans Surveillance LP (ltd. 259x, purple haze vinyl, fold sleeve/printed innersleeve)   €16.90   LISTEN!
ADN' CKRYSTALL Orgasmatron(ic) LP (ltd. 500x, first 180 signed plus postcard)  €18.50
ADN' CKRYSTALL Regroupage 2LP+7"   €26.00   LISTEN!
ADN' CKRYSTALL Trilogie (1978-1988) 3x10"+7"EP Box   €50.00
ADN' CKRYSTALL + NINA BELIEF Rendez-vous/Never Marry A Musician 7"
(ltd. 200x)   €10.00
ADVANCED ART Archive 2CD   €16.00  LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
ADVANCED ART Darkhive (The Tape And Vinyl Years) LP (ltd. 200., black vinyl)   €23.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
AERIAL FX Same River Twice CD (ltd. 500x)   €13.90
AGA WILK Kosmos MLP (ltd. 300x)   €14.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
AGA WILK Moon 12"(ltd. 300x)   €14.00   LISTEN!
AGORA PHOBIA Tonight/Monument 7" (ltd. 200x, insert)   €9.65   LISTEN!   Only 2 copies left!
AIMLESS DEVICE Coats Of Many Colours CD (ltd. 600x)   €16.00   Only 1 copy left!

ALEXANDER ROBOTNIK Ce N'est Q'Un Début LP (3rd pressing, 160 g black vinyl)   €18.00
ALEXANDROS Data LP (ltd. 500x)   €15.00
ALGEBRA SUICIDE Feminine Squared LP+DVD (poster, booklet)   €19.00   LISTEN!
ALIVE SHE DIED Viva Voce + Unreleased Tracks 1984 - 86 LP (ltd. 350x, black vinyl, insert)   €18.00   LISTEN!
ALIVE SHE DIED Viva Voce + Unreleased Tracks 1984 - 86 LP (ltd. 350x, clear vinyl, insert)   
19.00    LISTEN!
ALL YOUR SISTERS Modern Failures LP (ltd. 200x, clear vinyl, insert, download card)   €18.50   LISTEN!
ALLES Culture CD   €13.00   LISTEN!
ALLES Culture LP   €17.00   LISTEN!
ALLES Post CD (ltd. 300x, 1 bonus track)   €12.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
ALLES Post LP (ltd. 500x, clear, lyrics sheet)   €16.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
ALLES Union 7" (ltd. 320x, UV varnish, dl code)   €8.50   LISTEN! + LISTEN!
ALLIANCE Zinner 10" (ltd. 200x)   €14.00   Only 2 copies left!
ALOA Aloa LP (ltd., 180g moss-green vinyl, insert)   €18.00   LISTEN!
ALPHA SEQUENZ Axial Equilibrium LP (ltd. 500x, exclusively signed by Rigeck)   €16.50
ALTRES Archives LP   €18.00   LISTEN!
ALVAR Guilt Kollektion CD  €13.90   LISTEN!
AMBROSE Spanish Boomerang 12"EP (ltd. 300x, download code)   €14.50    LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
AMGOD Half Rotten And Decayed (Limited Box Set) 3CD+DVD (ltd. 1999x)   €21.00   LISTEN!
AMPUTACIJA RUKE Svuda Oko Nas MC   €12.00   LISTEN!
ANDERS ENGE Tendgdahlsg Acid Master MLP   €11.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
ANDRÉ DE SAINT-OBIN Sound On Sound LP+CD   €16.00   LISTEN!
ANESTHETIC Void 7" (ltd. 150x, clear red vinyl, silk-screened sleeve, insert)   €11.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
ANGAUDLINN Stories From The Red Book LP (ltd. 300x, orange vinyl, insert)   €16.00  LISTEN!
ANOSPHERE Alien Skin/Epsilon Hunter (ltd. 100x, signed) 12"   €11.00   LISTEN!
ANOSPHERE Field Of Mutants CD (ltd. 300x, signed)   €10.00   LISTEN! + LISTEN!
ANOSPHERE Field Of Mutants CD (ltd. 300x, still sealed)   €10.00   LISTEN! + LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
ANOSPHERE Nation Of Love CD (ltd. 300x, signed)   €10.00   LISTEN! + LISTEN!
ANOSPHERE Nation Of Love CD (ltd. 300x, still sealed   €10.00   LISTEN! + LISTEN!  Only 1 copy left!
ANOSPHERE One And All CD (ltd. 300x, signed)   €10.00   LISTEN!
ANOSPHERE One And All CD (ltd. 300x, still sealed)   €10.00   LISTEN!  Only 1 copy left!
ANOSPHERE Timetraveller CD (ltd. 300x, signed)   €10.00   LISTEN! + LISTEN!
ANOSPHERE Timetraveller CD (ltd. 300x, still sealed)   €10.00   LISTEN! + LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
ANTI... Μουσικά ΑΝΤΙδοτα LP (ltd. 500x, bag, poster, booklet)   €17.00  LISTEN! + LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
ANTI... s/t LP (ltd. 500x, 3rd edition, black vinyl, inserts)   €15.00   LISTEN! + LISTEN!
ANTIGUO RÉGIMEN Política De Tierra Quemada LP (ltd. 500x, 2nd ed.)   €14.00  LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
ANTLER'S MULM Give And Take 7" (ltd. 250x, risograph printed sleeve)  €9.50   LISTEN!
ANYPOFOROI (Ανυπόφοροι) Η Ομίχλη / Ξέχασέ Το / 8 Φορές 7" (ltd. 500x, black vinyl   LISTEN!   €8.80   Only 1 copy left!
ART DIVISION Tears Of A New Dawn 7"   €8.00 
ARTIFICIAL ORGANS Memento Mori LP (ltd. 400x, 180 grams)   €18.00   LISTEN
ASH CODE Dry Your Eyes 7" (ltd. 300x, insert, download code)   €8.60   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
ASH CODE Oblivion CD (ltd. 1000x, 2nd ed., 3 bonus tracks)   €14.00   LISTEN!
ASH CODE Oblivion LP (download code, 1 bonus track)   €16.50   LISTEN!
ASH CODE Posthuman CD (ltd. 1000x)   €15.00   LISTEN!
ASTMA 600 Pounds Of Body 2CD   €20.00   LISTEN! + LISTEN!
ATOM CRISTAL & SATELLITE 1979-1985 LP (ltd. 500x, clear vinyl)   €16.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
ATMOSPHERE 0 2006-2003 CD   €12.00   Last copies!
ATTRITION Demonstro 1982-1985 CD (ltd. 300x)   €11.00   LISTEN!
ATTRITION Demonstro 1981-86 2LP+7" (membership edition)   €30.00
ATTRITION The Truth In Dark Corners CD   €11.00

AUS DECLINE Fluxion LP (ltd. 400x)   €13.50   LISTEN!
AUTOMELODI s/t CD   €13.50   Only 1 copy left!
AV Mort à Vegas 12"EP (ltd. 500x, download code)   €11.00   LISTEN!
AV Venus Bar 12"EP (ltd. 500x, clear red vinyl, download coupon)  €11.50   LISTEN! + LISTEN!
AVGVST Onlooker CD   €10.50   LISTEN
AVIADOR DRO (EL AVIADOR DRO Y SUS OBREROS ESPECIALIZADOS) Cromosomas Salvajes CD (ltd. 400x, poster booklet, 3 bonus tracks)   €12.50   LISTEN!
AVIADOR DRO (EL AVIADOR DRO Y SUS OBREROS ESPECIALIZADOS)  Cromosomas Salvajes LP (ltd. 400x, yellow vinyl, postcard, sticker, 2 bonus tracks)   €18.50   LISTEN!
AZURE BLUE Beyond The Dreams There's Infinite Doubt/Rule Of Thirds 2*LP   €19.00   LISTEN! + LISTEN!
AZURE BLUE Beyond The Dreams There's Infinite Doubt LP (ltd. 500x, maroon vinyl, downlode code)   €13.00    LISTEN!
BACIAMIBARTALI / WINTER LIGHT The Mournful Gloom CD   €13.00
BAL PARÉ Early Recordings LP (180g red vinyl)   €19.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
BAL PARÉ Ein Tag am Meer CD   €10.00
BAL PARÉ Sommerwind 10" (ltd. 500x)   €13.33   Only 1 copy left!
BAL PARÉ Taxi Zum Mond CD   €10.50   LISTEN! 
BELABORIS ...olipa kerran CD (including full LP plus 9 (!) bonus tracks)   €15.00   LISTEN! + LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
BELABORIS Once Upon A Time LP   €18.00    LISTEN!
BEN BLOODYGRAVE Tanz Den Firlefanz LP (ltd. 500x)   €15.00   LISTEN!
BENE GESSERIT A High, Happy, Perverse And Cynical Cry Of Joy CD (ltd. 500x)   €10.50
BENE GESSERIT First Time In Aachen CD
(ltd. 300x, in 7" sleeve)    €12.00
BENE GESSERIT Half-unreleased Madness LP
(ltd. 400x, inlay)   €16.50   Only 1 copy left!
BENE GESSERIT Still Insane After All These Years LP (ltd. 300x, black vinyl only)   €14.00  LISTEN!
BENE GESSERIT The Record Store Day EP 7"EP    (ltd. 150x, black sleeve)   €10.00  Only 2 copies left!
BEOGRAD TV 7"EP   New Price:   €5.00
BERLINER 6 BAHN Dark Nights Compilation Volume:One LP (ltd. 250x, 180g, two inserts, postcard)   €16.50   LISTEN!
BESTIAL MOUTHS / DEATHDAY A Split Release 12"EP (ltd. 500x, mp3 download card, insert)  €11.50   LISTEN!
BILL AND MURRAY A New Kind Of High CD (ltd. 300x)   €13.00   LISTEN!
BIRIZDO I AM Maybe Baby 12"EP (180 gr.)   €23.00   LISTEN!
BLABLARISM Agnostodynis LP (insert, download code)   €15.50   LISTEN!
BLACK DEVIL Disco Club MLP (ltd. 250x, black vinyl, 2 stickers, downlode code)   €25.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
BLACK EGG Legacy From A Cold World CD (ltd. 250x)   €12.50   LISTEN!
BLACK EGG Legacy From A Cold World LP+CD (ltd. 200x, 2nd ed., CD with 7 bonus tracks   €20.00   LISTEN!
BLACK EGG Melencolia LP+CD (Ltd. 300x, white vinyl, gtf, 6 CD bonus tracks)   €20.00   LISTEN!
BLACK ICE Sooner Or Later/After The Dawn 7" (ltd. 150x)   €11.00   Only 1 copy left!
BLACK MARBLE A Different Arrangement CD   €15.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
BLACK MARBLE A Different Arrangement LP   €16.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
BLACK PEOPLE Brain Wash 7"   €7.00
BLACK PEOPLE Isle Of The Dead MLP   €15.00  LISTEN!
BLACK TURTLENECK (SOLVENT side project) Musical Chairs CD   €14.00 
BLACKHOUSE Five Minutes After I Die CD (ltd. 200x, repress from 2013)   €13.00
BLACKHOUSE Hope Like A Candle CD (ltd. 150x, repress from 2013)   €13.00
BLACKHOUSE Live In Leipzig CD   €13.00 
BLACKHOUSE Live In Leipzig LP (ltd. 250x, black vinyl)   €18.00
BLIPBLOP Noll Fyra Arton LP   €17.00   LISTEN!
BLUE RUSSELL I Wanna Fly Away 12" (ltd. 100x, numbered, black vinyl)   €14.50   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
BLUE RUSSELL I Wanna Fly Away 12" (ltd. 100x, clear green marbled vinyl, signed postcard)   €16.00   LISTEN!
BLUE RUSSELL I Wanna Fly Away 12" (ltd. 100x, clear yellow vinyl, signed postcard)   €16.00   LISTEN!
BLUSH (/ ODYSSEY) Out Of This World MLP (ltd. 200x, black vinyl)   €18.00   LISTEN
BLUSH (/ ODYSSEY) Out Of This World MLP (ltd. 300x, cyan vinyl)   €18.00   LISTEN
BLUSH RESPONSE Body Architect 12"EP (ltd. 500x)   €9.00   LISTEN!
BODY 11 Youth LP (ltd., 180g milky clear vinyl, insert)   €17.00   LISTEN!
BONJOUR TRISTESSE On Not Knowing Who We Are LP   €14.50
BORGHESIA Clones LP   €18.00   Only 1 copy left!
BORGHESIA Ljubav Je Hladniija Od Smrti LP (ltd. 1000x, col. vinyl, poster sleeve)   €17.00
BORIS ZHIVAGO Love In Russia CD   14.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
BORIS ZHIVAGO Love In Russia LP (ltd. 250x)   25.00   LISTEN!
BORIS ZHIVAGO The Last Goodbye ‎CD (
Gold plated, 9 bonus tracks)   14.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
BOXBURY BEAT s/t CD   €13.00   LISTEN!
BOXBURY BEAT s/t LP   €17.00   LISTEN!
BRAD E. ROSE Future Lives (Synthesator Vol. 6) LP   €13.00   LISTEN!
BRANCHES Distance CD   €14.00  LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
BRANCHES Old Forgotten Places CD   €14.00  LISTEN!   Only 2 copies left!
BREATHING AGE A Place For Dreamers 1981-1982 LP (ltd. 250x, insert, dl code)   €18.50   LISTEN!
BRIGADE INTERNATIONALE Regard Extrême LP (ltd. 500x, inlay)   €15.00
BRIGADE ROSSE Tatort Neon 7" (ltd. 150x, red vinyl)   €15.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy back in!
BUZZ See You Sioux LP   €18.00
BUZZ KULL I Disappear / Goodbye Horses 7" (ltd. 330x)   €9.50   LISTEN!
C.O.M.A. s/t CD   €11.00   LISTEN!   Only 2 copies left!
CAMERA OBSCURA Horizons Of Suburbia (extended) CD (ltd. 500x)   €12.00
CAMERA OBSCURA Strange Faces / Moving The Mercury 7" (ltd. 400x, insert)   €6.00
CAMERA OBSCURA Strange Faces (2006) / Live In Hannover (2006) 7"+LP
(ltd. 500x, inserts)   €15.50
CANDIDATE Side By Side MLP (ltd. 300x, blue vinyl, download code)   €15.00   LISTEN!
CAPCAP Shards MC   €6.50   LISTEN!   Only 2 copies left!
CAPTAIN NOW / INFINITY NIGHT Radio Cosmos - Split Dimension 3 MLP   €11.50   LISTEN!
CAR CRASH SET Join The Car Crash Set CD (ltd. 200x, 7 bonus tracks)   €12.00   LISTEN!
CAR CRASH SET Join The Car Crash Set LP (ltd. 210x, 180g clear vinyl, insert/lyricsheet, postcard)   €15.00   LISTEN!   Only 3 copies left!
CARILLON DEL DOLORE / PETALI DEL CARIGLIONE Al Nostro Contempo 2CD   €19.00   Only 1 copy left!
CARMODY A Better Spider (1981-1985) CD
(ltd. 1000x, digipak, insert)   €14.00
CELLDÖD Pulsdisco MLP   €14.50   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
CHA CHA GUITRI   French Synth Wave St. Etienne - 1981 LP (booklet, download code)   €16.00   LISTEN!
CHAIN OF COMMAND Some Aspects 7"EP (ltd. 400x, insert, signed photo)   €7.90   Last copies!
CHARLES LINDBERGH N.E.V. Kartoffelmesser 7" (ltd. 150x, coloured vinyl, insert, dl code)   €6.50  LISTEN!
CHARLES LINDBERGH n.e.V. Märchenliebe 7" (ltd. 200x)   €7.00
CHARLES LINDBERGH n.e.V. Mal gucken ob's klappt (Live 2007) 7"EP
(ltd. 150x, col. vinyl, signed photo)   €6.50
CHARLES LINDBERGH N.E.V. Ueberall Ist Ueberall CD   €10.00   LISTEN!
CHEIRON Land After Life LP (ltd. 500x, printed innersleeve)   €16.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
CHINA China 12" (ltd. 100x, clear blue marbled vinyl)  €18.50   LISTEN!
CHRISMA Hibernation LP   €14.50
CHRISTOF GLOWALLA Erde 80 10" (ltd. 600x)   €16.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
CHROMAGAIN Any Colour We Liked (1981-1985) CD (ltd. 500x, digipak)   €14.00
CIELO No Futuro LP (500x, 180g, insert)   €16.00  LISTEN! + LISTEN! + LISTEN! + LISTEN!
CIRCUIT3 Siliconchipsuperstar LP+CD (ltd. 250x, 180g blue vinyl, lyrics inner sleeve, initial copies including 2 bonus CDrs, sticker)   €21.00   LISTEN!
CLAY PEDRINI New Dream 12" (ltd. 100x, numbered, black vinyl)   €14.50   LISTEN!
CLAY PEDRINI New Dream 12" (ltd. 100x, clear blue vinyl, signed postcard)   €16.00   LISTEN!
CLAY PEDRINI New Dream 12" (ltd. 100x, clear red vinyl, signed postcard)   €16.00   LISTEN!
CLOCKWORK ORANGE The Last Sensation (Sensation Boys) CD-EP   €13.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
CLOUDLAND CANYON An Arabesque LP (printed inner sleeve, insert, dl coupon)   €17.50   LISTEN!
CODACHROM Plastinka 10" (ltd. 500x)   €14.00   LISTEN!
COLD COMFORT Modern Crypts MC   €6.50   LISTEN!
COLD GREY RAIN Complexités Humaines EP MC (ltd. 100x)   €11.00   LISTEN!
COLD SHOWERS Plantlife 7"(ltd. 300x, white vinyl, dl code)   €8.00   LISTEN!
COLLATERAL Ctrl5/Ctrl3 12" (ltd. 300x, white vinyl)   €10.00   LISTEN!   Only 2 copies left!
COLLATERAL Dark EP 12"EP (ltd. 300x, mp3 download card)   €10.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
COLOUROID Amor Y Neon 7"   €7.00   Currently sold out!
COLOUROID Long Play LP   €15.00   LISTEN!
COMANDO SUZIE Chica Playmobil 7" (ltd. 250x)   €8.00  LISTEN!
COMPANY OF STATE Dance Remotion LP (ltd. 500x)   €16.00   LISTEN!
CONFIELD s/t LP   €14.00   LISTEN!
CONGRÈS DE VIENNE / SAISON FROIDE Figé Dans Le Marbre... LP (ltd. 300x, grey marbled)   €15.50   LISTEN
CONTAINER 90 Working Class League LP (ltd. 110x, insert)   €22.00
CONTREPOISON I Keep On Searching 12"EP (ltd. 500x, insert)   €12.00   LISTEN!
CONTREPOISON Until Next Morning 12"EP   €12.00   LISTEN!

COSMIC HULA RADIATORS s/t mLP (ltd. 222x, two inserts)   €15.80   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
CRASH (THIERRY MÜLLER & PHILIPPE DORAY) Pile Ou Face/Vaughan's Ballad 7"   €7.00
CROSSOVER Gloom CD   €10.00   LISTEN!
CROSSOVER Gloom LP (ltd. 275x, mp3 download card, insert)   €16.00   LISTEN!
CROSSOVER Gloom RMX's LP+CD (ltd. 100x)   €25.00
(Unison, //Tense//, Mater Suspiria Vision, ∆aimon, Mellow Grave, Ceremonial Dagger, Valls, War Wlvz, Peachblack, Drugs 4 Drunks, Drug Machine, Silver Strain, Crossover)
CULT CLUB Never Enough 12"EP (ltd. 350x, insert)   €13.90   LISTEN!
CULT CLUB Play With Lies LP (ltd. 350x, insert)   €17.00   LISTEN!
CULTURAL AMNESIA Enormous Savages Enlarged CD (ltd. 500x)   €14.50
CULTURAL AMNESIA Press My Hungry Button 2LP (ltd. 600x)   €21.00 
CULTURAL AMNESIA This Is Not Your Shape CDr (ltd. 100x in DVD box, booklet, badge, postcards, one bonus track)   €14.50
D.Z. LECTRIC & ANTHON SHIELD Lickin' LP   €21.00   LISTEN   Only 2 copies left!
DADA POGROM Kolophonium LP (ltd. 300x, turquoise vinyl, insert)   €17.00
DADA POGROM Watford Underground (ltd. 175x, insert) 7"   €8.50   LISTEN! LISTEN!
DALEK I Compass Kum'pas LP+7"Flexi  (ltd. 1000x, 180 grams pink vinyl)  €15.00   LISTEN!  Only 2 copies left!
DANIEL FAGERSTRÖM Beyond Interstitial Space (Synthesator Vol. 4) LP   €13.00   LISTEN!
DARK DAY Exterminating Angel LP   €17.00   Only 2 copies left!
DARK DAY Hands In The Dark 12"EP (insert)   €12.00   LISTEN!
DARK LIKE A RESTAURANT Sight 10" (ltd. 320x, silkscreened sleeve, insert)   €13.50   LISTEN!
DAS DING Triffid Farm / We Can Rebuild Him 7" (ltd. 300x)   €10.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
DAS M Ist das wirklich nötig? 10" (ltd. 333x, pink vinyl, booklet)   €15.00
DAS M Leidenschaft und Produktion LP (ltd. 500x, transparent vinyl)   €16.00
DAS M Vom Tanzboden in den Narrenturm LP (ltd. 300x, picture disc)   €15.50
DAVID SINFIELD / LEAGUE OF NATIONS Oblique Strategy / For A Moment / Music For The New Depression CD (ltd. 300x)   €12.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
DAYBED Preludes 12"EP   €10.50   Currently sold out!
DAYBED Weird Sailing LP (download code)   €17.00   LISTEN!
DDR Half A Man/Le Corbusier 7" (ltd. 150x, for Kraftwerk fans)   €11.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
DEATH DOMAIN Ethidium Bromide 7" (2nd ed.)   €7.50   LISTEN!
DEATHDAY s/t (ltd. 500x, grey marbled vinyl, mp3 download card, insert)   €16.00   LISTEN!
DECA Modulectron LP (ltd. 400x, insert)   €13.00   LISTEN!
DEGADA SAF No Inzro CD   €14.00
DEKATRON II s/t LP (ltd. 300x)   €14.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
DELAYSCAPE Morse Disco 2CD (ltd. 1000x, digipak)   €16.00
DENNER Nouvelle Bretagne LP (ltd. 300x, poster and free download code)   €16.00   Only 1 copy left!
DER NOIR A Certain Idea Of Love LP (ltd. 100x, 180g light blue vinyl, printed inner)   €17.50   LISTEN!
DER NOIR A Dead Summer CD   €11.00   LISTEN!
DER NOIR A Dead Summer LP (ltd. 250x, black vinyl)   €15.00   LISTEN!
DER NOIR A Dead Summer LP (ltd. 80x, white vinyl)   €19.00   LISTEN!
DER NOIR Il Mare D'Iverno 7"(ltd. 300x, insert)   €6.00   LISTEN!
DER NOIR Numeri E Figure CD   €12.00  LISTEN!
DER NOIR Numeri E Figure LP   €15.00  LISTEN!
DER PLAN Geri Reig LP   €17.00   LISTEN!
DER WERKPILOT / DIE WERKPILOTEN Living Through A Factory Dream / Wonderful World Of 2LP (ltd. 500x)   €25.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
DHARMA Plastic Doll 12" (ltd. 300x, black vinyl)   €13.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
DHARMA Plastic Doll 12" (ltd. 100x, red vinyl   €14.50   LISTEN!
DIE BUNKER Peut-être qu'il n'y a plus rien? (1983-1984) LP (ltd. 500x, insert)   €15.00
DIE GESUNDEN s/t LP (ltd. 650x, 180g baby pink vinyl, one bonus track)   €18.00   LISTEN!
DIE PERLEN / FUNKHAUSGRUPPE Nur tote Männer sind schön / Allein im Funkhaus 7" (ltd. 500x)   €6.50
DIE KAPAZITÄT Leichte Stimmen CD   €14.00
DIE SELEKTION Gottes Wille 7" (2n ed., ltd. 200x, black vinyl, download code)   €9.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out
DIE SELEKTION s/t CD (ltd. 999)   €12.00   Currently sold out!
DILEMMA Invisible Noise Hunters LP+7"EP (ltd. 500x, col. 7" vinyl, photo)   €17.90
DISCO VOLANTE No Motion 7" (ltd. 500x)   €10.00   LISTEN!
DISCODEATH s/t LP (ltd. 300x, translucent green)   €17.00   LISTEN   Currently sold out!
DISTEL Mrok / Regn 7" (ltd. 300x)   €7.50   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
DISTEL Nord 7" (download code)   €9.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
DISTORTED IMAGE s/t (ltd. 250x, clear vinyl, insert) 10"  €13.50    LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
DORIC Sleep Of Reason 10" (ltd. 300x, printed inner)   €13.50   LISTEN!
DORIC The Suspect/B-side Wonders 7" (330x)   €8.50   LISTEN! +  LISTEN! + LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
DOUBLE ECHO La Danza LP   €17.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
DOXA SINISTRA Newsflashes 2LP (ltd. 350x)   €16.50   Only 1 copy left!
DOXA SINISTRA Via Del Latte LP   €16.00
DR. C. STEIN Liège In The Spring 10" (ltd. 514x)   €14.00
DREAM DISCO Take Me Home 12"   €10.00   2 copies back in!
DRIFT Black Devotion MLP   €12.50   LISTEN!
DUNGEON ACID The Wait 12"EP   €11.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
DUO!!! s/t 7" (ltd. 150x)   €7.00
DUSK TO DAWN Remains LP (ltd. 320x)   €16.50   LISTEN!
E-MAN s/t LP (ltd. 500x)   €17.50   LISTEN!
EAST WALL 1984 LP (black vinyl)   €15.50   LISTEN!
EAST WALL 1984 LP (ltd. 100x, grey marbled vinyl)  €17.00   LISTEN!
ECHO WEST Echoes Of The West CD   €9.00
ECHO WEST In Pop We Trust CD   €9.00
ECHO WEST Pagan City Ghosts CD   €13.00
ECHO WEST Pagan City Gods CD (signed copy!)   €13.00   Only 1 copy left!
ECHO WEST Pagan City Gods CD   €13.00
EDMUNDY Astropsychics MLP (ltd. 500x)   €11.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
EDMUNDY Opal Eyes 12"EP
   €11.00   LISTEN!   Only 2 copies left!
EFFETTO JOULE Mechanical Soldier LP.  (ltd. 500x, green vinyl, insert, dl coupon)   €21.50  LISTEN!
EL GUERRILERO ROJO Manifiesto LP (ltd. 160x, black vinyl)   €17.00  LISTEN!
EL GUERRILERO ROJO Manifiesto LP (ltd. 105x, red vinyl)   €17.50  LISTEN!
EL ÚLTIMO VECINO s/t LP (ltd. 500x, download code)   €18.00  LISTEN!   Only 2 copies left!
EL ÚLTIMO VECINO s/t MC (ltd. 100x)   €8.50   LISTEN!   Only 2 copies left!
ELEMENT 104 East Side Of Heaven / The Shape Of Things 7" (ltd. 250x, insert)   €8.50
ELEVEN POND Bas Relief CD   €12.00
ELYZIUM FOR THE SLEEPLESS SOULS Everything Fades LP (ltd. 300x, white, vinyl)   €15.50   LISTEN   Only 1 copy left!
END YOUR GARDEN / DE MA VAERE BELGIERE Celebration / Er Det Tirsdag Ma Det Vaere Belgen MLP (ltd. 500x, insert)   €17.00
ENDE SHNEAFLIET Synthimental Love Songs LP (ltd. 325x, clear vinyl)   €13.50
ENDPHASE >I< MC (ltd. 100x, can be signed upon request)   €8.00   LISTEN!
ENEMA SYRINGE Mitt Livs Novell LP (ltd. 400x)   €13.00   LISTEN!
ENHÄNTA BÖDLAR Tot ist tot 7" (ltd. 250x)
   €7.50   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
ENHÄNTA BÖDLAR Akustik Böldpest LP (ltd. 300x
, lyrics sheet)   €13.00   LISTEN!
ENID FLEURETTE ET POUSSIERE Participer A Une Observation 7" (ltd. 206x, booklet)   €13.00   LISTEN!   Only 2 copies left!
ENSEMBLE PITTORESQUE For This Is Past LP+CD (ltd. 700x, stickers)   €22.00   Currently sold out!
ENZO KREFT Dark Matter LP (insert)   €21.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
EPIC DREAMS In The Cold Light Of Day CD (ltd. 500x, 6pp digipak)   €12.00   LISTEN
EPIC DREAMS Kein Paradies 7" (ltd. 150x, black vinyl, small hole)   €8.50  LISTEN!
EQUINOXIOUS Astros Prometidos 7"EP (ltd. 210x, white vinyl, insert)   €10.00   LISTEN! 
EQUINOXIOUS Cosmodromo LP (ltd. 325x)   €16.50   LISTEN!
ERA OF FEAR Μιζέρια / Πίσω Απ' Τους Τοίχους 7" (ltd. 500x, two stickers)   €8.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
ESPLENDOR GEOMÉTRICO Desarrollos Geométrico CD   €14.00   Currently sold out!
ESPLENDOR GEOMÉTRICO Desarrollos Geométrico LP (ltd. 700x, exclusive vinyl tracks)   €16.00   Only 1 copy left!
ESPLENDOR GEOMÉTRICO E.G. Box 2 6xCD Box   €70.00   Only 1 copy left!
ESPLENDOR GEOMÉTRICO El Acero Del Partido/Héroe Del Trabajo LP (ltd. 700x, insert)   €16.00   Currently sold out!
ETOLIE VIPE That's How It's Done CD (Gold plated) €14.00     LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
EUROP EUROP Much More Ordinary 7" (ltd. 200x)   €9.50   LISTEN!
EUROPA La Ultima Emocion LP (with tiny booklet) €17.00
EVENT Sequin 12" €20.00

EXCÈS NOCTURNE L'Echo Des Silences 12"EP (ltd. 500x)   €12.90   Only 1 copy left!
EXKURS Fakten sind Terror CD   €14.50

FABIO FRIZZI Paura Nella Città Dei Morti Viventi / City Of The Living Dead LP (ltd., clear vinyl, 2 posters)   €27.00   LISTEN!
FACTICE FACTORY ¡¡Nada!! CD   €13.00   LISTEN!  Currently sold out!
FACTICE FACTORY The White Days CD   €12.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
FALL OF SAIGON Untitled EP mLP   €15.00  LISTEN!
FANCY Shock And Show (30th Anniversary Edition) LP (180 gr.)   25.00   LISTEN!
FANZINE Llegas Tarde 7"EP (ltd. 520x, insert)   €9.00 
FAST FORWARD / JAMES HIMSELF Bye Bye Love / City Of Merchandise 7"   €12.00 (incl. a sleeve)
FATAL CASUALTIES Psalm LP (ltd. 300x, black vinyl)   €17.00   LISTEN!   Only 2 copies left!
FEMMINIELLI Double Invitation LP  (ltd. 500x, white vinyl, mp3 download card, insert)   €16.00   LISTEN!
FERDINAND CÄRCLASH Find Your Heart 10" (ltd. 300x)   €14.00   LISTEN!
FFFC Songs From The Lab 12"EP (ltd. 150x)   €15.00   LISTEN!
FIENDISH FIB Down In The Mine LP   €16.00
FIESE ART Blinde Kuh/Gemein sein 7"   €8.00
   Currently sold out!
FILE NOT FOUND Impulse CD   €13.50  Only 2 copies left!
FILM NOIR Never Ending Dream mLP+7" (ltd. 500x, insert, re-issue of 1986 album plus bonus 7")   €22.00   LISTEN!
FINAL PROGRAM Robots, Rockets, Radiation LP (250x, 2 postcards)   €15.00   LISTEN!
FINAL PROGRAM Robots, Rockets, Radiation LP (50x, T-Shirt (Anvil sustainable) with 3 prints, 3 postcards)   €25.00   LISTEN!
FIVE O'CLOCK TRAFFIC Aside From Dreams And Hallucinations LP (ltd. 300x, silkscreened sleeve, signed)   €13.00
FIVE O´CLOCK TRAFFIC Let Us Leave To The Machine What Belongs To The Machines MLP (ltd. 600x)   €13.00   LISTEN!
FLASH CERO 1988 CD (ltd. 300x, 8 bonus demo and live tracks)   €13.50   LISTEN!   Only 2 copies left!
FLASH CERO 1988 LP (ltd. 350x)   €17.00   LISTEN!
FLASH ZERO Conspiracy CD (ltd. 300x, dl code?)   €12.50   LISTEN!
FLASH ZERO Conspiracy LP (ltd. 250x, clear green vinyl, insert, sticker, dl code)   €17.50   LISTEN!
FLASHBACKS s/t LP (ltd. 303x, white vinyl, blue on white sleeve)   €17.50   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
FLESH GOLEM Untitled 7"   €7.00   Only 1 copy left!
FLESH UNITED Rebirth 7" (ltd. 150x, translucent pink, insert)   €9.00   LISTEN!   Only 3 copies left!
FLOORSHOW Son Of A Tape!   CD   €10.00   LISTEN!
FRAK Herkules 7" (ltd. 250x)   €7.50   LISTEN!
FRAK Realismo 12"EP   €11.00   LISTEN!
FRANCE Grand Tour 12"EP   €11.00   Only 2 copies left!
FRANK (JUST FRANK) Frères D'Armes CDr (ltd. 222x)   €9.50  LISTEN!    Only 1 copy left!
FRANK (JUST FRANK) The Brutal Wave CD   €13.50
FRANK ALPINE s/t MLP (free download code)   €14.00   Currently sold out!
FRED VENTURA & PHIL R A Life In Colors 12"EP (ltd. 100x, 180g coloured vinyl)   €13.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
FREDERIC MIRAGE Timemachine (1980) LP (ltd. 300x, black vinyl)   €17.00
FREDERIC MIRAGE Timemachine (1980) LP (ltd. 200x, blue vinyl)   €17.00
FRIGIDAIRE TANGO The Cock - The Original Demotape 1980 LP (ltd. 400x)     €13.00       LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
FRISCHE FARBE Die Stärke im Minimum 2*LP (1982, pre-EL DEUX, bonus LP, 180g)   €18.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
FROE CHAR Foreigner Skin MC (ltd. 100x, dl coupon)   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
FROE CHAR Fossils LP (ltd. 300x, grey vinyl)   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
FRÖHLICHE EISZEIT Im Luftschutzkeller, Im Büro, In Der Fabrik Und Zu Hause LP (ltd. 300x, 180g neon orange vinyl, recorded 1979-1983)   €16.00   Currently sold out!
FROZEN DUCKS s/t LP (ltd. 500x, insert)   €16.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
FUNERARIA VERGARA Después De Un Día Antes LP (ltd. 350x, 180g, die-cut sleeve)   €18.00   LISTEN!
FUTILITY Forward/Deluge 7"   €7.00   Only 1 copy left!
FUTILITY Zero / Gaz And Spike Sum 7"   €8.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
FUTURE Stay Behind EP CDr (ltd. 80x)   LISTEN!   €10.00   Only 2 copies left!
FUTURE COMMUTER Solitude 7" €10.00   LISTEN!
FUTURE COMMUTER Telepathic Waitress 7"EP (ltd. 150x, insert)   €9.00   LISTEN!
(feat. members from All The Madmen, Nine Circles, Red Fetish, The Games, The Glass Memorial, Treeline, Twins Natalia)
GARBO Ge Mig En Natt 7" (very rare original Swedish 7" from 1986)   €20.00   LISTEN!
GARY BLANCHARD Original Soundtrack LP (ltd. 350x, insert).  €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
GAY CAT PARK Synthetic Woman LP (2nd ed, 160g clear vinyl)   €16.50   LISTEN!
GD LUXXE Vendetta MCD   €6.50
GEN KEN MONTGOMERY Postcards 1981-1986 2LP (ltd. 500x)   €25.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
GENEVA JACUZZI Technophelia LP (180g white vinyl, insert)   €t.b.a.    LISTEN!
GEOMETRIC VISION Dream CD (ltd. 500x, 2nd ed.)   €14.00  LISTEN!   Only 2 copies left!
GEOMETRIC VISION Virtual Analog Tears CD (ltd. 500x)   €14.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
GEORGIE D. s/t LP (ltd. 100x)   €20.00
GERHARD HEINZ Library Music LP   €15.90   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
GERMAN ARMY Jivaro Witnesses LP (ltd. 300x, 180g)   €14.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
GHOST ACTOR Unfold MLP (ltd. 300x, white vinyl, insert, download code)   €17.00   LISTEN!   Only 2 copies left!
GLENN WINTER Bruna Hundars Död MC (ltd. 200x)   €7.80
GOLD ZEBRA s/t (white vinyl) LP   €18.50    LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
GOLD ZEBRA s/t CD   €12.00    LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
GOZ MONGO ALLIANCE Passion Of Decay LP (ltd. 300x, insert)   €13.00   LISTEN!
GRAHAM PHILIP D'ANCEY The Sacred Project 12"EP (ltd. 500x, white vinyl)   €17.50   Only 1 copy left!
GRAUZONE 1980-1982 2CD   €21.00   Currently sold out!
GROUP A 70 + a LP (ltd. 500x, silk-screened sleeve, insert, sticker)   €16.00   LISTEN!
GRUPO Q Back Up LP (ltd. 320x, printed innersleeve)   €17.00   LISTEN!
GUERRE ÉCLAIR /DEADLY NIGHTSHADES split 7" (ltd. 300x, insert)   €8.00
HANDFUL OF SNOWDROPS Land Of The Damned: 25th Anniversary Edition LP (ltd. 250x, insert)   €19.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
HANDFUL OF SNOWDROPS Land Of The Damned: 25th Anniversary Edition LP (ltd. 250x, insert)   €19.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
HANDFUL OF SNOWDROPS Unreleased & Demos 1984-1986: 25th Anniversary Edition LP (ltd. 250x, insert)   €19.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
HANTE. No Hard Feelings CD-r (ltd. 300x)   €9.00   LISTEN!
HANTE. No Hard Feelings 12" (ltd. 500x, white vinyl)   €16.50   LISTEN!
HANTE. This Fog That Never Ends LP (ltd. 300x, blue vinyl, dl coupon)   €17.00   LISTEN!
HAPAX Stream Of Consciousness CD (ltd. 500x)   €12.00   LISTEN!   Only 2 copies left!
HENRIK N BJÖRKK Tyglad Best (Synthesator Vol. 1) LP (ltd. 500x)   €13.00   LISTEN!
HERMANN KOPP Under A Demon's Mask CD   €15.00 
HERTZINFARKT Stell lauter CD   €11.00   Currently sold out!
HIDDEN AGENDA More Decisions CD   €13.50
HIDDEN PLACE Retrospettiva 2004-2014 CD (ltd. 200x)   €12.00   LISTEN!   Only 2 copies left!
HIDDEN PLACE Retrospettiva: Volume Two CD (ltd. 200x)   €13.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
HORD ep #2 7"EP (ltd. 200x, black vinyl, dl card incl. 4 bonus tracks)   €10.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
HORD Focus On Light LP (dl coupon)   €16.00   LISTEN!
HORIS PERIDERAIO (Χωρίς Περιδέραιο, Without NecklaceΆνωση (Levitation/The Color And The Form) 2*7"(ltd. 500x, postcard)   €16.00   LISTEN!
HORIS PERIDERAIO (Χωρίς Περιδέραιο, Without Necklace) Χορός Για Μουσική
 LP (ltd. 500x, 2nd edition, clear vinyl, insert, card)   €16.00   LISTEN! + LISTEN!
HUMAN FLESH Second-hand Emotions And Half-forgotten Feelings LP (ltd. 500x)   €16.50   Only 1 copy left!
HUMINOIDA A/B 7" (ltd. 300x, clear vinyl, signed)   €4.00   LISTEN!
HUMINOIDA Intoxicating Spring 10"+CDr (ltd. 200x, clear vinyl)   €9.00   LISTEN!
HUMINOIDA Loves You 7"(ltd. 300x, fold-out sleeve)   €4.00   LISTEN!
HUMINOIDA Mystic Summer 10"+CDr (ltd. 200x, clear vinyl)   €9.00   LISTEN!
HUMINOIDA s/t 7"(ltd. 300x, single-side, etched b-side)   €5.00   Only 1 copy left!
HUMINOIDA Whiter Album CD   €10.00   LISTEN!
HUMINOIDA Whiter Album 2LP+CD (180g white vinyl, gtf., poster, pics)   €20.00   LISTEN!
HUNTING LODGE Shadows Out Of Time 3xLP+7" Box (ltd. 600x)   €58.00
HYBOID Aliens Ate My Synthesizer MLP (ltd. 80x, clear vinyl, alien slime cover (has dried by now))   €21.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
HYBOID Terrör Of The Universe 2x12" (ltd. 350x, black vinyl, dl coupon)   €21.50   LISTEN!
I SATELLITE Bubbleboy Remixes MLP (ltd. 500x, transparent blue vinyl)   €6.00
ICH WOLLTE, ICH KÖNNTE At The Gate 7"EP (ltd. 366x, golden vinyl, inserts)   €11.00
ILLUSTRATION SONORE Undisciplined Strips Of Emotions LP (ltd. 650x, 180g clear vinyl)   €18.00   LISTEN!   Only 2 copies left!
IM NAMEN DES VOLKES Aus Den Anti-Imperialistischen Tagebüchern CD (ltd. 300x)   €12.00   LISTEN!
IM NAMEN DES VOLKES Klassenklobbe 7" (ltd. 200x)   €8.80
IM NAMEN DES VOLKES Volksmusik CD   €13.00   Only 2 copies left!
IM NAMEN DES VOLKES Volksmusik LP   €16.00   
Currently sold out!
IMIAFAN + DARIO SEREVAL Against The Walls MLP (ltd. 300x, download code)   €16.00   LISTEN!
IMIAFAN Légy A Falon 12"EP (320x)   €8.00   LISTEN!
(Remixes: Alien Skull Paint, Marc Houle, Tetra Plok, Atomzero, Do16!)
IMIAFAN (feat. Veronica Vasicka) Epidémia/Someone Else 12"EP (250x, poster)   €9.00  LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
(Remixes: Makina Girgir, keen K, Beta Evers, Sneak Thief)
IMIAFAN Neurozone mLP (ltd. 274x)   €14.00
IN AETERNAM VALE s/t LP   €22.00   Only 2 copies left!
INFORMATICS Dance To A Dangerous Beat LP   €16.50   LISTEN!
INOX KAPELL Werkschoh (1982-2011) 2LP (ltd. 400x, 180 grams vinyls)   €22.00   Only 1 copy left!
INTELLIGENCE DEPT. Sleeping City (1984/85) CD (ltd. 500x, digipak)   €14.00
INTELLIGENCE DEPT. Live 'Sleeping City Party' DVD (ltd. 100x, in metal box, awesome live gig Oct. 31, 2012 in Ferrara, Italy)   €12.00   LISTEN! + WATCH! + WATCH!
INTERACCION Extensión De Los Significados LP (ltd. 350x, fanzine, insert, 180 grams)   €18.00
INTO THE MIST s/t CD   €11.00   LISTEN!   Only 2 copies left!
INTOLERANCE s/t LP (ltd. 200x, black vinyl)   €13.00   LISTEN!
IRON CURTAIN Artifact LP (ltd. 350x)   €18.90
IRON CURTAIN Desertion 1982-1988 CD
(ltd. 500x)   €15.00   Currently sold out!
IRON CURTAIN Like A Family / Telephone 7" (ltd. 200x, blue vinyl)   €10.00   Only 1 copy left!
ITALOBOX My Dream CDEP   €8.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
JACKET WEATHER When Shadows Move LP (ltd. 400x)   €13.00   LISTEN!
JAN SVENSSON Pogrom LP (ltd. 300x, insert)   €13.00   LISTEN!
JEFF AND JANE HUDSON Flesh CD   €13.00      Currently sold out!
JEMEK JEMOWIT Zemsta LP (ltd. 300x, sticker)   €14.50   Currently sold out!
JESSE RUINS A Film LP (ltd. 300x, clear blue vinyl, download coupon)  €16.00   LISTEN!
JEWELS OF THE NILE Pleasure LP (ltd. 300x, transparent blue vinyl, mp3 download card, insert)   €16.00   LISTEN!   Only 3 copies left!
JO - JO Mind Games 12"(ltd. 200x, black vinyl)   €13.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
JO - JO Mind Games 12"(ltd. 100x, blue vinyl)   €14.50   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
JO - JO Mind Games 12"(ltd. 100x, red vinyl)   €14.50   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
JOEL BRINDEFALK The Cripple (Synthesator Vol. 2) LP (ltd. 500x)   €13.00   LISTEN!
JOHNNY BOY Modern Idol LP   €10.00   LISTEN
JONAS PALM De-compositions LP (ltd. 300x)   €13.00   LISTEN!
JONAS RÖRBECKER Vaktparaden/Lägerfeld 7" (original 1983 Swedish minimal synth vinyl, Konkurs Records S 001)   €15.00
JOY BEFORE THE STORM Silence Ever After LP (ltd. 320x)   €18.50   LISTEN!
JUNE Dominion LP   €15.00  LISTEN!   Only 2 copies left!
KAA ANTILOPE VPRO Radionome MLP   €15.00
KANKAN Always Changing Trains 2LP (ltd. 160x, white vinyl)   €21.00   LISTEN!   Only 3 copies available!
KARL KUBLER / RAISON FUTURE split LP (ltd. 700x)   €13.50   Only 2 copies left!
KAVAL Sky Of Mirrors LP (ltd. 300x, silkscreened sleeve)   €14.50   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
KEEN K / INFINITY NIGHT Radio Cosmos - Split Dimension 1 MLP (ltd. 250x, blue vinyl)   €11.00   LISTEN!
KEEN K / INFINITY NIGHT Radio Cosmos - Split Dimension 2 MLP (ltd. 300x, blue vinyl)   €11.00   LISTEN!
KEFALAIO 24 / CHAPTER 24 (ΚΕΦΑΛΑΙΟ 24) Μέρες Αργίας (Meres Argias) LP (ltd. 321x)   €15.00   LISTEN! +  LISTEN!
KÉPESLAP Power And Darkness 12"EP (ltd. 300x, white vinyl)   €9.90   Only 1 copy left!
KEVIN LAZAR Mutant Generation 1982-83 LP   €16.00   Only very few copies!
KFACTOR Ghastly Monolith 2CD   €20.00 LISTEN! + LISTEN!
KINDER AUS ASBEST System Fail 7" (ltd. 222x, Anna's copies come signed!)   €7.90   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
KINDEST LINES Covered in Dust LP   €14.90
KINDEST LINES Covered in Dust CD   €13.00
KINDEST LINES Destructive Paths To Live Happily 7"   €7.50
   Only 2 copies left!
KIRLIAN CAMERA Blue Room 12" (ltd. 200x, black vinyl)   €13.50   LISTEN! 
KIRLIAN CAMERA Kirlian Camera LP (ltd. 100x, black vinyl)   €14.50   LISTEN!
KIRLIAN CAMERA Edges 12" (ltd. 300x, black vinyl)    €13.50   LISTEN!
KLINE COMA XERO s/t LP (ltd. 650x, coloured vinyl, download code)   €18.80   LISTEN!
KLINISCH SAUBER Kommerz Krieg Mond 7"EP (ltd. 150x, black vinyl, re-issue)   €25.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
KLOOT PER W Playback With A Switch - A Cassette Anthology 1978-1982 LP   €17.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
KLOOT PER W Sex Wars EP 7" (ltd. 250x, insert)   €9.00   LISTEN! + LISTEN!
KOBAN Abject Obsessions CD (ltd. 200x Digipak)   €11.00   LISTEN!
KOBAN Abject Obsessions LP (printed inner sleeve)   €14.00   LISTEN!
KOBAN Vide 12"EP (ltd. 300x, black vinyl, download code)   €14.50  LISTEN!
KOFE (Кофе) Balance (Баланс) CD (ltd. 500x)   €12.50   LISTEN!
KONDENS Tird 12"EP (ltd. 329x)   €11.00   LISTEN!
KONSTRUKTIVISTS Flowmotion 1981/1982 2LP (ltd. 600x)   €22.00
KORD Absence Of Fear MLP (ltd. 400x)   €11.00   LISTEN!
KORD Digital Dance 12" (ltd. 200x, insert)   €8.50
KORD I Play My Flute 7" (ltd. 250x)   €7.50   Only 2 copies left!
KORD Soviet Stars MLP (ltd. 300x)   €13.00   LISTEN!   Only 2 copies left!
KORD (featuring ANNIE GYLLING) We Live In This 12"EP (ltd. 200x, black vinyl)   €15.00   LISTEN! + LISTEN! + LISTEN! + LISTEN!
KRIISTAL ANN Cultural Bleeding CD (ltd. 500x)   €13.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
KREMLYN Rutinas 10" (ltd. 320x, silkscreened sleeve, insert)   €15.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
KUBO The Desolation/Das Klub 7" (ltd. 200x)   €8.90   LISTEN!
KURUKI TV Scape LP (ltd. 500x)   €16.50
KÜNSTLER TREU Treutronics '81 7"EP (ltd. 500x, hand-made sleeve)   €7.90
L'AVENIR Étoiles LP (ltd. 300x, dl code incl. 3 bonus tracks)   €16.00   LISTEN!
LAKES Blood Of The Grove LP   €13.50   LISTEN
LANCE DIBBLEE Shock (Synthesator Vol. 5) LP   €13.00   LISTEN!
LAND OF GIANTS Cannibal Dolls / Seven Men LP (ltd. 200x, black vinyl)   €22.00   LISTEN!
LAND OF GIANTS Cannibal Dolls / Seven Men LP (ltd. 100x, white vinyl)   €23.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
LASSIGUE BENDTHAUS Matter 2CD (ltd. 500x, 10 bonus tracks)   €15.00   LISTEN!
LAUGH CLOWN LAUGH s/t LP (ltd. 650x, 180g translucent orange vinyl, insert)   €18.00   LISTEN!   Only 2 copies left!
LAURAPALMER s/t MLP (ltd. 300x, aka Tiff Lion/Tying Tiffany)   €16.00   LISTEN!
(Remixes by Soft Metals, Montana, Supersimmetria)
LE CLICHÉ Consumer Behaviour LP (ltd.650x, white vinyl, insert)   €19.00   LISTEN!    Currently sold out!
LE CLICHÉ The Product Is You LP (ltd. 180x, clear red vinyl, printed inner, insert, dl coupon)   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
LEBANON HANOVER Babes Of The 80s 12" (ltd. 1000x)   €14.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
LEBANON HANOVER Besides The Abyss CD (1 bonus track)   €12.50   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
LEBANON HANOVER Besides The Abyss LP (ltd. 1000x, insert, download code)   €16.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
LEBANON HANOVER The World Is getting Colder CD (ltd. 1000x, 2nd ed.)   €12.50   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
LEBANON HANOVER The World Is getting Colder LP (ltd. 2nd ed., clear vinyl, download code, poster)   €16.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
LEBANON HANOVER Tomb For Two CD (ltd. 1000x)   €12.50   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
LEBANON HANOVER Why Not Just Be Solo CD (ltd. 1000x)   €12.50   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
LEBANON HANOVER Why Not Just Be Solo LP (ltd. 2nd ed., download code)   €16.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
LED ER EST Dust On Common CD   €14.50
LED ER EST The Diver CD   €16.00   Currently sold out!
LEGION En Tusendel Av Tiden CD   €15.00
LES INVALIDES Au Revoir 1978-1981 LP (ltd. 200x, black vinyl)   €17.00   LISTEN    Currently sold out!
LES MULTIPRICES Facade 7" (ltd. 150x)   €8.50
LIGNE D'HIVER Für Immer MLP   €13.50

   Only 1 copy left!
LIMBO Early Works (1984-1987) 2CD   €18.00
   Currently sold out!
LINEA VIENESA Remando En La Volga LP (ltd. 250x, dossier, two cards)   €18.00
LINEAR MOVEMENT The Linear Way LP (ltd. 999x, 180 gr. pink vinyl)   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
LISFRANK Elevator LP (red vinyl)   €16.50
LISFRANK Mask Rewind (plus four bonustracks) CD (ltd. 300x)   €12.50   LISTEN!
LITTLE NEMO Past And Future LP (ltd. 500x, letterpress sleeve)   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!   1 copy left!
LOS MICROWAVES Life After Breakfast LP+DVD (booklet)   €19.00   LISTEN!   Only 2 copies left!
LOU CHAMPAGNE SYSTEM No Visible Means LP   €20.00   LISTEN!
LOUI$ Magic Dance 12" (ltd. 300x, black vinyl)   €13.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
LOUI$ Magic Dance 12" (ltd. 100x, pink vinyl)   €14.50   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
LOUI$ Magic Dance 12" (ltd. 100x, white vinyl)   €14.50   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
LOW FACTOR Seizures On A Battleground LP   €14.00   LISTEN!
LOW RED CENTER Momentary Switch 7" (ltd. 200x, individual sleeves)   €6.90   Only 2 copies left!
LOWER SYNTH DEPT. Plaster Mould LP   €17.00   Only 1 copy left!
LOWFISH 1000 Corrections Per Minute CD   €14.00 
LOWFISH Burn The Lights Out CD   €12.00
LOWFISH Fear Not The Snow And Other Lo-fiing Objects CD   €14.00   Only 3 copies left!
LOWFISH Frozen & Broken CD   €15.00
LOWFISH Hello Tinnitus/ A little Thing Gets By 7"
(signed by Gregory De Rocher)   €8.80
LOWFISH Maintain The Tension 12"EP   €9.00
LOWFISH Maintain The Tension MCD   €9.00
LOWFISH Memories Are Uncertain Friends CD
(ltd. 250x, signed by Gregory De Rocher)   €13.00
LOWFISH / SOLVENT Now We are Dead 12"EP (ltd. 400x)   €10.00
LUC VAN ACKER VPRO Radionome MLP (ltd. 520x)   €15.00   Only 1 copy left!
LUKE EARGOGGLE Train To Illusion 12"EP (ltd. 300x)   €11.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
LUMINANCE Sans Visage LP (ltd. 500x, printed inner)   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
LUMINANCE The Cold Rush LP (ltd. 228x, black lagoon vinyl, insert)   €18.00   LISTEN!
LUMINANCE The Light Is Ours EP MC (ltd. 300x, download code)   €8.00   LISTEN!
LUST FOR YOUTH Growing Seeds CD (ltd. 300x, five bonustracks)   €11.00   LISTEN!   Only 2 copies left!
LUST FOR YOUTH Growing Seeds LP   €13.50  Only 2 copies left!
LUST FOR YOUTH Solar Flare CD   €11.00   LISTEN!
LUST FOR YOUTH / WAR The Glass House Etiquette 7"  €7.00   Only 2 copies left!
M.A.L. The M.A.L. Tapes LP (membership edition)   €16.00
M!R!M Heaven LP  (ltd. 500x, printed inner, download code)   €15.50   LISTEN!
MAGIC DE SPELL A Body In A Snare (ltd. 200x, black vinyl, inserts)   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
MAGIC DE SPELL A Body In A Snare (ltd. 200x, red vinyl, inserts)   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
MAGIC DE SPELL Kiss The Mirror (ltd. 150x, black vinyl, inserts)   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
MAGIC DE SPELL Kiss The Mirror (ltd. 150x, clear vinyl, inserts)   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
MÄNGELEXEMPLAR Heim und Garten LP (ltd. 300x, green vinyl, insert)   €17.00
MALCOM AND THE BAD GIRLS Shoot Me 12" (ltd. 200x, black vinyl)   €12.50   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
MALCOM AND THE BAD GIRLS Shoot Me 12" (ltd. 100x, clear red vinyl)   €14.50   LISTEN! 
MAN WITHOUT WORLD And Then It Ends MC (ltd. 100x, download code)   €7.00   LISTEN!
MARK LANE Inner Most Fold MCD (signed by Mark Lane)  €8.00
MARK LANE Love Is So Aggravating (signed by Mark Lane)  7"   €20.00   Only 2 copies left!
MARK LANE Shadow Merger (signed by Mark Lane)  MCD  €8.00
MARK LANE The Anti-Tech Testament 1981-1985 (signed by Mark Lane) 2CD  €14.00
MARK LANE When The Night Is Cruel 2LP
(ltd. 600x)   €23.23   Currently sold out!
MARTIAL CANTEREL Austerton LP (ltd. 1000x, re-issue, insert)   €16.00   LISTEN!  
MARTIAL CANTEREL Gyors, Lassú LP (ltd.)   €18.50   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
MARTIAL CANTEREL Navigations II LP (180 g)   €19.50   LISTEN!
MARTIAL CANTEREL Navigations III LP (180 g)   €19.50   LISTEN!
MARTIAL CANTEREL Navigations I-III 3xLP (180 g, triple gatefold)   €42.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
MARTIAL CANTEREL / SILENT SIGNALS Views Beyond The City Walls CD   €14.00   Currently sold out!
MASSENDEFECT Sicht der Dinge 7" (ltd. 200x)   €8.50
MATT CARLSON/JASON ANDERSON Dissosiative Synthesis (Synthesator Vol. 3) LP (ltd. 500x)   €13.00   LISTEN!
MEDDICINE / VISION FORTUNE split LP (insert, download code)   €13.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
MERCI LA NUIT s/t mLP   €12.00   LISTEN!
MESH Cenotaph 2LP (ltd. 265x)   €21.50   LISTEN!
MESSIERS BRICOLAGE Toolbox LP (ltd. 300x, col vinyl, silk screened sleeve, insert)   €17.00   LISTEN!
METRO DECAY Σκιές Σκιές (Skies)/Κειμήλια (Keemilia) 7" (ltd. 800x, insert)   €8.50
MICK MILK Half Lives LP+7" (ltd. ed, incl. 180g white vinyl, printed innersleeves, poster, postcard)   €18.88
MICK MILK Wait For Go! (ltd. 250x, postcard) 7"EP    €6.66    LISTEN!
MICRO CHEVAL s/t MC (ltd. 100x)   €6.00   Only 1 copy left!
MITRA MITRA s/t MC (ltd. 100x, dl coupon)    €t.b.a.   LISTEN!  Last copy on hold!
MIXED FEELINGS Remnants LP (ltd. 650x, 180g splatter vinyl)   €19.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
MKM Ad Astra Per Aspera LP (ltd. 200x)   €15.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
MODERN ART Circuit Lights (1982-1986) LP (ltd. 350x, 2nd. edition, blue die-cut sleeve, printed inner sleeve)   €19.00   LISTEN!
MODERN BOOTS Boulevard Of My Dreams CD   14.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
MODERN DELUSION Days Of Us LP (silkscreened grey sleeve, lyrics poster)   €13.00   LISTEN!   Only 3 copies left!
MODERN DELUSION Days Of Us LP (silkscreened red sleeve, lyrics poster)   €13.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
MODERN DELUSION Wasteland MC (ltd. 200x, Doomtown Records version, red cover and tape, ltd. 86x)   €6.50   LISTEN!
MODERN DELUSION / CHRESUS JIST s/t 7" (lyricsheet)   €6.50   LISTEN!
MODERN WITCH Babylon LP (ltd. 300x, insert)   €16.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
MODERN WITCH Hollywood LP (ltd. 260x, insert)   €15.50   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
MODURETIK Jizvy Minulosti MC (ltd.)   €7.70   LISTEN!
MODURETIK Ty/Ja 7" (ltd. 150x)   €8.50
MONOPOL Weltweit LP (ltd. 650x, 180 grams, insert)   €18.00   LISTEN!
MONOWELT Rückschau LP (ltd. 150x, black vinyl, dl code)   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
MONOWELT Rückschau LP (ltd. 155x, clear vinyl, dl code)   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
MONSTER APPARAT Apparat! 10" (ltd. 250)   €18.00   LISTEN!
MONUMENTS XVII CD (ltd. 200x, 2nd edition)   €12.00   LISTEN!
MORROWYELLOW My Colours: 1985/88 LP (ltd. 400x)   €13.50   LISTEN!
MORTIFICATION TO THE FLESH Le Trésor Maudit CD (ltd. 600x)   €9.00   Only 1 copy left!
MULTIPLE MAN Persuasion 12"EP (ltd. 500x)   €13.00   LISTEN!   Only 2 copies left!
MUSHY Breathless CD (ltd. 500x)   €11.00   LISTEN!   Only 2 copies left!
MUSHY Breathless LP (ltd. 300x, 2nd ed. grey vinyl)   €14.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
MUSHY / MEDDICINE split mLP   €14.50   LISTEN! +  LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
MUSUMECI Schwarz Morgen/Zusammen LP (ltd. 300x)   €15.00   LISTEN!
MYNATIONSHIT Malevolent Charmer LP   €15.00   LISTEN!
MYNATIONSHIT Struck Down By Faith MLP (ltd. 220x)   €13.50   LISTEN!
N.O.I.A. The Sound Of Love EP / Released And Unreleased Classics 1983-87 CD   €10.00
N.O.I.A. The Rule To Survive 12" (red vinyl)   €14.50   LISTEN!
NAGAMATZU Igniting The Corpse LP (translucent red vinyl, download code)   €15.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
NAGAMATZU Sacred Island Of The Mad LP (ltd. 500x, fanzine, two cards)   €18.50
NAO KATAFUCHI Émergence LP (ltd. 360x, 180g, printed inner, soft touch outer)   € 15.00   LISTEN!
NATTEFROST Different Stages LP (180 g clear vinyl, gtf.)   €17.00   LISTEN!
NATTEFROST Futurized LP (180 g, gtf.)   €17.00   LISTEN!
NATTEFROST Homeland LP (180 g golden vinyl, gtf.)   €17.00   LISTEN!
NATTEFROST (VARIOUS ARTISTS) 20 Years Of Nattefrost 2CD   €16.00   LISTEN!
(Remixes by Telex, The Silicon Scientist, Sonnenbrandt, The Heather Grove, Deutsche Bank, Timescape, Mythos, Nomatisan, Grimm Limbo, Hertzinfarkt, Electric Enemy, Dithmar, Current, Signey Lime, JonTeknik, ...)
NATURAL ASSEMBLY Arms Of Departure MLP   €12.00   LISTEN!
NATURAL ASSEMBLY Torn From Eternity 7"(ltd. 300x)   €12.00
NEAR PARIS s/t LP (ltd. 650x, 180g blood vinyl, insert)   €18.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
NEON Crimes Of Passion CD   €13.50   Currently sold out!
NEON Dark Age / Last Chance 12" (ltd. 500x)   €11.50
NEON Informations Of Death 12"EP (ltd. 300x, graphite marbled vinyl 100x)   €20.00   Only 1 copy available!
NEON My Blues Is You 12" (ltd. 500x)   €11.50
NEON Oscillator CD (ltd. 1000x)   €14.00
NEON Red Light / Sister Shadow 12" (ltd. 500x)   €11.50
NEON Rituals CD   €11.00
NEON Rituals LP   €14.50
NEON Tapes Of Darkness 12"EP (ltd. 150x, black vinyl)   €14.50   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
NEON Tapes Of Darkness 12"EP (ltd. 100x, red vinyl)   €16.00   LISTEN!   Only 3 copies left!
NEON Tapes Of Darkness 12"EP (ltd. 100x, RSD Electric blue edition)  €16.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
NEONCOIL Non-stop Electronic Cabaret CD (signed)   €14.00
NEUE KRANKENSCHEINE Der Dicke Peter (1984) 7"EP (ltd. 200x, metallic sleeve with silk screened print, orange vinyl, inserts)   €9.00   LISTEN!
NEUE STRASSEN Landschaften und Maschinen MC (ltd. 100x)   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
NEVA Untitled 12" Picture Disc (ltd. 500x)   €11.00   LISTEN
NEW SHINY THINGS Changing Colors 7"EP (ltd. 400x, insert, photo)   €7.90
NIMAM SPREGLEDA No Future MLP (ltd. 300x)   €11.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
NINE CIRCLES Alice LP (insert, poster, sticker, 2 postcards)   €15.90   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
NINE CIRCLES How About The Aims In Life/Your Heart Burns My Mask 7"(Anna's copies are signed by Lidia The Rose)   €8.00
NITON DECAY Cage LP (ltd. 300x, lyricsheet)   €16.00  LISTEN!
NITON DECAY Chronic Haze CD (ltd. 200x)   €11.00   LISTEN!
NITZER EBB Live At Markthalle 2LP (ltd. 400x, transparent vinyl)   €29.90
NITZER EBB Basic Pain Procedure LP (ltd. 600x)   €19.90
NJURMÄNNEN Masters 1992 LP (ltd. 500x)   €13.00   LISTEN!
NO UNAUTHORIZED Invasion LP (ltd. 200x, insert, standard edition - no figurine)   €15.50   LISTEN!    Only 2 copies left!
NOBLESSE OBLIGE En Evig Väntan LP (ltd. 250x, inserts, cards, photos)   €16.00  LISTEN!
NOSTALGIE ÉTERNELLE Notre Début CD (ltd. 600x)   €9.00
NOSZTALGIA DIREKTÍVA s/t 7" (ltd. 300x)   €9.50   LISTEN!   Only 2 copies left!
NOT ONLY BONES Axel Romain LP (ltd. 150x, black vinyl, insert)   €16.50   LISTEN!
NOT ONLY BONES Axel Romain LP (ltd. 150x, clear vinyl, insert)   €17.50   LISTEN!
NOTHING. EXISTED No Future EP MC (ltd. 100x)   €11.00   LISTEN!
(Remixes by A V G V S T, In Death It Ends, Hante)
NOUVELLE PHENOMENE Glory Of Romance CD (ltd. 500x)   €13.00   LISTEN! 
NULL AND VOID Happiness And Contempt b/w Montage Morte LP (ltd. 650x, coloured vinyl, download code)   €18.80  LISTEN!   Only 2 copies left!
NUMERO UNO Uno (Tora Tora Tora) CD (4 bonus tracks)    €12.00   LISTEN!
NUN s/t LP (printed innersleeve)   €15.00  LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
NUVO WEST s/t LP (incl. "Scary" LP (1983) + "Twankin'" MC (1984) LP (ltd. 500x)   €13.00   LISTEN! 
O VEUX s/t 2LP (ltd. 300x)   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
OBJECT Mechanisms Of Faith 2CD   €16.90   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
ODESSA s/t (ltd. 300x)   €9.00   LISTEN   Currently sold out!
ODOS 55 (ΟΔΟΣ 55) 7" (ltd. 700x, insert)   €8.50   LISTEN!
ΟΔΟΣ 55 (ODOS 55) s/t LP (ltd. 500x, postcard)   €23.00  LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
OGI s/t LP   €17.50   LISTEN!
OHAMA Earth History Multiambient 2CD+MP3 Album (ltd. 1030x, excl. signed card)    €18.90   Currently sold out!
OLGA VOSKONYAN Автомобили 5"x7" Postcard format Flexi Disc   €5.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
OMD (ORCHESTRAL MANOEUVRES IN THE DARK) Architecture & Morality CD   €15.00
OMD (ORCHESTRAL MANOEUVRES IN THE DARK) Peel Sessions 1979-83 CD   €15.00

OPERA MULTI STEEL La Légende Dorée CD   €15.00
OPERA MULTI STEEL MCMLXXXIII-MCMLXXVII K7-Tapes Archives 3LP+Booklet+T-shirt (membership edition)   €60.00
OPERA MULTI STEEL Mélancolie En Prose CD   €14.50   LISTEN! + WATCH!
OPERA MULTI STEEL Parachèvement de l'Esquisse 2CD (comes in transparent sleeve, not original plastic tray)   €16.00
OPERATION BLUE EYES The Sound Of Breaking Glass MLP   €16.00   LISTEN!   Only 2 copies left!
OPPENHEIMER MKII Another Nightmare 7" (ltd. 300x, insert)   €8.00   LISTEN!
OPPENHEIMER ANALYSIS Science/Washington 10"   €11.00
OPPENHEIMER MKII The Presence Of The Abnormal CD  €14.90
ÓRBITA SIDERAL Sueño Intergaláctico LP (ltd. 300x, clear vinyl, insert)   €16.00   LISTEN!
ORGAN Nekrofiilis CD   €15.00
ORGANIC Empty Century CD (ltd. 500x)   €12.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
ORPHAN SWORDS Risk In A New Age 12"EP (ltd. 300x, blue vinyl)   €11.00   LISTEN!
ORTROTASCE s/t LP (ltd.)   €15.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
ORTROTASCE Words Unrelated 7"(ltd. 250x)   €7.00   LISTEN!
OTO Purge An Urge LP (ltd. 300x, orange vinyl, download code)   €16.00   LISTEN!
OUT OF LIMBO Cold Stars 12"EP (ltd. 300x, black vinyl)   €12.50   LISTEN!
OUT OF LIMBO Cold Stars 12"EP (ltd. 100x, grey vinyl)   €15.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
PA TRONIC Ute Pa Vift LP (ltd. 300x, printed inner sleeve, postcard)   €15.00   LISTEN!
PALAIS DES BAUZARDS In The Grassfield LP (ltd. 500x, printed innersleeve)   €17.00   LISTEN!   Only 2 copies left!
PÂLE Blue Agents LP+CD (ltd. 500x)   €17.50   Only 1 copy left!
PALE TV Penitenziali LP   €14.50   Only 1 copy left!
PALMER Computer Guy 12" (ltd. 250x, orange vinyl)   €17.00   LISTEN!
PARADE GROUND A Room With A View CD (ltd. 300x)   €13.00   LISTEN!
PARADE GROUND A Room With A View LP (ltd. 200x, black vinyl)   €18.00   LISTEN!
PARADE GROUND The Golden Years LP   €16.50   Currently sold out!
PARADOX OBSCUR Anacrusis LP (ltd. 300x, lyrics inner sleeve)   €16.50   LISTEN! 
PARADOX OBSCUR s/t CD (ltd. 200x)   €11.50   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
PASCAL COMELADE Back to Schizo (1975-1983) CD   €15.00
PASSION PLAY The Final Act CD   11.00   LISTEN!
PASSION POLKA Obsessions ep 12"EP (180 grams vinyl, A3 poster)   €9.99
PASTFUTURES / SINE CITY Different Places MC (Ltd. 120x)   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
PAUL CHAMBERS Stations / Absorptions LP+CD (ltd. 500x, 180g red+black flamed vinyl, DIN A2 poster, postcard, exclusive CD tracks)   €19.00
PAUL KELDAY One Dimensional LP (ltd. 300x)   €13.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
PAUL NELSON Vortex LP (ltd. 650x, 180g opaque white vinyl)   €18.00   LISTEN! 
PAUL NOVA Melancholy Heaven LP   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
PEINE PERDUE Disparitions LP (180g blue vinyl)   19.00   LISTEN!
PELOTONE s/t LP   €17.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
PEOPLE OF NOTHING s/t LP (ltd. 200x, download code)   LISTEN!   €16.00
PERRALOBO Grita Cuando Te Quemes LP (ltd. 500x, insert)   €13.50   LISTEN!
PERSON:A Matters LP (ltd., black vinyl, download code)   €17.00   LISTEN!
PESTEG DRED Years of Struggle Against Lies, the Stupidity and the Cowardice LP (ltd. 500x, inserts)   €16.50
PHILIPPE LAURENT Cassettes LP (ltd. 500x, tracks from 1980-1985)   €15.50   LISTEN!      Currently sold out!
PHILIPPE LAURENT Mithra 12" (ltd. 500x, grey vinyl)   €16.00
PINK INDUSTRY Low Technology CD (ltd. 1000x)   €14.00   Currently sold out!
PINK INDUSTRY New Naked Technology (2010 Remasters) CD   €14.00   Only 1 copy left!
PINK TURNS BLUE Storm Rider 7"   €7.00   LISTEN! + LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
PLANET Att Lämna Allt För Inget LP (ltd. 300x)   €16.00
PLASTIC DOLLS The End 2*7"(ltd. 500x. insert, postcard)   €16.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
PLASTIC FLOWERS Strange Neighbors 7"   €7.50   Currently sold out!
PLASTIC PLANET Hard Working People LP (2nd ed.)   €16.00
POEME ELECTRONIQUE The Echoes Fade CD (ltd. 500x)   €14.00
PLAY Red Movies LP (ltd. 650x, 180g blue+red vinyl)   €18.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
POEME ELECTRONIQUE Don't Run/Let There Be Neon 7"EP (ltd. 200x, insert, first copies with badge)   €8.50   LISTEN!   Only 2 copies left!
POEME ELECTRONIQUE The Echoes Fade (2007) 7" (ltd. 127x, 2nd ed., now with postcard)   €6.66
POEME ELECTRONIQUE The Echoes Fade CD (ltd. 500x, insert)   €14.00
POEME ELECTRONIQUE She's An Image/Rubber Dollies 7"   €6.00
POETICA GROTESQUE s/t LP (ltd. 200x, 3 inserts, 2 cards)   €16.00   LISTEN! + LISTEN!
POLAR PRAXIS Music For Fireworks LP   €17.00   Only 1 copy left!
POLÍGONO HINDÚ ASTRAL - 00110010 LP (ltd. 300x, 180g)   €14.00   LISTEN!
POLYDROID Machines Of Pure And Loving Grace carbon-CDr (ltd. 150x)   €11.50   LISTEN!
POLYPHONIC SIZE Earlier / Later LP (ltd. 999x, translucent red 180 gram vinyl)   €21.00   LISTEN
PORTION CONTROL Unrest In The Grime LP+CD   €16.50
PORTABLE MORLA Confront The World MC (ltd. 100x, dl coupon)   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
POST INDUSTRIAL NOISE The Official Anthology LP (180g gold vinyl)   €19.00   LISTEN!   Only 3 copies left!
PROJECT:KOMAKINO The Struggle For Utopia CD
(four CD bonus tracks)   €12.00
PROJECT:KOMAKINO The Struggle For Utopia LP (ltd. 300x, white vinyl)   €16.00    LISTEN!
   Only 1 copy left!
PROXIES Groovin' Over Beirut 2LP (ltd. approx 300x, 6 unreleased tracks)   € 20.00  LISTEN!
PROXIES Groovin' Over Beirut CD (ltd. 200x, 6 unreleased tracks)   € 10.00   LISTEN!
PSEUDOCODE Europa CD   €13.50
PSEUDOCODE Slaughter In A Tiny Place 2LP
(ltd. 600x)   €19.90
(ltd. 250x)   €9.50
PSYCHE The Influence (ltd. 1000x, 23rd Anniversary Edition) CD   €9.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out
PUCE MOMENT s/t 2LP (ltd. 500x, white vinyl, poster, download coupon)  €19.00   LISTEN!
PURE GROUND Giftgarten CD   €12.00   LISTEN!
PURE GROUND Giftgarten LP (ltd. 300x, inner sleeve)   €14.50   LISTEN!
PURE GROUND Standard Of Living LP (Avant! edition, ltd. 300x, printed innersleeve)   €15.50   LISTEN!
PURE GROUND The Arsonist / And So Remain 7" (ltd. 350x, black vinyl)   €9.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
PYRROLINE Beyond The Horizon CD   €12.50   LISTEN!
PYRROLINE Ruins Outlast CD   €12.90   LISTEN!
Q4U Best Of CD (ltd. 500x)   €14.00   LISTEN!
Q4U Q1 Deluxe Edition 1980-1983 LP (poster)   €17.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
QEK JUNIOR Druschba LP (ltd. 320x, 180g, insert, special sleeve)   €16.00   Only 2 copies left!
QUAL Sable CD (ltd. 300x, digipak)   €12.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
QUAL Sable LP (lyric sheet, download code)   €15.50   LISTEN!   Only 2 copies left!
RASPUTEEN Minimal Scheissegal 7"EP (ltd. 300x, insert)   €8.00
RATIONAL YOUTH Coboloid Race / I Want To See The Light 2011 CDEP   €9.00   LISTEN + LISTEN   Currently sold out!
RATIONAL YOUTH Cold War Night Life CD (Original EMI Canada edition)   €14.50   Only 2 copies left!
RATIONAL YOUTH Future Past Tense 10"(ltd. 300x, black vinyl)   €16.50   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
RATIONAL YOUTH Live 1983 2CD   €15.00
RATIONAL YOUTH Live Ottawa 1983 MC (ltd. 50x, download coupon, signed by Tracy and Kevin)   €15.00   LISTEN   Currently sold out!
RATIONAL YOUTH Live Ottawa 1983 MC (ltd. 20x, download coupon)   €12.50   LISTEN   Only 1 copy left!
RATIONAL YOUTH Live Winnipeg 1983 MC (ltd. 50x, download coupon, signed by Tracy and Kevin)   €15.00   LISTEN + LISTEN   Currently sold out!
RATIONAL YOUTH Live Winnipeg 1983 MC (ltd. 20x, download coupon)   €12.50   LISTEN + LISTEN   Only 2 copies left!
RATIONAL YOUTH Magic Box CD   €15.00
RATIONAL YOUTH Magic Box / Live 1983 3CD (ltd. 390x)   €25.00   Only 1 copy left!
RATIONAL YOUTH To The Goddess Electricity CD   €14.00 
RBE (RAUDIVE BUNKER EXPERIMENT) Falling/The Message Is Received 7" (ltd. 500x)   €7.00
RBE (RAUDIVE BUNKER EXPERIMENT) s/t 2LP (ltd. 500x, 180 grams vinyl, postcards)   €22.00
RED FETISH A Derangement Of Synapses LP (180g coloured vinyl)   €19.00   LISTEN!
RED FETISH Cardinal Synth LP (ltd. 300x, 160 grams red translucent vinyl, printed inner)   €14.00   LISTEN! + LISTEN!
RED FETISH The Future Is Now In Your Hands 7"EP (red vinyl, postcard, gloss sleeve)   €5.00
RED VIOLET RED Relaxed In Upstate Rain LP (ltd. 400x, 180 grams vinyl, gtf.)   €15.00
RED WEDDING Anthology 1981-1985 LP   €13.50   LISTEN! + LISTEN!
REHEARSED DREAMS Anthology 1983-1985 2LP (ltd. 345x, gtf.)   €22.50   LISTEN!
RELATIVE KÄLTE Neonlicht 7" (ltd. 150x)   €8.50
RENDEZ-VOUS Distance MLP   €13.50   LISTEN!
REPLICANTI Electric Mistress MC-EP (ltd. 100x)  €8.00  LISTEN   Only 2 copies left!
REPLICANTI Smoke Mistress MC   €t.b.a.   LISTEN
RESCUE 1 Movie Viewers MLP (incl. 4D glasses)   €15.00
RESEAU D'OMBRES Ireos LP (ltd. 300x, poster, 2 postcards) LP   €16.00   LISTEN! + LISTEN!
RICHARD BONE Brave Sketches 2LP (ltd. 300, red vinyl)   €27.90   LISTEN!   Only 2 copies left!
RICHARD BONE Emerging Melodies CDr (made on demand)   €10.00
RICHARD BONE Obtuse Tantrums 7"EP   €9.00   LISTEN!
RICHARD BONE Untold Tales (1979-1985) CD (ltd. 500x)   €18.00   Only 2 copies left!
ROBERT MARLOW The Peter Pan Effect CD (out of print)   €18.00   Only 2 copies left!
ROBERT TURMAN Way Down LP (180g clear vinyl)   €14.50   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
ROBERTO AUSER Faceless Future MLP (ltd. 250x, silk screened sleeve)  €18.00   LISTEN!
ROBERTO DONATI Mangiati Vivi! / Eaten Alive! (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) LP (ltd. 250x, blue vinyl, insert)   €33.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
ROLADEX Anthems For The Micro-Age LP (ltd. 650x, 180 g clear blue vinyl, insert)   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
ROLLERSKATE SKINNY Shoulder Voices LP   €19.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
ROSSETTI'S COMPASS My Beloved CDr (ltd. 100x, signed by Mark Warner, Per Aksel Lundgreen and Martin Bowes)   €8.50
RUTH & MUSHY Polaroid/Roman/Photo/Remix 12"EP (ltd. 600x, download code)   €12.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
S. ENGLISH Fugitive LP (ltd. 300x, clear vinyl, download code)   €16.00   LISTEN!   Only 2 copies left!
S/HE (NORA BELOW & DIRK IVENS) Who Do You Love CD-EP   €9.00   LISTEN!
SALLY DIGE Forget Me/Losing You 7" (ltd. 300x, insert, download card)   €8.90  LISTEN! + LISTEN   Currently sold out!
SAM DE LA ROSA Chameleon 12"(ltd. 300x, LED ER EST member)   €13.00   LISTEN!
SANDRA PLAYS ELECTRONICS Her Needs 7" (ltd. 999x)   €11.00   LISTEN!
SARALUNDEN Suggestive Boy 12"EP (ltd. 200x)   €15.00   LISTEN
SARALUNDEN vs TOBIAS BERNSTRUP Fat Boy EP 12"EP   €10.00   Only 1 copy left!
SARIN Current Conflict 12"EP (ltd. 500x)   €9.00   LISTEN!
SAVAGE Tonight CD (4 bonus tracks)   €12.00  LISTEN!
SCARLET ARCHITECT Eternal Return LP+CD   €17.50   Currently sold out!
SCATTERED ORDER Prat Culture Plus CD   €14.50   Only 2 copies left!
SCHONWALD Between Parallel Lights CD   €13.00   LISTEN!
SCHONWALD Dream For The Fall CD (ltd., digipak)   €13.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
SCHONWALD Dream For The Fall LP (ltd., download code)   €17.00   LISTEN!   Only 2 copies left!
SCHWEFELGELB Dahinter das Gesicht 12" (ltd. 500x)   €9.00   LISTEN!
SCHWELLKÖRPER Liebe, Triebe, Diebe, Hiebe 7"EP   €8.50
SCORTILLA Fahrenheit 451 LP (ltd. 400x, insert, card)   €13.00   LISTEN!
SECOND DECAY Taste 2LP (ltd. 500x, clear green, vinyl, five 4-track demos, four remixes)   €25.90
SECRET LIFE Nineteen Eighty Four LP   €18.00
SECRET LIFE Nineteen Eighty Four CD   €15.00   Only 2 copies left!

SECTION 25 Invicta Max 10" (ltd. 400x, clear vinyl)   €14.00   Only 1 copy left!
SELOFAN (Σελοφάν) Στο Σκοτάδι (In The Darkness) CD (one bonus track!)   €15.00   LISTEN!   Only 2 copies left!
SELOFAN (Σελοφάν) Στο Σκοτάδι (In The Darkness) LP (ltd. 500x, inner sleeve, dl code)   €18.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
SELOFAN (Σελοφάν) Behind The Dunes/Tristesse 7"(ltd. 500x, download code)   €9.00   Currently sold out!
SELOFAN Tristesse LP (ltd. 500x, download code)   €16.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
SELOFAN Verboten CD (ltd. 500x, 7 bonus tracks)   €13.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
SELOFAN Verboten LP (ltd. 500x, download code, original release on Fabrika)   €16.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
SENSITIVE Driving 12" (ltd. 100x, pink vinyl)   €16.00   Only 1 copy left!
SENSITIVE Driving 12" (ltd. 100x, RSD yellow vinyl edition  €16.00   LISTEN!
SENSITIVE Give Me / Don't Stop 12" (ltd. 300x, black vinyl)   €14.50   LISTEN!
SENSITIVE Give Me / Don't Stop 12" (ltd. 100x, clear blue vinyl)   €16.00   LISTEN!
SENTIONAUT Planet Noa LP (ltd. 320x, blue clear vinyl, dl coupon)   €16.00   LISTEN!
SEPÜLCHRE INC. Celebration/Resurrection 7"   €8.00   Only 1 copy left!
SÉPTIMO SELLO Vuelo 747 LP (ltd. 320x)   €17.50
SEQUENCER PEOPLE Live At Roscoe Louie 10"(ltd. 400x, silk screened)   €13.50   LISTEN
SERGIO FERRARESI Galaxi (ltd. 200x, yellow translucent vinyl) LP   €17.00   LISTEN!
 (ltd. 300x, black vinyl) LP  €17.00   LISTEN!
SEVERED HEADS City Slab Horror LP (ltd. 1000x, 180g coloured vinyl, download code)   €18.80   LISTEN!
SEVERED HEADS Since The Accident LP (ltd. 1000x, 180g coloured vinyl, download code)   €18.80   LISTEN!
SEVERED HEADS Stretcher - USA Stetched Version 2LP (ltd. 650x, gatefold sleeve)   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
SHATOO A True Story CD (ltd. 600x, gold plated, originally from 1987, 3 bonus tracks)   14.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
SHE PAST AWAY Belirdi Gece CD (2nd ed.)   €12.50   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
SHE PAST AWAY Belirdi Gece LP (ltd. 500x, 3rd ed.)    €15.50   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
SHE PAST AWAY Narin Yalnızlık LP  (incl. lyrics sheet)   €16.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
SIC Thought Noises LP (lyric sheet insert)   €18.00   Only 2 copies left!
(ltd. 300x)   €15.50
SILENT DIANE Riverside 7" (ltd. 300x, lilac vinyl)   €10.00   Only 1 copy left!
SILENT EM Case Unclear 7"   €7.00   LISTEN!   Only 2 copies left!
SILENT EM Citadel 7" (ltd. 500x)   €9.00   LISTEN!
SILENT SIGNALS Supernova Space Party LP (ltd. 303x, coloured vinyl)   €17.00   LISTEN!
SILENT SIGNALS Tracking The Black Hole LP (ltd. 313x)   €16.00   Only 2 copies left!
SIMONA BUJA Passing Masks / Still Close 12" (ltd. 200x, black vinyl)   €13.50   LISTEN! 
SINE CITY Such A Fragile Thing We Are LP (lyrics inner sleeve)   €16.00   LISTEN!
SKANFROM Hand-picked Fragments CD   €15.00
SKANFROM Postcards CD (3 bonus tracks)   €14.00    LISTEN!
SLEEP MUSEUM Underground Manoeuvres 7"EP (ltd. 400x, insert)   €4.00 
SLEEP MUSEUM White Like Summer Sutures LP (ltd. 400x, gatefold, A2 poster, postcard)   €14.00   LISTEN!
SMERSH Cassette Pets 2LP   €23.50   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
SOFT METALS Lenses Remixes LP (ltd. 450x, col. vinyl, dl code)   €18.00   LISTEN!
(Remixes by Silent Servant, Tying Tiffany, Jesse Ruins, Bryan Zentz, Marbeya Sound, Sumergido, L-Sedition, Bestial Mouths)
SOLITUDE FX sfx LP (300x, lyric sheet)   €16.00   LISTEN!   Last copies!
SOLITUDE FX Synthesizer Session I MC (ltd. 100x)   €10.00   LISTEN!
SOLITUDE FX Synthesizer Session X MC (ltd. 100x)   €10.00   LISTEN!
SOLITUDE FX Two Lovers MC (ltd. 70x, 3 inserts)   €10.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
SOLOLUST Total Loss/Sight Shuffle 7"   €9.00
SOLVENT Apples & Synthesisers CD (back in, signed copies)   €13.50   Only 2 copies left!
SOLVENT Elevators And Oscillators CD (back in, signed copies)   €13.50   Only 2 copies left!
SOLVENT Loss For Words 7" (signed copies)   €6.50
SOLVENT RDJCS5-ep 12"EP (signed copies)   €14.00
   Only 3 copies left!
SOLVENT Subject To Shift CD (signed copies)   €14.90

SOMMET s/t CD   €10.00   LISTEN!
SOMMET s/t LP (ltd. 200x, insert, download code)   €17.50   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
SOMNAMBULIST Withered Land LP   €18.00
SON OF SAM The Collapse Of Ancient Funk Vol. 1 12"EP (ltd. 350x, insert, download code with bonus track)   €16.00   LISTEN!   Only 2 copies left!
SON OF SAM The Collapse Of Ancient Funk (Vol. 2) 12"EP (ltd. 350x, insert, download code with bonus track)   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
SONNENBRANDT Komm, wir gehn nach Hollywood 7" (ltd. 300x)   €6.50   Only 2 copies left!

SONNENBRANDT Urlaubsgruß mit Sonnenbrandt 7"EP (ltd. 350x, orange vinyl, insert, sand and swim cap)   €15.00   Only 1 copy left!
SOPHYA Words & Sounds LP (incl. free download code)   €14.00
SOUND & VISION Golden Years MC (ltd. 75x, dl code)   €8.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
SPACE KNIGHT Space Alert/ Starline 7" (ltd. 300x)   €7.50   LISTEN!
SPATIAL RELATION Beyond The Zero LP (ltd. 300x)   €16.50   LISTEN!
SPATIAL RELATION Thoughtcrime MC (ltd. 100x)   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
SPOON FAZER Bam Boo EP 7"EP (ltd. 333x, insert, signed photo)   €7.90   Last copies!
SSLEEPING DESIRESS A Voice 7"   €7.00   LISTEN!   Only 3 copies left!
SSLEEPING DESIRESS s/t LP (ltd. 300x)   €16.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
STACCATO DU MAL Labios Trémulos LP+7" (ltd. 200x, dried leaves)   €26.00
STACKS Voices LP (ltd. 300x)   €13.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
STALTRAD Kunskap Utan Vetskap MC (ltd. 100x, signed copy)   €15.00   Only 1 copy left!
STALTRAD s/t LP (ltd. 270x, 180 g, silk-screened sleeve - rusty edition, insert)   €18.00   LISTEN!
STALTRAD Toner Fran Det Stora Alvaret MC (ltd. 100x)   €10.00   LISTEN!
STARCLUSTER AND MARC ALMOND Silver City Ride LP (ltd. 400 black vinyl, gtf., dl coupon)   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
STARCLUSTER AND MARC ALMOND Silver City Ride LP (ltd. 100 blue vinyl, gtf., dl coupon)   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
STARTER s/t LP   €18.00
STEFAN BIERI Reminiscence Vol. 1 2CD (ltd. 300x, signed)   €13.00   LISTEN!
STEFAN BIERI Reminiscence Vol. 2 2CD
 (ltd. 300x, signed)   €13.00
STEREO Somewhere In The Night CD
(ltd. 999x, poster)   €16.00
STÖRUNG Induction - The Enochian Remix CDEP   €7.00   Only 2 copies left
STÖRUNG This Is Future LP+CD (ltd. 700x, stickers)   €22.00   Currently sold out!
STRAHLENZENTRUM Zentralautomatik 10" (ltd. 200x, white vinyl)   €14.50
STRANGER STATION Cynthia/Casey/Magic Carpet 7"   €6.00
(ltd. 500x, postcard)   €14.00   Only 6 copies left!
STATUES IN MOTION s/t - 30th Anniversary Edition LP (ltd. 325x)   €16.00   LISTEN!
STEEL MIND Boss Man 12" (ltd. 200x, black vinyl)   €14.50   LISTEN!
STEEL MIND Boss Man 12" (ltd. 100x, marbled yellow vinyl)   €16.00   LISTEN!
STEREO Back To Somewhere... CD (signed by Thierry Noritop)   €13.00   LISTEN!
STEREO Back To Somewhere... LP (signed by Thierry Noritop)   €19.00   LISTEN!
STRESS Conspiracy Theory LP   €18.00   Only 1 copy left!
STRESS The Big Wheel CD (7 bonus tracks!)   €11.00   LISTEN!   Only 2 copies left!
STRESS The Big Wheel LP (ltd. 150x, black vinyl, 2 bonus tracks)   €16.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
STRUBE JACKSON Just A Dream 7"   €10.80   LISTEN!
SUB MURIS Honesty/Open Doors MCDr   €6.50
SUBJECT / HUMAN DANCE The (Almost) Insanely Happy EP 7"   €9.90
SUDETEN CRECHE The Remix EP CDEP (ltd. 500x)   €7.50   LISTEN!   Only 2 copies left!
(Remixed by TECHNOMANCER / ANGSTPOP (Per Aksel Lundgreen),"My Beloved" originally by SOLITUDE FX)
SUDETEN CRECHE The Remix EP MLP (ltd. 300x)   €11.90   LISTEN!   Only 3 copies left!
(Remixed by TECHNOMANCER / ANGSTPOP (Per Aksel Lundgreen), "My Beloved" originally by SOLITUDE FX)
SUDETEN CRECHE Wounds 7"EP (ltd., insert)   €5.00
SUICIDE BOOTH Aura EP 12"EP (black vinyl)   €10.00
SUNEATERS Cosmic Insight, Baby (Part One) 10" (ltd. 347x, golden vinyl)   €15.00
SUZANNE CIANI Buchla Concerts 1975 LP   €22.00   LISTEN!
SWEDIT feat RICHARD FLOW Lost And Found (incl. 23RD UNDERPASS remixes) 12"EP (ltd. 75x of 250x, signed, poster)   €14.00   LISTEN!
SYMPATHY NERVOUS Plastic Love LP (180g white vinyl)   €22.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
SYNTETISAATTORIORKESTERI GALAKSI Pimeää Energiaa EP 12"EP (ltd., short story insert)   €12.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
SYNTHS VERSUS ME ⩤ 1987 ⩥ 12"EP (ltd. 300x, sticker)   €15.00   LISTEN!
(Remixes by Dirk Da Davo (The Neon Judgement), Boy Harsher)
SYSTEM 56 s/t LP (ltd. 400x)   €13.00   LISTEN!SYSTEM LILIPUTT Harpa LP (inserts)   €17.00
T.V. SOVIETICA Maquetas Y Demos 1983-1984 LP (ltd. 320x)   €16.50   LISTEN!
TASTE OF DECAY 1984-1986 CD   €14.40
TATA TECHNIKK Bláskertel Flakka 7" (ltd. 300x, insert)   €8.50
TAXIDERMIA MENTAL s/t LP (ltd. 220x, insert)   €16.50  LISTEN!
TEAR!DOWN Clouds Cover The Sun 2CD   €15.90   LISTEN! + LISTEN!   Only 2 copies left!
TECHNOQUAKE You Say I said/Trust In Me 7"   €8.00
TEKNOSPRAY (pre-CARMODY & MONUMENTS!) God In Land LP (ltd. 200x, black vinyl)   €14.50
TEKNOSPRAY (pre-CARMODY & MONUMENTS!) God In Land LP (ltd. 75x, red vinyl)   €16.00
TELEVISION SET Normal Day 12"   €8.00
TELEVISION SET / OTHERS IN CONVERSATION November Session 7"   €7.00   Only 2 copies back in!
TEMPERS Services CD (ltd. 999x)   €12.00   LISTEN!
TEMPERS Services LP (ltd. 500x, black vinyl, dl code)   €18.00   LISTEN!
TERMINAL La Vida Es Como Un Gel LP (ltd. 200x, poster)   €18.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
TERMINAL STATE Illegal Space Activity 2CD   €15.90 LISTEN! + LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
THE ACTOR Unreal Personality 7"Flexi (ltd. 999x)   €9.00   LISTEN!   Only 2 copies left!
THE ANALOG SESSION Featuring Alexander Robotnik & Ludus Pinsky 12"EP   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
THE ANXIETY OF LOVE Things Fall Apart 7" (ltd. 99x, insert)   €12.00   LISTEN! + LISTEN!   Only 3 copies left!
THE ARMS OF SOMEONE NEW Love, Power & Justice CD   €12.00
THE ARMS OF SOMEONE NEW Susan Sleepwalking CD   €11.50

THE B.H.D. Dancing In The Shadow CD   €12.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
THE BUTTONS s/t MLP (ltd. 500x, 180g translucent purple, insert, download code)   €16.00  LISTEN!   Only 2 copies left!
THE CREATURES L'altro Mondo Studios CD (Gold plated, originally from 1983, 7 bonus tracks from 1981 and 1984)   14.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
THE DADACOMPUTER The Dadacomputer MC   €11.00     LISTEN! + LISTEN!
THE DANSE SOCIETY Demos Vol. 1 LP (insert)   €17.00   Only 1 copy left!
THE DEVIL & THE UNIVERSE ::Imprint Daath: LP+CD (ltd. 200x, 2nd ed., CD with 4 bonus tracks "It Is Our Will" 12"EP)   €20.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
THE DEVIL & THE UNIVERSE Haunted Summer LP+CD (ltd. 300x, white vinyl, CD with 4 bonus tracks)   €20.00   LISTEN!   Only 2 copies left!
THE GAMES Circus Minimus LP (ltd. 400x, poster, postcard)   €15.00   LISTEN!
THE HAPPY HUNTING GROUND / PHANTOM LIMB The Happier Hunting Ground / Dance Of The Guilty LP+CD (ltd. 500x)   €18.00  LISTEN! + LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
THE HARROW Silhouettes LP (ltd. 300x, white vinyl, dl code)   €18.00   LISTEN!
THE HIGHER PRIMATES Taking In The Summer/Living In A Vacuum 7"   €12.00 
THE HORRORIST The Man Master 7"   €7.00   Currently sold out!
THE KVB Mirror Being CD   €16.50   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
THE KVB Mirror Being LP (clear vinyl)   €22.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
THE METRONOMES The Ballad Of The Metronome 2LP/7"  €23.00   Currently sold out!
THE MISZ Eddy Merckz LP (ltd. 300x, 180 grams vinyl, lyricsheet)   €17.50
THE MITGANG AUDIO The View From Your New Home CD   €14.00   Only 1 copy left!
THE MOBILE HOMES Today's Your Lucky Day LP   €18.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
THE NE-21 s/t 7" (ltd. 300x, silk screened, inserts)   €9.90   LISTEN
THE NEON JUDGEMENT We Never Said You're No Good LP (ltd. 520x)   €18.00
THE PHONE Blue Ice Cream Melting ep 7"EP (ltd. 250x, cyan col vinyl, first copies with badge)   €8.50   LISTEN!
THE PHONE Cabaret Noir 7"EP (ltd. 300x)   €7.50   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
THE PHONE Songs For This Nuclear Age LP (ltd. 500x, few with signed insert)   €15.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
THE PRESENT MOMENT Loyal To A Fault CD   €10.00   LISTEN!
THE PRODUCT Alive Again LP   €16.50   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
THE REAL CAMOUFLAGE Look Close MLP (82/84, original)   €24.00   LISTEN!
THE REPORTERS Bare Hands - 30th Anniversary Edition 2x10" (ltd. ∿200x black vinyl, lyric sheet)   €23.50  LISTEN!
THE REPORTERS Bare Hands - 30th Anniversary Edition 2x10" (ltd. ∿200x orange vinyl, lyric sheet)   €23.50   LISTEN!
THE RIP s/t CD (ltd. 300x)   €13.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
THE RORSCHACH GARDEN The Rorschach Dossier CD (ltd. 500x)   €13.50   LISTEN!
THE SHINING PATH Basic Training Manual LP (ltd. 320x, 180g, printed inner, A3 poster, postcard)   € 16.00   LISTEN!
THE SILICON SCIENTIST Inselwinter CD (ltd., 4 exclusive tracks)   €8.00
THE SILICON SCIENTIST Outside The Night 2CD (ltd. 200x, data tacks, a total of 60 tracks!)   €18.00   LISTEN! + LISTEN!
THE SILICON SCIENTIST Outside The Night 2LP (ltd. 373x, download code, a total of 60 tracks!)   €23.00   LISTEN! + LISTEN!
THE SILICON SCIENTIST Poly / Bookmarks II LP+CD (ltd. 500x, 180g vinyl, signed postcard, exclusive CD tracks)   €16.50
THE SILICON SCIENTIST Sinister Street/Sights 7" (ltd., postcard)   €5.55   LISTEN!
THE SILICON SCIENTIST Windows On The World CD (ltd. 500x, remastered, incl. 2 bonus tracks)   €12.00   LISTEN!
THE STUPID SET Soul Of Trade LP+CD   €17.00
THE SURREAL FUNFAIR Navigation Lost LP+CD   €16.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
THE SWEEPS Eclectic Electric CD   €12.00   LISTEN!
THE TREMOR SENSE Withdean. LP (ltd . 100x, insert)   €13.00
THE TOY SHOP 4PlayEP (ltd. 250x, insert)   €6.66   LISTEN!
THIS PERFECT DAY No Frills, Just Noise LP   €13.50   LISTEN!
TOBIAS BERNSTRUP 1984 12"EP (ltd. 517x)   €11.00
TOBIAS BERNSTRUP Destruction 12"EP   €15.00   LISTEN! +  LISTEN!
TOBIAS BERNSTRUP Re-animate Me CD (ltd. 1500x)   €13.00
TOBIAS BERNSTRUP Romanticism 2LP (ltd. 300x)   €24.50    LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
TOBIAS BERNSTRUP Sing My Body Electric CD (ltd. 500x, 1 bonus track)    €12.50   LISTEN! 
TODOTODO Technodelia Tendencia Ensayo LP (ltd. 350x)   €18.00
TOMATES ELÉCTRICOS Teléfono Rojo 7"EP (ltd. 320x, transparent red vinyl)   €7.90
TOMMY DE CHIRICO Close Your Eyes 12"EP (ltd. 300x)   €12.00   LISTEN!
TORPEDO BOYZ Ich bin Ausländer/Maschinenwelt 7" (ltd. 175x, black vinyl)   €8.50
TOUCHING THE VOID Love, Longing And Loss CD   €12.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!   Only 3 copies left!
TRAFFIC A.M. Left Behind Left Within LP (ltd. 300x)   €16.00   LISTEN!   Only 2 copies left!
TRANQUIL EYES Fact + Fiction LP   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
TRANQUIL EYES Walks LP (ltd. 500x)   €16.00   Currently sold out!
TRANS-X Hi-NRG CD (Gold plated)   14.00   LISTEN!
TRANSPARENT ILLUSION Still Human CD (ltd. 500x, postcard)   €14.00
TRANSPARENT ILLUSION Still Human LP (ltd. 500x, postcard, 2nd edition)   €15.00
TREELINE Too Hollow 7" (ltd. 300x, transparent green vinyl)   €6.00

TRÉSORS Missionaires + Pleine Lune EP LP+12" set (ltd. 55x, white and blue vinyls, inserts, mp3 download cards)   €29.90   LISTEN! + LISTEN!
TREK WITH QUINTRONIC Landing Plus (both albums plus 2 bonus tracks) CD (ltd. 500x)   €13.00   LISTEN!
TSTI Evaluations CD   €10.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
TSTI Evaluations LP (ltd. 300x, grey marbled vinyl, mp3 download card, insert)   €16.00   LISTEN!
TWICE A MAN Slow Swirl CD   €14.00   Only 2 copies left!
TWICE A MAN The Sound Of A Goat In A Room CD   €14.00   Only 2 copies left!
TWILIGHT RITUAL Rituals LP (lyric sheet)   €16.00   Currently sold out!
TWILIGHT RITUAL The Factory Scream LP (ltd. 500x)   €16.00   Only 1 copy left!
TWILIGHT RITUAL The Ritual LP   €16.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
TWINS Rather Not MLP (ltd. 250, silk screened sleeve (hands motif)  €17.00   LISTEN!
TWINS NATALIA The Destiny Room Box set (ltd. 107x, silkscreened box, LP, CD, PicDisc, slipmat, T-shirt, badge)   €59.00   LISTEN!
TWINS NATALIA The Destiny Room CD (ltd. 500x, postcard, 4 bonus tracks)   €12.00    LISTEN! + LISTEN!
TWINS NATALIA The Destiny Room LP (ltd. 400x, poster, postcard)   €15.00   LISTEN!
TWINS NATALIA The Destiny Room SLIPMAT (ltd. 110x)   €9.99   Only 3 copies available
TWINS NATALIA The Destiny Room - The Original Demo Recordings LP (ltd. 300x)   €13.00   LISTEN!
TWINS NATALIA / MARSHEAUX Radial Emotion / When We Were Young 7" (ltd. 500x, embossed housing slip sleeve)   €8.88   LISTEN!
TWINS NATALIA / POEME ELECTRONIQUE I Avoid Strangers / I Wouldn't Change Me For Anyone 12" (300x, 2 posters, 2 postcards)   €9.99   LISTEN!
TWINS NATALIA / RAGPOLE REEL & PHILIPPE NORE Bear Me Up (Replet) / Cardiac (Remix) 7"   (ltd. 26x, hand-cut clear vinyl)   €23.00   Only 1 copy left!
TWIST NOIR s/t 10" (ltd. 350x)   €14.50   Only 2 copies left!
TYING TIFFANY One 10" (Picture Disc)   €15.00   LISTEN! 
U/V LIGHT Cenotaph LP (180g coloured vinyl)   €19.00   LISTEN!   Only 2 copies left!
UJ LÁTÁSMÓD FÚZIÓ A Jövőnek Dedikálva MC (ltd. 50x, download code)   €11.00   LISTEN!
UJ LÁTÁSMÓD FÚZIÓ Fúzió Adventures LP (ltd. 275x, lyrics sheet)   €16.00   LISTEN!
ULTIMA EMOCIÓN Máquinas Románticas LP (ltd. 320x, white vinyl, lyricsheet)   €14.40
ULTRA ARCANUM The Silence Inside CD (ltd. 200x)   €11.00   LISTEN!
ULTRA ARCANUM The Silence Inside LP (ltd. 320x, printed inner, soft touch matte laminate, lyric inner sleeve, A3 poster)   €15.00   LISTEN!
ULTRA ARCANUM The Silence Inside LP+CD combo   €21.00   LISTEN!
UMBERTO Prophecy Of The Black Widow LP (ltd. 300x)   €15.00   LISTEN!
UNITS History Of The Units - The Early Years: 1977-1983 CD   €20.00   Currently sold out!
UNIDENTIFIED MAN Dissociative Identity MC (lt. 100x, dl code)   €8.00   LISTEN!
UV POP No Songs Tomorrow CD   €13.50   Currently sold out!
VAM CYBORG Actos De Maldad / Radioactividad 12" (ltd. 350x)   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
VEIL OF LIGHT Head / Blood / Chest 12"EP   €13.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
VEIL OF LIGHT Ursprung LP (ltd. 300x, white vinyl, dl code)   €18.00   LISTEN!
VEIL OF LIGHT Ursprung Remixed 12"(ltd. 500x)   €9.00   LISTEN!
VENIN CARMIN Glam Is Gone LP (ltd. 300x, download code)   €16.00  LISTEN!
VERHALTEN Never Miss An Opportunity To Miss An Opportunity MC (ltd. 50x, dl coupon)   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
VICE DEVICE/VOID VISION LP+CD (ltd. 330x, 180g)   €17.00   LISTEN!
VIDEO LISZT Ektakröm Killer LP (180 g, insert)   €t.b.a.
VIDEO LOOK Kall Lycka LP   €15.00   LISTEN!
VIOLET TREMORS Time Is The Traitor CD   €12.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
VIOLET TREMORS Time Is The Traitor LP (ltd., clear purple vinyl)   LISTEN!    €16.00
VIOLENCE Erlebnis LP (ltd. 250x, 180g)   €18.50   LISTEN!
VIOLENCE s/t MLP (ltd. 150x, clear vinyl)   €16.00   LISTEN!
VISION FACTORY Bird From Fez/Tremendous Mates 7" (Original, poster sleeve)   €8.00   LISTEN!
VISION FACTORY Nice To Meet Insanity LP (ltd. 300x, 180 grams, insert)   €13.00   Only 2 copies left!
VISION TALK Dirty Italo Disco CD   €13.90   Currently sold out!
VISION TALK Elevation 2CD   €15.00
VITA NOCTIS Against The Rule 2LP   €21.50   Currently sold out!

VOCODER Cuadro Sinóptico 12"EP   €14.00
VOGUE Sahara / Shattered Peace 12" (ltd. 300x)   €9.99   LISTEN!
VÓLKOVA Trauma And Dreams MC (ltd. 50x, download code)   €11.00   LISTEN!   Only 2 copies left!
VOXZEMA s/t 10"(ltd. 250x, silk-screened sleeve - fuchsia version, booklet)   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
WE ARE THE HUNTERS Outerspace Moments LP (ltd. 300x, green vinyl)   €15.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
WE BE ECHO Decades LP  (ltd. 600x)   €14.90
WEIRD CANDLE Regeneration LP (ltd. 500x, black vinyl, download code)   €17.00   LISTEN!
WELTKLANG VEB Heimat (Demo) 7" (ltd. 333x, one-sided)   €9.00   Only 1 copy left!
(ltd. 310x)   €23.00   Currently sold out!
WERMUT Media In Vita, In Morte Sumus MC (ltd. 100x, velvet bag, 4 inserts)   €13.00   Currently sold out!
WHISPERING SONS Performance / Strange Identities 7" (2nd ed., ltd. 200x, black vinyl)   €10.00   LISTEN! 
WHITE HEX Heat MLP   €12.00   LISTEN!   Only 3 copies left!
WIND ATLAS Lingua Ignota LP (300x)   €14.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
WINTER SEVERITY INDEX Slanting Ray CD   €13.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
WINTER SEVERITY INDEX Survival Rate 12"EP (ltd. 300x)   €13.00   LISTEN!
WINTER WATERCOLORS Years (1984-88) LP (ltd. 179x, black vinyl)  €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
WINTER WATERCOLORS Years (1984-88) LP (ltd. 109x, clear orange vinyl)  €t.b.a.  WISH KEY Orient Express 12" (unnumbered black vinyl)   €14.50   LISTEN!
WISH KEY Orient Express 12" (ltd. 100x, clear orange vinyl, signed postcard)   €16.00   LISTEN!
WOBBLER Starlight/Sladdertacka 7" (ltd. 222x, insert)   €8.50   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
WONKY DOLL AND THE ECHO Pleasant Thoughts LP (300x, lyric sheet)   €16.00  LISTEN! + LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
WORDS AND ACTIONS Compilation : "Time Can't Be Turned Back"CD (ltd. 300x)   €9.00   Only 1 copy left!
X-RAY POP The Dream Machine LP   €17.00
XANDER HARRIS Snow Crash LP (ltd. 300x, transparent purple vinyl)   €16.00   LISTEN!
XENO & OAKLANDER Sentinelle CD   €13.90
XENO & OAKLANDER Sets & Lights 7" 
 (one exclusive track)   €7.50   Only 2 copies left!
XENO & OAKLANDER Sets & Lights CD  (two CD bonus tracks   €12.00   Only 3 copies left!
XEX Group: XEX LP   €18.00
XIU / SPATIAL RELATION Highgate / Mysteries Of Chance 7" (ltd. 250x, clear vinyl)   €8.50   LISTEN
YOU. Bouquet LP (printed inner)   €14.50   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
YOU. Brick LP (ltd. 200x)   €16.00   LISTEN!
YOU. Sunchaser LP (ltd. 500x)   €17.00   LISTEN!
YOUTH CODE s/t LP (ltd. 500x, black vinyl, insert, download code)   €17.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
ZEUS B. HELD Vinyl Collection LP (180 g col vinyl)   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
ZEX MODEL Dead Body 12"EP (ltd. 500x)   €9.00   LISTEN!
ZEX MODEL Mind Slaughter LP (grey vinyl)   €16.00   LISTEN!   Last copy on hold!

VARIOUS ARTISTS 2 Hemden & 2 Hosen Vol. 6 7"EP (ltd. 300x)   €8.20   Currently sold out!
 (Heute, Sütterlin, Lou Champagne System, Plastiktanz)
VARIOUS ARTISTS 4 In 1 Volume 3 CD (ltd. 500x)   €11.00
(Pseudo Code, Bene Gesserit, Messy Goes Insane, Human Flesh)
VARIOUS ARTISTS 80s Compilation EP 7"EP (ltd. 350x)   €10.50   LISTEN!
(The Misz, Berntholer, Opéra Multi Steel, Nine Circles) 
VARIOUS ARTISTS 391 VOL.1 | Marche - Voyage Through The Deep 80s Underground In Italy 2CD   €19.00
(3B Unit, Joe D'Elirio, Excess, Dagon, Marilin's Pills, ...) 
VARIOUS ARTISTS 391 VOL.2 | Piemonte - Voyage Through The Deep 80s Underground In Italy 2CD   €19.00

(Carmody, Monuments, Suicide Dada, Teknospray, Chromagain, Tommy De Chirico, Intolerance, ...)
VARIOUS ARTISTS 391 VOL.3 | Toscana - Voyage Through The Deep 80s Underground In Italy 2CD   €19.00

(L.A.S.'s Crime, ...)
VARIOUS ARTISTS 391 VOL.4 | Umbria - Voyage Through The Deep 80s Underground In Italy 2CD   €19.00

(Ipnotico Tango, Syndrome, ...)

 VARIOUS ARTISTS 2013-2003 = 10 Years Of 4mg MC   €10.00  LISTEN!
(Kirdec, Mansyt, ImiAFan, Alien Skull Paint, Medora feat. Natalie Alva, Monty Cantsin, Boys Du severe, Új Látásmód Fúzió, Lesbian Mouseclicks, The Trial, Makina Girgir)
VARIOUS ARTISTS A Visual and Auditory Reminder Of The Beauty Of Life LP (ltd. 333x, postcard)   €17.00   LISTEN! 
VARIOUS ARTISTS Alan Brando Project: The First Strike CD (Gold plated)   €14.00   LISTEN!
(Casanova (x2), Alan Brando (x2), Ken Martina (x3), Tommy Sun (x2), Boy Blue)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Alan Brando Project: The Second Experiment CD (Gold plated)   €14.00   LISTEN!

(Angelica Rose, Angelico, Boy Blue, Elario Dante, Also Lesina, Marco Polo, Ken Martina, Tommy Sun, Alan Brando, Casanova, Emy Care)
VARIOUS ARTISTS And You Will Find Them In The Basement LP (ltd. 300x, grey vinyl 1st edition, insert, download coupon)  €16.00   LISTEN!
(Lebanon Hanover, Linea Aspera, Mild Peril, Team Pi$$, Gertrud Stein, Nöi Kabát, Soft Riot, A Terrible Splendour)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Another Cold World LP (dl code incl. 8 bonus tracks)   €16.00   LISTEN!
(Delayscape, Moduretik (x2), Martin Roland, Staccato Du Mal (x2), Blabarsim. Le Cliché, Memorex (x2), Vdm (x2))
VARIOUS ARTISTS Attractive! Too 7"EP (ltd. 300x)    €7.90   Currently sold out!
(Poeme Electronique, Treeline, Complicated Memories (1/2 of Solitude FX), The Phone)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Bay Area Retrograde BART (Vol. 1) LP    €18.00
(Nominal State, Batang Frisco, Necropolis Of Love, Wasp Women, Distant Thunder, Voice Farm, Quiet Room, Los Microwaves, Standard Of Living, Units)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Beach Club Italo Disco Vol.1 LP (180 gr.)   €25.00  LISTEN!
(Ken Martina, Boy Blue (x2), Modern Boots, Momento, Ranger)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Berliner Elektroniknacht Sampler LP (ltd., very rare original 1987 album)   €27.00   Only 1 copy left!
(Random Reply, Yttrium, Solaris, Boundless, Lapre, Mario Paech, M + R, Stefan Tiedje)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Body Section CD   €13.90
(Modo, Monuments, Jeunesse D*Ivoire, Frigidaire Tango, Kirlian Camera, Litfiba, Diaframma, Vox Rei, Die Form, Rinf)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Body Section LP (ltd. 500x)   €14.50
(Modo, Monuments, Jeunesse D*Ivoire, Frigidaire Tango, Kirlian Camera, Litfiba, Diaframma, Vox Rei, Die Form, Rinf)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Brave Exhibitions Compilation Volume 1 CD   €11.00   Only 1 copy left!
(Jemek Jemowit, Gertrud Stein, Daybed, Mueran Hmanos, Sixth June, Oppenheimer Analysis, Velvet Condom, ...)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Circuit D'Actes 3 LP (ltd. 440x, insert, sticker)   €15.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
(Kline Coma Xero (x2), Illustration Sonore (x2), Position Parallèle (x2), Post Festum, Shiny Black Mater (x2), Új Látásmód Fúzió)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Close Diode Compilation 7"EP (ltd. 250x, insert)   €8.00   Only 3 copies left!
(Dilemma, Twize My Size, Anti-Human, Adolf Filter)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Cold Beats Vol. 1 CDr (ltd. 100x)   €12.00   LISTEN!
(Alessandro Parisi, Volcan, Babies In Grey, Demure For Sure, Mynationshit, N01R, Silk ENtry, Special Darkness, Synth Alien Veinhart, Ssleeping DesiresS)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Cold Waves + Minimal Electronics - Volume One CD   €14.40   Only 3 copies left!
(Absolute Body Control, Nine Circles, Linear Movement, Opera Multi Steel, Bal Paré, Eleven Pond, The Vyllies, End Of Data, The Actor, Ausgang Verboten, Jeunesse D'Ivoire, OTO, Ruth, Stereo, The Neon Judgement, Land Of Giants, Days Of Sorrow)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Cold Waves Of Color (1982 - 1985) CD (1 bonus track)   €14.90   LISTEN!
(Berserk In A Hayfield (x2), Modern Art (x2), Lives Of Angels (x2), The Lord(x2), WeR7 (x2), Mystery Plane, Stereo Machine & Kinesis, Disintegrators)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Cold Waves Of Color - Volume 2 CD (2 bonus tracks)   €14.90   LISTEN!
(Disintegrators, Void, (x2), The Lord, Body Electric, Space Brothers, Berserk In A Hayfield, WeR7, Lives Of Angels (x2), Mystery Plane, Modern Art)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Cold Waves Of Color - Volume 3 CD (ltd. 500x, booklet, 3 bonus tracks)   €14.90   LISTEN!
(Duke Of Disrespect, Silicon Valley (x2), The Lord, Disintegrators (x3), Lives Of Angels (x2), Stereo Machines & Kinesis (x2),, Berserk In A Hayfield, Echophase, Mystery Plane, Modern Art) 
VARIOUS ARTISTS Cold Waves Of Color - Volume 3 LP (ltd. 500x, A3 poster, A5 zine)   €23.00   LISTEN!
(Duke Of Disrespect, Silicon Valley (x2), The Lord, Disintegrators (x2), Lives Of Angels (x2), Stereo Machines & Kinesis, Berserk In A Hayfield, Echophase, Mystery Plane)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Communications From The Bombshelter Volume 2 - Future Past 7"EP (ltd. 300x)   €9.00   LISTEN! 
(The Beautiful Spies, Agents In Infrared, Techniques Berlin, Methods Of Danse)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Crollo Nervoso / Tracce Magnetiche DVD+CD   €21.00
(Vox Rei, Illogico, Der Blaue Reiter, Polaroid, Atelier Du Mal, Sex, Ship Of Fools, Ideal Standard, Nadja, The Age, Dark Ride, Mono, T.V. Dance)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Cryopack - Cryogénisation Report 4CD   €23.00
(Guerre Froide, Gegenacht, Pour L'Exemple)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Danza Meccanica - Italian Synth Wave1982-1987 LP (ltd. 500x, insert, first edition!)   €25.00
(XNO, Vena, Victrola, Tommy De Chirico, Carmody, Janitor Of Lunacy, Monuments, Intelligence Dept., Chromagain, Lisfrank)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Death # Disco Compilation Vol. II CD (ltd. 777x)   €10.00    Currently sold out!
(Automelodi,Die Selektion, Voyvoda, Tiny Boys, Terror Bird, Frustration, SGNLS, Dream Affair, Echo West, Daybed, Martial Canterel, Crash Course In Science, Agent Side Grinder, Xeno ANd Oaklander, Nurvuss, Monozid, ContreJour, Silent Signals, The KVB, The Winter Severity Index, Pinoreks)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Death # Disco Compilation Vol. III CD (ltd. 777x)   €11.00   LISTEN!   Only 3 copies left!
(Automelodi,Die Selektion, Voyvoda, Tiny Boys, Terror Bird, Frustration, SGNLS, Dream Affair, Echo West, Daybed, Martial Canterel, Crash Course In Science, Agent Side Grinder, Xeno ANd Oaklander, Nurvuss, Monozid, ContreJour, Silent Signals, The KVB, The Winter Severity Index, Pinoreks)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Death # Disco Compilation Vol. IV CD (ltd. 999x)   €13.00   LISTEN!
(Kontravoid , ADULT., Police Des Moeurs, Lust For Youth, M!R!M, Noi Kabat, Sine City, Newclear Waves Feat. Clara Hall, Klangstabil, Distel, Umrijeti Za Strojem, Bestial Mouths, Froe Char, Sololust, Kinder Aus Asbest, The Soft Moon, Phosphor, Neugeborene Nachtmusik, Ascetic:, Animal Bodies, XTR HUMAN, Black Marble, Chevalier Avant Garde, Unur, Winter Severity Index, Blipblop, Pure Ground, Echo West, The Invincible Spirit, Dream Affair, Illustration Sonore, Xeno & Oaklander, Novva Falla, Cosmetics , Merci La Nuit, Frustration, Tropic Of Cancer, Sally Dige)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Deep: A Female Oriented Electro / Wave Compilation CD   €14.50   Only 1 copy left!
(Unidentified Man, Gertrud Stein, Minuit Machine, Beta Evers, Jenn Vix, Moira, Simi Nah, Nina Belief, Transfigure, Popsimonova, Haze, Vólkova, Schonwald, Sixth June, Dark Poem, Ontrust, Keluar, S/he, Yusyus)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Demain 7"EP (ltd. 500x)   €12.00   Only 1 copy left!
(Le Syndicat Electronique, Perverse Teens, Porn.Darsteller, Krom-Y)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Different Shapes Of Savage 2CD   €14.00   LISTEN!
VARIOUS ARTISTS Diskret-Label 7"EP (ltd. 150x, marbled lilac vinyl, photo)   €7.50   Currently sold out!
(4712, U. Warmsidler, Philippe L., Hand Und Fuß, John McGenius, Reinheit Des Herzens)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Division Avanzada Independiente LP (ltd. 320x, 180 grams)   €17.00     LISTEN
(Amigos Electricos I - Spanish Synth Wave 1981-1986: A.M.F.M., Tomates ELectricos, Estructura Movil, Fuegos Fatuos & Notre Dame, Proceso Inverso, Psiko Psiko, The Art, D.A.I., Fanzine, Diagonal, A.D.N., Nicaragua Nimanagua, Replicantes)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Dummes Zeux Kann Man Viel Reden 7" (ltd. 150x, red, photo, download code)   €6.00   Only 2 copies left!
(Anti-Trust, The Unrealizable Wish, Perverse Names And Bottles Of Beer, Cabra)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Electric Voice Compilation 2LP (ltd. 500x)   €22.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
(Automelodi, Chevalier Avant Garde, Colours, Femmienelli, Innergaze, Jef Barbara, Jeff And Jane Hudson, Passion Party, Pink Playground, Soft Metals, The KVB, ...)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Electric Voice Compilation II LP (ltd. 500x, insert)   €18.90   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
(Thee Majesty (Genesis P-Orrdige), Martial Canterel, ADN' Ckrystall, Martin Dupont, Tropic Of Cancer, Frank (Just Frank), Ike Yard, Vita Noctis, Nine Circles, Das Ding)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Electroconvulsive Therapy Vol. 2 Fuzz Dance LP (180g coloured vinyl)   €20.00   LISTEN!   Only 2 copies left!
 (Tropy (x2), Zed (x2), Mya & The Mirror (x2), Mon Bijou, Naif Orchestra)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Electroconvulsive Therapy Vol. 3 Obscure Singles Circa 83-86 LP (180g coloured vinyl)   €20.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
(Tipical Me (x2), Secession (x2), Leidenschaft (x2), Black Fantasy (x2), V.U.D., Almost Alone)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Electronically Yours 2CD   €17.00
(Electrobelle (x2), Client, Casette Elektrik, Oblique, Katsen (x2), Tiger Baby, Marsheaux (x2), Red Blodded Women, The Ultrasonics (x2), Parralox (x2), Mikro, Rachel Carr, Noush, Technologic, Kid Moxie, Hidden Place, Northern Kind, Fotonovela)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Elektronik Och Skrammeldisko Volym: 1 LP (ltd. 250x)   €16.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
(Sine City, Black Chair, Pelotone, Blipblop, Night STicks, Operation Blue Eyes, Stâltrâd, Facit, Planet, Kinder Aus Asbest))
VARIOUS ARTISTS Embellishment Collection LP   €13.90
(Green Restaurant, Injury, Smersh, Nujrmännen, Frak, Mikael Diser, Fjärilbandet, Cruel When Complete, Systema Scrotum, Alvara Orkester, En HAlvkokt I Folie, Der Angriff, End...)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Es leuchtet blau 7"EP   €8.00   Only 1 copy left!
(Bal Paré, Charles Lindbergh N.E.V., Brigade Rosse, Sütterlin)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Eternal Memories 7"EP (ltd. 300x, blue vinyl, insert, photos)   €9.90   Only 2 copies left!
(Psyche, Lower Synth Department, Dilemma, 2"3")
VARIOUS ARTISTS Every Day Should Be A Record Store Day Vol. IV CD   €10.00   Currently sold out!
(Mikro, Azure Blue, Twins Natalia, Lacquer, Marsheaux, Jonathan Johansson, Olga Kouklaki, Claps, Vienna, Ekkoes, Rolla Scape, Fotonovela, The Silicon Scientist, Rex The Dog, In Trance 95)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Festival der Genialen Dissidenten LP+7" (ltd. 620x)   €18.00   Only 2 copies left!
(Agent Side Grinder, Dolina, Vincent K, Nosztalgia Direktiva, Adolf Filter, Code(s), Le Triangle De L'Androgyne, Pierre Normal, Yseult Descieux, Jongbloed feat. Sofia E.R., Coeurvert)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Freikörperkultur LP (ltd. 250x, black)   €16.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
(Tobias Bernstrup, Sololust, Zarkoff & Popsimononva, Lesbian Mouseclicks, Tannhäuser gate, Popsimonova, Les Moine, Brusque Twins)
VARIOUS ARTISTS French Synth Lovers CD   €13.00
(In Aeternam Vale, Philippe Laurent, Jeunesse Fantôme, X-Ray pop, Henriette Coulouvrat, Ben Et Bene, Melodik Pinpon, Oto, Alesia Cosmos, Duflan Duflan, Soma Holiday, Candidate, Celulle 34 & Froe Char, Atom Cristal, Betrand Gratton, Antoine Maiove, Art & Technique)
VARIOUS ARTISTS French Synth Lovers #2 LP (ltd., white vinyl, tracks from 1981-1984)   €17.00   LISTEN!
(Siflêt, Aboriginal Voices, Malvina Melville, Guignolos, Los Gonococcos, Cha Cha Guitri, Thierry Meyer, Benoit Hutin, XXe Siècle, Serge Blenner)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Frogmania 2 LP (ltd. 200x, coloured vinyl, inlay)   €14.00  LISTEN!    Currently sold out!
(HNN, Epic Dreams, Nine Circles, Audiosynthese, Sololust, Popsimonova, Psyche, Paul Chambers, Amy Leave, Echo West, Relative Kälte, Infra Red, Adam Bercès, Anna Astronuat, Bale Paré, Reinrauminferno, Imiafan, RKS, K.Rotte, Pio D'Orco)
VARIOUS ARTISTS From Russia With Italo Disco Vol. II CD (Gold plated)   €14.00   LISTEN!
(James Manoro, Italove, AmbrA, Nikita Fomin, Chito, The Flashback Band, Elen Cora, Roby & Claudia, The Sweeps, George Aaron, Fabian Nesti)
VARIOUS ARTISTS From Russia With Italo Disco Vol. IV CD (Gold plated)   €14.00   LISTEN!

(Momento, Nikita Fomin (x2), Air Castles & Olegris, Ken Scott, Tobias Bernstrup, The Sweeps, The Crosslines, Roby & Claudia, Ranger, Siberian Heat, DJ's Project)
VARIOUS ARTISTS From Russia With Italo Disco Vol. V CD (Gold plated)   €14.00   LISTEN!

(Boris Zhivago (x2), Amaya, Boy Blue, Proto Man, Neon Game, Also Lesina, Larabell, Ranger, Joey Mauro & Maya Chan, Italove)
VARIOUS ARTISTS From Russia With Italo Disco Vol. VI CD (Gold plated)   €14.00   LISTEN!

(Gabe Catanzaro & Jon Autry, Tobias Bernstrup, Clay Pedrini, Tiziana Rivale, Peter Arcade, Gurcan, Alden Tyrell & Fred Ventura, Magic System D.J., Mirko Hirsch, Felli, Joey Mauro, Italobox)
VARIOUS ARTISTS From Russia With Italo Disco Vol. VII 2CD (Gold plated)   €17.00   LISTEN!

(Roller Idol feat. Bonfeel Electro Band, Savage, SuperVox, Marc Fruttero, Modern Boots, Goldy Push, Bunny X, Travel Sex, The Crosslines, Brian Ice, Male Room, James Manoro, Dean Corporation, Ken Martina, Alan Brando, Automat 428, Boris Zhivago, Casarano, Tommy Sun, Also Lesina, Boy Blue, Valerie Star)
VARIOUS ARTISTS From Russia With Italo Disco Vol. VIII CD (Gold plated)   €14.00   LISTEN!

(Riccardo Campa (x2), Victor Ark & Magic System D.J., The Crosslines, Phalanx, Italove & TQ, George Aaron, Digitalo, Clock On 5, Houdini, Birizdo I Am)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Fruits Of Wrath LP (ltd. 173x, beige sleeve insert)   €15.00   LISTEN!
(Fade, Chris Snake, The Winter Watercolors, Art Of Parties, The Anti-Troppau Council, Headleaders, Moist Device, Square Roots, Teenage Dolls, Isolated Figures, International Comedy, Venericna Bolest)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Gathered CD   €13.00 
(Victrola, State Of Art, X-Rated,Not Moving, Blaue Reiter, Death SS, Dirty Actions, B-Sides, Style Sindrome, Wax Heroes, Eazy Con, Pankow)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Gathered LP (ltd. 300x)   €14.00
(Victrola, State Of Art, X-Rated,Not Moving, Blaue Reiter, Death SS, Dirty Actions, B-Sides, Style Sindrome, Wax Heroes, Eazy Con, Pankow)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Genotypes CD   €15.00   Currently sold out!
(Steven Grandell, Cinema 90, Low Class, Urge, Secession, Dr. Numa, Mecano, Real Time Music, Ciaran Harte, Hysterica Passio, Sieg Über Die Sonne, Alive She Died, Seppuku, Jessica Denton & Patrik Fitzgerald, Lee Negin)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Hamburg Hits-News 2006 10" (ltd. 300x, grey vinyl)   €11.00
(Sonnenbrandt, Anti Trust, Matthias Schuster, Voll Wirksam, Konform, Oppenheimer Analysis, The Silicon Scientist, Klingelton 17, Das Institut)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Hundeher(t)z 2x7"EP (ltd. 400x)   €11.90
(Second Planet, Any Leave, Massendefect, Linear F, Treue Seelen (1/2 of Solitude FX), E-Aldi, Philippe & Phluffie, ADN' Ckrystall)
VARIOUS ARTISTS I am Enfant Terrible LP (ltd. 350x, insert)   €16.50    LISTEN!
VARIOUS ARTISTS Insane 80s [EV01>EV10] CD   €11.00   Currently sold out!
(Berntholer (x2), Human Dance, Nostalgie Eternelle (x2), The Misz (x3), Opéra Multi Steel, Pseudo Code, Kloot Per W, M.A.L., Absent Music (x2), Nine Circles (x2), BeNe GeSSeRiT, Subject, Human Flesh)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Invasion Planète Recordings 4th Anniversary LP (ltd. 1000x)   €16.00      Currently sold out!
(Rollinka (x2), Le Syndicat Electronique (x2), Porn.Darsteller (x2), Raison Future, Eva VIII, It & My Computer (x2), Ottomas)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Italia New Wave LP (4 non CD tracks!)    €14.00
(Neon, Pankow, Le Masque, N.O.I.A., State Of Art, Jeunesse D'Ivoire, Monuments, Rats, Fockewulf 190, Luc Orient, Illogico, 2+2+=5, La Maison)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Italia Synthetica 1981-1985 LP+CD   €17.50  LISTEN! + LISTEN! + LISTEN! + LISTEN! + LISTEN!
(Neon, Der Blaue Reiter, Ein-St-Ein, Modo, Actor's Studio, La Maison, Scortilla, Eurotunes, Oh Oh Art, Naif Orchestra, 2+2=5)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Italian Records - The 7" Singles Collection (1980-84) BOX 5CD   €30.00
(Gaznevada, The Stupid Set, Pale TV, N.O.I.A., Hi-Fi Bros, Neon, Paul Sears, Kirlian Camera, Diaframma, 01001101010111001010, Central Unit, etc.)
VARIOUS ARTISTS iV3SCR -The Great Complotto 2 (Five bonus tracks) LP+CD   €18.00
(Sexy Angels (x3), Gigolo' Look (x2), Cancer (x2), Mess (x2), Andy Warhol Banana Technicolor, Fhedolts, 001011011100...Cancer, Mind Invaders)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Jubilee Jamboree - 10 Years of TuT/RuR 2LP (ltd. 275x, coloured vinyl)   €26.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
(UZS* / VH*, Echo West, Alone, Lo†Ph, Circulation Of Light, TZii, Teatro Satanico, 1997EV, Escama Serrada, Notre Dessein, Kinit Her, Nature Morte & Bex, Endphase (Shibuya Station + The Silicon Scientist + Poeme Electronique), Dolina, A², Wermut, Spettro Family, Nový Svět, Burial Hex, De Grâce, Ad Absurdum, Bruta Non Calculant, Niedowierzanie)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Kamp Holland 2LP   €17.00   LISTEN!
(Lesbian Mouseclicks, Bakeliet, Distel, Neurobit, Pornologic, Staatseinde, Hunter Complex, Autonon, Sololust, Milligram Retreat, Puin + Hoop, Hadewych, Logosamphia, Peter Qusitgard, Murw, Treasure Of Grundo)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Les Années Folles mLP (ltd. 350x)   €15.00   Currently sold out!
(Sololust, Velvet Condom, Gold Zebra, Cute Heels feat. Devon Desaster, Tobias Bernstrup, Terminal Twilight)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Βιῶν Ἐν Εἰρκτῇ (Living In Eirkti) 3xLP+7" Box (ltd. 500x, booklet)   €68.00   LISTEN!
(Clown, Not 2 Without 3, On Purpose, Femmes Fatales, Stranded Particles Y-R, Επιπτώσεις, Ausschwitts, Ανυπόφοροι, Ήταν Είναι Και Θα Είναι, Το Πρώτο Αμάρτημα, Χωρίς Περιδέραιο, Αντί, Νίκος Αγγελής, Plastic Dolls, Alexandros, Συσκευή Νεκρού Ανθρώπου, Common Sense, Slow Motion, Metro Decay, ……, Chapter 24, Hobbit, Φυσιολατρικός Σύλλογος, A Bit Later, Κρυπτογράφημα, Έγχρωμο Γάλα, Film Noir, Houvi)
VARIOUS ARTISTS M Squared - Pardon Me For Barking In Like This (1979-1983) 5LP+10"+T-shirt Box (ltd. membership edition)   €77.77
(Scattered Order, Patrick Gibson/The Systematics, The Makers Of The Dead Travel Fast, A Cloakroom Assembly, Prod, Michael Prowse, Height/Dismay, East End Butchers, Jonathan Dunshea, A Volatile T-Shirt, Pleasnt Peanuts, Shane Fahey)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Maskindans - Norsk Synth 1980-1988 2CD (ltd. 1000x)   €24.00
(Kito, Cirkus Modern, Clockwork Orange, Det Gylne Triangel, Beranek, Johnny Yen, The Cut, E-Man, Bern Balders, Adrian Cox, Ole I'Dole, Krim U, Bel Canto, Holy Toy, Boxbury Beat, Famlende Forsok, ExLEx, Gra, Ym:Stammen, Svart Klovn, Bearburger, Ulf Knudsen, Throbjorn Gronning, Vidar Og Gaerne, Jorgen Knudsen, Brod & Sirkus, Downers, Head Set Junta, Den Tredje Generasjon, Fra Lippo Lippi, Headcleaners, Blue Mathue, Jeg Falt, White Lord Jesus, Morkelagt Bevegelse, Horsemen, El, 3rd Man, Guttene Fra Gokkohjornet, Im Nebel, PLX 15)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Mein bester Freund ist tot 7"EP (ltd. 220x, in doggy bag)   €7.50   Currently sold out!
(Philippe & Phluffie, No-Bell Preis, Treue Seelen, Nacktmull 1)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Memories De Un Continente LP (ltd. 100x, clear vinyl, insert)   €t.b.a.   LISTEN!
(Stockhausen, Glue//niverse, Wonder Dark, Telepantallas, Varsovia, Sirius Wave, Ferdinand Cärclash, Imagines En Oscuridad, El Passage Esta Cambiando, Partial Objects, Antidolby, Synthetik Division, Neue Strassen)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Milano New Wave 1980-83 CD   €12.00
(Other Side (x5), State Of Art (x5), La Maison (x5), Jeunesse D'Ivoire (x5))
VARIOUS ARTISTS Milano New Wave 1980-1983 Redux LP (ltd. 300x)   €14.50

(Jeunesse D'Ivoire (x3), Other Side (x3), State Of Art (x3), La Maison (x2), La Maisonn + Kubrix + 2+2=5 AKA Entourage L'Asino)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Milano New Wave 2014 - The Evolution Of An Underground Music LP   €10.00
(Out Of Limbo, Peter Sellers & The Hollywood Party, Sound Of LLL, Ivories, La Form, State Of Art, 2+2=5, Italoconnection, Sigmatibet, Atelier Folie

VARIOUS ARTISTS Minimal Baby II CD (ltd. 500x)   €9.00
(Shift69, Massendefect, Neon Mussolini, Rhesus Factor, Second Planet, Brigade Rosse, Spacelex, Les Sirènes Débrouillardes, Nejet Nok, Echoe West, QEK Junior, Gertrud Stein, Solitude FX, Any Leave, A², Microwelt, Trans-Active Nightzone, Kord, Klement, Neongrau)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Minimal Baby III CD (ltd. 500x)   €9.50

(A², Insektronic, Linox, Rhesus Factor, Thhe Void Ov Rz19.84, Bube+Dame, Alien Skull Paint, Brigade Rosse, Silent Signals, Solitude FX, Secnd Planet, Shift69, Sickdoll, Massendefect, Audiosynthese, Nejet Nok, The Rorschach Garden, Christian Zander, Kludo, Grise Mine)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Minimal Baby IV CD (ltd. 500x)   €9.50

(Any Leave, Pio D'Orco, Echo West, Charles Lindbergh n.e.V., Massendefect, Solitude FX, La Ausgang, Alien Skull Paint, Lower Synth Department, Goja Moon Rockah, LinearF, Bube+Dame, Nejet Nok, One Mad World Order, A², Cold-Bit, Secodn Planet, Anti Trust, Shift69, Ungifted, Svetski Bol, Christian Zander, The Void Ov Rz19.84, Radio Vril)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Minimal Baby V CD (ltd. 400x)   €9.50
(Any Levae, Avon Rim (x2), Bube + Dame, Christian Zander, Cosmis Hula Radiators, Delos (x2), Electric Western & The Pockert Calculators, En Suite Cabinet, Forests and Communism (x2), Human Nihil, Iseektronic, K.Rotte, Krakow, Linox, Mängelexemplar, Massendefect, QEK Junior, Second Planet, Shift69, Solitude FX, Stälträd, The Rorschach Garden, Endphase, Insektronic, Funkwerkstatt)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Minimal Baby VI CD (ltd. 500x)   €9.50   Only 3 copies left!
VARIOUS ARTISTS Minimal Baby VII CD (ltd. 400x)   €9.70   LISTEN! + LISTEN!   Only 2 copies left!
VARIOUS ARTISTS Minimal Baby VIII CD (ltd. 300x)   €9.50   Back in!
(A², Boykott Frustration, Christian Zander, Die Psychologische Ordnung, Di(e)Symmetrie, Echo West, Epic Dreams, Ferdinand Cärclash, Graustufe, Human Nil, Not Ready, Bio D'ordo, Projekt 26, Rational Romantic, Second Planet, Solitude FX, THX 1971, Vääristyma, Vanessa Saturn, Xiu)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Minimal Baby VIII CD+CDr (ltd. 100x)   €16.00   Currently sold out!
(A² (x2), Boykott Frustration, Christian Zander, Die Psychologische Ordnung, Echo West, Epic Dreams, Ferdinand Cärclash(x2), Graustufe, Human Nil, Not Ready(x2), Bio D'ordo, Projekt 26, Rational Romantic, Second Planet, Solitude FX, THX 1971, Vääristyma (x2), Vanessa Saturn (x2), Weird Fork, Xiu)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Minimal Baby VIII CD+CDr + CHARLES LINDBERGH N.E.V. Düsenjäger CDr (ltd. 100x)   €20.00   Only 1 copy back in!
(A² (x2), Boykott Frustration, Christian Zander, Die Psychologische Ordnung, Echo West, Epic Dreams, Ferdinand Cärclash(x2), Graustufe, Human Nil, Not Ready(x2), Bio D'ordo, Projekt 26, Rational Romantic, Second Planet, Solitude FX, THX 1971, Vääristyma (x2), Vanessa Saturn (x2), Weird Fork, Xiu)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Mir Will Das Kranke Zeux Nicht Munden 7" (ltd. 150x, green, photo)   €6.00
(Gaul Syndrom, Various 41/2 Meets The Hormonic Calves, Charles Lindbergh n.e.V., Anti-Trust)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Modern Movement Book+CD (ltd. 400x)   €20.20   LISTEN!   Only 3 copies left!
(Gertrud Stein, Jemet Jemowit, Mary Ocher + Your Government, Germinal, Noisy Pig, Privacy, Nao Katafuchi, Velvet Condom, Petra Flurr + Modernista, Aniaetleprogrammeur, Nuclear Family, Mueran Humanos, Sixth June, Oberst Panizza, Bloodygrave & Die Lust!, Reckless Redemption, Team Pi$$, Reliq)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Monosynth 2 LP (ltd. 500x, printed inner sleeve, dl code)   €18.00   Currently sold out!
(Qual, Impersonate Or Die, Noir Boy George, Cipolla Varieté, Nina Belief, Diktatur, Selofan, Kaelan Mikla, Cold Comfort, She Past Away, Rise 1945)
VARIOUS ARTISTS My Precious! - A Waves Radio Show Compilation LP (ltd. 600x, serigraph printed sleeve, printed inner, dl code)   €16.00   LISTEN!
(Diktatur, The Horrorist, Position Parallèle, Factice Factory, Stockhausen, h o r d, Adán & Ilse, Taxidermists, Wladyslaw, Princess Century ft Melatonini, Agent Side Grinder, Leitmotiv Rainbow)
VARIOUS ARTISTS New Wave Italiana 1980-1986 (La Nuova Onda Italiana) 2CD   New Price: €18.00
(Gaznevada, Neon, Pankow, Carmody, Diaframma, Hi-Fi Bros, N.O.I.A., Pale TV, Chromagain, Monuments, State Of Art, Central Unit, 2+2+=5, Luc Orient, Stupid Set, Surprize, Jeunesse D'Ivoire, Other Side, La Maison, Rats, X-Rated, Lisfrank, Intelligence Dept., Rinf, Plath (x2), Dens Dens, Redox, Illogico, Degada Saf, Le Masque, A.T.R.O.X., Endless Nostalgia, Baciambartali, Davai Ciass)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Niebla Densa - Spanish Synth Wave 1980-1987 LP (ltd. 300x, insert)   €16.50   LISTEN!
(YHVH, Muzak, Tripode + Tercio, Esmalte Sintético, Galess, Zincpririthione, Falsa Pasion, Justine, Al Fondo A La Izquierda, Fluido Vital, Dix Ferro)
VARIOUS ARTISTS No Radar (Voices From The Contemporary Greek Underground) LP (ltd. 300x, insert)   €14.00   LISTEN!
(Tango Mangalore, Εμφιαλωμένοι Εραστές, Melatonini, Regressverbot, Δίχως Πρόσωπο, The Villions, Cinemascope, Ethereal Movement, Strawberry Pills, Right Knider)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Non Plus Ultra Vol. 2 LP (ltd. 400x, 180 grams, card, insert) €18.00 LISTEN!
VARIOUS ARTISTS Not So Cold, A Warm Wave Compilation MC (ltd. 100x)     €11.00  LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
(Hante, YusYus, Dan Söderqvist, Alvar, Schonwald, Tiers, Adam Berces, Vólkova, Die Lust featuring Neue K, Dark-PLaces Kult, Pozhar, Mad Masks)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Nouances LP   €14.50
(Pankow, The Tempest, Minox, Rinf, Twilight Ritual, D. Ciullini)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Old School Electrology Volume One 4CD (ltd. 1000x)   €46.00   LISTEN!
VARIOUS ARTISTS Original Soundtrack - Exploitation 2LP (ltd. 250x)   €25.00  LISTEN!
(Neugeborene Nachtmusik (x2), Europ Europ (x3), Nihiltronix, Distel, Former Descent, Sololust, Zarkoff, The Spectrometers, Unité November, Embers, oplen, The New Age)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Palais Chalet LP (ltd.)   €16.00   LISTEN!
(Bruno Coeurvert, Villa Piégée, :Codes, Helmutmut, Nora Düster, Pierre Normal, The Dreams, Dolina, Muschi Muschi Magic Circus, Sun Papa And The Fan Club Orchestra)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Post-Industriale - La Scena Italiana Anni'80 BOOK+CD   €21.00
(Mauthausen Orchestra, Sigillum S, Thee Three Rings, TAC, Tasaday, Luke X's Ah Nahm Inc., Ain Soph, F: A.R., M.B.)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Radionome LP (2nd ed., 140g black vinyl, insert)   €18.90   Currently sold out!
(Stephen Emmer, Van Kaye & Ignit (x3), Nine Circles (x2), Smalts (x2), cargo Cultus (x2), Genetic Factor)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Radio Resistencia CD (ltd. 1000x)   €15.00
(Swann Danger, Black Ice, Headcollision, Saralunden, Luisa LaChout, Popsimonova, Flying Bodies, Florence Foster Fan Club, Codes, Agent Side Grinder, Dolina, Kim Ki O, Model Z, Le Moine, Antlers Mulm, Distel, Wermut, Oplen)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Recuerdos Del Futuro LP (ltd. 236x, insert)   €17.00   LISTEN!
(El Capitán (x2), Ojalá Pudiera, Antoni Maiovvi, A², Tzii, Teatro Satanico, Pacha King, Makina Girgir, Sable Et Sciure, Cornflakes 808)
(Eurotunes (x3, Ipnotico Tango (x3), Metal Vox (x3), Absurdo (x3), Kerosene (x3))
VARIOUS ARTISTS Rekordfahrt Negativ - Diagonal über den Asphalt LP (ltd. 300x, booklet, nitrile glove)   €18.00   Only 3 copies left!
(Claus Fovea, KuBo, Agents In Infrared, Mohn & Liese, Night Caller, Memorex, Tata Technikk, Cosmic Hula Radiators, Messieurs Bricolage, Christopher Bernard, Staltrad, Tupé)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Russian Mix Italo Disco CD (Gold plated, re-issue, 3 bonus tracks)   €14.00   LISTEN!
VARIOUS ARTISTS Samples Only LP (2 bonus tracks)   €14.50   LISTEN!
VARIOUS ARTISTS Schadstoffklasse Grau LP (ltd. 300x, insert)   €16.50
(LZ 129, Digital Mongoloids, Las Maquinas De La Guerra Fría, Der Debile Rest, Kassettenfachentstauber, Friends In Plastic, Controlled Collapse, Fabrik Ohne Strom, Kling Klang, Misses Yuki Okami, Legodroid, Les Miserables Minimalistiques, Mann Mit Bein)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Scraping Beats Compilation CDr   €11.50   LISTEN!
(Heinz BeauvaixGreig Normaal (x2), Kubo, Marble Slave, Minima Moralia, Tearful Moon, An:idea, Portable Morla, Dancer In The Dark, Frohm, Red Blood Divine, Madmoizel, Person:a, This Is The Bridge, Vague Scare, Forever Grey)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Scraping Beats Compilation v2 CDr   €13.50   LISTEN!
(Melatonini, You The Living, Peine Perdue, Sleep Museum, Person:A, L'Avenir, Prudence, Sanne De Neige, Forever Grey, Lola Komtus, Zweitbesetzung, Memorex feat. Processor, Princess Century feat. Melatonini, Proyecto Periferia, Synths Versus Me, Antidolby, Austand)VARIOUS ARTISTS Sie Hat Schenkel Wie Godzilla Soundtrack LP (ltd. 300x, blue heavy vinyl, poster)   €17.00   LISTEN!
(Sütterlin, Two Minute Warning, ((Pressures)), Error 144, Delos, Ruble Gang, Shibuya Station/The Silicon Scientist/Poeme Electronique, Neonlichter im Ausverkauf, Dada Pogrom, ImiAFan, Merci La Nuit, Poeme Electronique)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Snow Robots CD   €14.00
(Pest(e) (x2), Lowfish (x5), Solvent (x4), Adult vs Solvent, David Kristian, Lali Puna vs Lowfish, Unknown Artist)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Snow Robots Vol. 2 CD   €14.00

(G.D. Luxxe, Solvent (x3), Lowfish (x2), Isan vs Solvent, D'Arcangelo, MAT-101 vs D'Arcangelo, Pluxus, Tinfoil Teakettle, Brioche Kretzaal, Perspects vs Tinfoil Teakettle, Skanfrom vs Pest(e))
VARIOUS ARTISTS Snow Robots Vol. 3 CD   €14.50

(Lowfish (x2), Orgue Electronique, The MItganag Audio, Solvent (x2), David Kristian, Laurent Boudic, Tinfoil Teakettle (x2), Skanfrom, G.D. Luxxe, Black Turtleneck)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Synth Dimension 2x12"EP (ltd. 220x, 180 grams)   €19.00    LISTEN
(Keen K(x3), Hyboid (x3), Kid Machine, Kid Machine & Flemming Dalum, Infinity Night (x3))
VARIOUS ARTISTS Synth Planet 2x12"EP (ltd. 500x, clear and orange vinyl)   €16.90   Currently sold out! 
(S.C.D (x2), Keen K, Aldo Bergamachine (x2), Young Monday (x2), Vz Vintage (x2), The Sweeps (The Silicon Scientist remix), Antilles (x2), Infinity Night (x2))
VARIOUS ARTISTS Synthetic Memento 2LP (ltd. 500x, pink and white vinyl   €19.00   

(S.C.D. (x2), Keen K, Infinitynight (x2), Aldo Bergamachine (x2), Kinky Roland (x2), Young Monday, Keen K/P Muench, Vision Talk, Brian E (x2), Antilles, Chinese Theatre)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Synthetic Soundscapes Of Modern Urban Morality LP (ltd. 150x, black vinyl, insert)   €16.00   LISTEN!
(Hante, Kriistal Ann (x2), Monowelt, Koma Koma, 23rd Underpass, Aga Wilk, Minuit Machine, Impersonate Or Die (x2), Regressverbot)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Synthetic Soundscapes Of Modern Urban Morality LP (ltd. 150x, transparent blue vinyl, insert)   €17.00   LISTEN!
(Hante, Kriistal Ann (x2), Monowelt, Koma Koma, 23rd Underpass, Aga Wilk, Minuit Machine, Impersonate Or Die (x2), Regressverbot)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Synthetiqué: A French Synthwave Compilation 1982-2016 CD (ltd. 500x)   €12.50   LISTEN!
(Philippe Laurent (x2), Art & Technique, No Unauthorized, End Of Data, X-Ray Pop, Atom Cristal, ADN' Ckrystall, Love In Cage, Guerre Froide, Peine Perdue, Déficit Budgétaire, - Ogive -, Mad Masks)
VARIOUS ARTISTS The Anna/Logue Years - 5th Year Anniversary 2CD  (ltd. 1000x)   €17.00
(Camera Obscura (x4), Sleep Museum (x2), The Silicon Scientist (x3), Cultural Amnesia, Design, Boys Du Severe, Chain Of Command, New Shiny Things, Sudeten Creche, ADN' Ckrystall, Poeme Electronique (x2), Monuments, Car Crash Set, Twins Natalia (x3), Spoon Fazer, Sonnenbrandt, Dilemma, The Hands Of Cain, Stranger Station, Carmody, Lisfrank, Delayscape, Chromagain, Intelligence Dept., Paul Chambers)
VARIOUS ARTISTS The End of Civilization LP (ltd. 500x)   €14.00   LISTEN!   Only 3 copies left!
(Police Des Moeurs, Asss, The Circa Tapes, Teeel, Rosemary, Deathday, Phosphor, The Murder Act, The Strange Forces, Tablets, The Long Wives)
VARIOUS ARTISTS The Insane Box 4LP+7" Box (ltd. 600x)    €59.90
(Bene Gesserit, Human Flesh, Pseudo Code, Subject, I Scream)
VARIOUS ARTISTS The Insane Box 4LP+7"+T-shirt Box (ltd. 600x)    €69.90

(Bene Gesserit, Human Flesh, Pseudo Code, Subject, I Scream)
VARIOUS ARTISTS The Insanely Happy EP 7" (ltd. 250x)    €10.00
(Pseudo Code, Human Dance, M.A.L., Bene Gesserit (x2), Subject)
VARIOUS ARTISTS The Minimal Wave Tapes Volume 1 CD   €15.00   Currently sold out!
(Linear Movement, Crash Course In Science, Oppenheimer Analysis, Mark Lane, Tara Cross, Turquoise Days, Bene Gesserit, Esplendor Geometrico, Das Ding, Martin Dupont, Deux, Somnambulist, Ohama, Das Kabinette)
VARIOUS ARTISTS The Minimal Wave Tapes Vol. 2 CD   €17.00   Only 1 copy left!
(Hard Corps, In Trance 95, Philippe Laurent, Das Ding, Subject, Ohama, Geneva Jacuzzi, Antonym, Ruins, Ende Shneafliet, Felix Kubin, Class Info, In Aeternam Vale, Aural Indifference)
VARIOUS ARTISTS The Peter Out Wave CD   €13.50   Only 2 copies left!
(The Death Notes, Der Noir, Agent Side Grinder, Monument, The Gaa Gaa's, Belgrado, Wieze Fabryk, Led Er Est, Naked On The Vague, Dr. Arthur Krause, Lost Tribe, Linea Aspera, Long Bone Trio, Joy Disaster, Svarta Hundar, Lebanon Hanover, M!R!M)
VARIOUS ARTISTS The Scrap Mag 0002 Compilation CDr (ltd. 250x)   €11.00  LISTEN! 
(Die Hexen, Some Ember, Seacrypt, The Bedsit Heroes, Nouvelle Phénomène, Peine Perdue, (Pressures), La Stelle Des Pleurs, La Mai, Avgvst, Spatial Relation, Autumus, Ferdinand Cärclash, Low Sea, Buzz Kull, In Letter Form, Blablarism)
VARIOUS ARTISTS The Scrap Mag 0004 Compilation 2CDr (ltd. 180x)   €15.00   LISTEN!
(TuxedoGleam, Female, Xiu, Mynationshit, Luminance, Antoni Malovvi, Warmline, Lovers Revenge, Adam Stilson, Palisded, OLMS, Veil Of Light, Schonwald, Promise, Opale, L'Avenir, Anti-Human, PolyDROID, Video Look, Sololust, Moduretik, Ariisk, Three Winters, Avgvst, Clearvizion, Ortrotasce, HoRD, Zoo Folie)
VARIOUS ARTISTS The Sound Of Geri Reig (180 grams, flamed vinyl, DER PLAN unreleased/related material from 1979!) LP   €17.00
(The Prehistoric New Wave Singers (x3), Der Plan, Wonders Of Science (x3), Weltaufstandsplan (x4), Der Swingerschnitzel (x2), Die Karmann Ghias (x2), Der Plan feat N. Senada)
VARIOUS ARTISTS The Thing From The Crypt LP   €16.00   LISTEN!   Only 1 copy left!
(Exhibit A (x2), Sad Lovers & Giants (x2), Mex (x2), Gambit Of Shame (x2), Flying Beechcraft (x2), Image In Ruin (x2), Soft Drinks (x2), S-Haters (x2))
VARIOUS ARTISTS The Temptation Tapes Volume I CD (ltd. 1000x, 4 bonus tracks)   €10.50   LISTEN!
(The French Connection (x4), Clockwork Orange (x3), Horsemen (x2), Downers(x2))
VARIOUS ARTISTS The Temptation Tapes Volume I LP (ltd. 500x)   €17.50   LISTEN!
(The French Connection (x3), Clockwork Orange (x3), Horsemen (x2), Downers(x2))
VARIOUS ARTISTS The Temptation Tapes Volume II CD (ltd. 1000x, insert, 4 bonus tracks)   €11.00   LISTEN!
(The French Connection (x3), Clockwork Orange (x8), Horsemen (x2), Downers)
VARIOUS ARTISTS The Temptation Tapes Volume II LP (ltd. 300x, 180g, insert)   €17.50   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
(The French Connection (x3), Clockwork Orange (x5), Horsemen, Downers)
VARIOUS ARTISTS The Underground Wave 7"s LP (incl. insert)   €20.00
(Tipical Me (x2), Solid State, Vanlukas, Karman, Silent Corner, Bene Gesserit, Kloot Per W, Rive Gauche, Vitor Hublot, Kaa Antilope, Ton Lebbink, The Marina Swingers, 701 Triangles)
VARIOUS ARTISTS This Is An Insane World LP (ltd. 270, black vinyl)   €28.00   Only 1 copy back in!
(Subject, Bene Dessert (x5), Human Flesh (x2), The Other Side Of The Human Flesh, Pseudo Code
VARIOUS ARTISTS Transmission - Barcelona: Second Anniversary (2012-2014) LP (ltd. 400x, insert)   €19.00   LISTEN!   Only 2 copies left!
(Seacrypt, Madmoizel, Phosphor, Des Ames Libres, Schonwald, In Death It Ends, Noi Kabat, Más Allá, In A Lonely Place, Xiu)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Tunes That R... Attractive LP (ltd. 500x, insert)   €14.00   LISTEN!
(Paul Chambers, Le Chocolat Noir, Red FEtish, Half A Twin, Future Commuter, Poeme Electronique, The Phone, Belief, Shibuya Station, This Perfect Day, Bethell & Hounds, The Soulless Party, Cerati & Di ANgelo, Nine Circles, Zeit Echo)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Underground Wave Volume 5 LP (ltd. 500x)   €21.00   Only 1 copy available!
(7 A Nou, RDP, Analysis, No Unauthorized, Nacht Und Nebel, Dead Man Industry, Schicksal, Unidentified Man, Breast Implosion, Man Without World, Vita Noctis, Kunzysteem)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Various Distractions LP   €13.90
(Spotch Forcey, Plast, Voice Patrol, De Brassers, Menn, Rob Van Wijngaarden, Emmanual Hubaut concept with DDAA, Mutter, Beerdigung, Stigma, Baader Pop Gruppe)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Vulnerabilities And Consequences MLP (ltd. 300x)   €11.00   Only 1 copy left!
(Solvent, Minisystem, Goudron, Lowfish, Beta Evers, G.D. Luxxe)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Wavecore Carbon-CD-r (ltd. 100x, silk-screened cover)   €13.00   LISTEN
(Gást, Luminance, Erwin FlynnThe David, Echö, Montebourg, PanSTARRS, The Average By Six, Hili Enda, Schonwald, People Of Nothing, Brune, Seahorse Hunter, Lifeless Past, Avgvst, Selenian, Mynationshit)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Wavecore II Carbon-CD-r (ltd. 130x, silk-screened cover)   €13.00   LISTEN
(Seventeen At This Time, L'Avenir, Deficit Budgetaire, Psychic Hearts, Blabarism, Future, Amalaise, Mihck, Zanye east, Jacqueline Sauvage, Suphamoonmoon, Brusque Twins, Kindest Cuts, Mareux, Jan, Pitkänen, How To Disappear Completely)
VARIOUS ARTISTS WaveCore 3 CDr (ltd. 160x)   LISTEN!   €13.00
(Grey Economie, deep rest., Promise, Minuit Machine, Ferdinand Cärclash, Selofan, Kiew Aspirin N, Vitamin Wig C, fauxmusica, Harshlove, Satellite, Mad Masks, argon cowboy, Deutsches Kulturgut, La Reale Illusione, Short Hour, Nothing. Existed., Factice Factory, Leave The Planet)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Wave Klassix Volume 3 CD   €14.00   LISTEN!   Currently sold out!
(A Formal Sigh, Trisome 21, Shiny Two Shiny, The Vyllies, NovCom, John Foxx, Kodiak Bachine, Krisma, Ronny, Lars Falk, Ceramich Hello, Soma Holiday, Psyche, Kirlian Camera)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Wave Klassix Volume 4 CD   €14.00   LISTEN!
(And Also The Trees, Cabine C, Margem Sul, Ensemble Pittoresque, Maralia!, Stahlnetz, The Actor, Buzz, Carmody, Design, Die Form, Helena Müller, Anne Clark, Handful Of Snowdrops)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Wave Klassix Volume 5 CD   €14.00   LISTEN!
(F.S.K., The Cultural Decay, Danse Macabre, Q4U, Winter Light, Beautiful Pea Green Boat, Die Unbekannten, Kuruki, Poeme Electronique, Echo West, Martial Canterel, Matthias Schuster, Poésie Noire, Tobias Bernstrup, Zola Jesus)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Wave Klassix Volume 6 CDr (ltd. 200x)   €14.00    Only 2 copies left!
(De Ma Vaere Belgiere, Pink Military, Parade Ground, Two, Euroshima, The Danse Society, Burkina Faso, Im Namen Des Volkes, Snowy red, Dominion, Clock DVA, Von Magnet, Absolute Body Control, Velodrome))
VARIOUS ARTISTS Wave Klassix Vol. 07 CDr (ltd. 200x, in slim DVD case)   €14.00   Only 2 copies left!  LISTEN!   
(Vox Dei, Iron Curtain, Trop Tard, Les Maîtres, No More, Stress, Mittageisen, Tokyo, Flue, Intelligende Dept., Collection D'Arnell-Andrea, Mute Angst Envy, UV Pop, Breathless)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Wave Klassix Volume 8 CDr (ltd. 200x)   €14.00  LISTEN!
(Minimal Compact, The Veil, Lene Lovich, Schleimer K, Nostalgie Eternelle, Charles Lindbergh n.e.V., The Electronic Circus, Die Gesunden, Mick Milk, Opfer der Hingabe, Uj, Látásmód Fúzió, Twins Natalia, Minimaz, Imiafan)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Young & Cold III Festival Sampler Vol. 2 CD (ltd. 150x)   €11.00
(Keluar (x2), Illustration Sonore, AvonRim (x2), Bal Paré (x2), Charles Lindbergh n.e.V. (x2), Lola Kumtus (x2), Solitude FX, Der Lustige Kerl, Adam Usi, G.B.S., Endlose Emotion, Nacht Analyse, Tränen der Sehnsucht)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Zwischenfall - A New Decade Vol. 01 CD   €12.00   Only 1 copy left!

Labels featured: 
Animals As Automata, Anna Logue Records, Anywave, Astro Chicken Records, Atemporal, Attractive Co-ordinates, aufnahme + wiedergabe, Avant!, Börft, Burka For Everybody / B.F.E., Captured Tracks, Cintas Triangulares, Cold Beats Records, Dark Entries Records, Dark Swiss Nights, Dark Vinyl Records, Das Drehmoment, Death # Disco, Dödsdans Rekords, EE Tapes, Electric Voice Records, Emmo Biz, Enfant Terrible, F.K.K.-Musik, Fabrika Records, Fargfabriken, Flexi Wave, Geheimnis Records, Genetic Music, Hidden Treasure Music, Hommage Records, Infrastition, InfraVox Records, Kernkrach, Lollipop, Manic Depression, Medical Records, Minimal Wave, Nadanna, NLW, OnderStroom Records, Other Voices Records, Parismusic, Peripheral Minimal, Popwave, Private Records, Radio Cosmos, Real Voice of Underground, Seja Records, Sham Recordings, Signals, Sincronica, Spittle Records, Suction Records, Synth Religion, Synthetic Shadows, Treue um Treue, Vocoder Tapes, Walhalla Records, Wave Records, Wierd Records,...

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To come (please order when available or let me know to reserve it - please do not ask when items will arrive as often it is impossible to tell):

ANTIGUO RÉGIMEN Naturaleza Fractal LP (ltd. 500x, 180 g, lyric sheet)   €15.50   LISTEN!
COÀGUL La Forja Centrípeta LP (ltd. 250x, printed inner sleeve,insert)   €15.00   LISTEN!
VIETNAM Vietnam LP (ltd. 300x)   €15.50   LISTEN!